The $99 phone that supports US bands – UMIDIGI A1 Pro Smartphone Review

The review of the UMIDIGI A1 Pro Smartphone.
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In this video I take a look at the super affordable UMIDIGI A1 Pro smartphone.
This phone is using the new MTK6739 CPU and is running Android 8.1.
Throughout this video you can check out the benchmark results, see sample pictures, gaming performance and much more.

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Matt Kasdorf says:

Which software do you use to display the “Bands” the phone is capable of?

Dayn Brian says:

Have you heard of the Smartisan R1? Saw some videos around saying it has 1TB of internal storage! Really would love for you to check it out

Sathish Mechy says:

Awesome work

Usman Zafar says:

It’s all rounder I feel..☺ what’s ur thoughts??

Rodeth Icong says:

Looks like our local brand who are knon for offering OEM phones will make this their flagship phone

Md Ali says:

Nice review

busuyi sogo says:

Is LTE band 28 (700mhz) included??

mrwhotheheck • says:

For Speaker sound tests…
Try songs by TheFatRat.
They r cool and are not Copy Righted.

Spawn says:

What about to Smartisan Phones? Any review?

mrwhotheheck • says:

Yeah yeah yeah…
The intro is back!

Matthew K. Davis says:

Is this a good budget phone for 360 videos, VR games, and 3D SBS movies? I have an old Samsung Prevail LTE smartphone and I noticed 3D movies are kinda pixelated, because the screen resolution is only 480×800 pixels. So I’m assuming a screen with 720p should fix that problem (?). Any information would be greatly appreciated.

kumud shah says:

Cheap n best..

Tim Pearcy says:

Decent phone for the price. Enough power to hand over to a child, who will just be happy to have a smartphone and you won’t end up broke. Nice review!

Michelangelo D'attoma says:

Great vid Alex,

Do you think this phone will work with Roger’s network?

Nissan Madar says:

Thank you very much Alex, but do not forget the phones of Xiaomi.

abghere says:

Good to see more budget phones include US 4G bands, hope this is a trend going forward.

Tasrif Hossain says:

Finally i am unsubscribe your channel and remove the all support.
Your every giveaway are fake. Cause your relative are won the your give aways winner.

Akilesh says:

Alex the review is dynamite

KTMX says:

Not disappointing for the price at all

Khai Mrant says:

Bro…can you review Vernee V2 Pro please?

kleen937 - samuel says:

Band 4… this is good.

Daniel Watkins says:

Have you ever been scammed by gearbest? I think I may have been. Its been over 25 business days (order was 10-25) and it’s not even in Canada yet says Canada Post.

Mohammed Niyas says:

Awesome video i loved it

Desi Tech says:

You are the best because you reply to most of the comments

Brady Snelgrove says:

What bands do u need for it to work on LTE in the USA? Like so I can look at other Chinese phones and still get LTE because that’s my biggest problem.

Θανάσης Π. says:

Which phone do you believe it is the best?Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus or Huawei P10 lite?

Prinx Vernon says:

This is a Pretty nice smartphone for the price range its nice have some great spess to and also looks premium 🙂

Abdellah Saloh says:

Who is the best in camera umidigi A1 pro or redmi 5

Andrew says:

Good to see a gyroscope at that price

Alex Wilson says:

Not worth it when you compare to some of the budget Xiaomi devices.

Art Dog says:

Looks like a good alternative for us in the US. Decent newer phones at this price point are tough to come by. You have the new Motorola G6 Play and some of the Xiaomi phones, but the Xiaomi phones sometimes lack the exact bands we want.

Θανάσης Π. says:

What do you think of LeEco?

usman abdulkadir says:

Great over review keep it up as always Alex

Hesediah says:

Would you consider reviewing the homtom ht70? Or does homtom have such a bad name that it won’t be considered?

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