The $150 Galaxy S8 – Homtom S8 Smartphone Review

The review of the Homtom S8 Smartphone.
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Fake VS Real Samsung Galaxy S8:
In this video you will find out everything there is to know about the HomTom S8 Smartphone. This phone is powered by the MTK6750T CPU that is paired with 4GB of RAM and Android 7. Throughout this video you will be able to see some banchmark results, gaming performance, sample pictures and much more.

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Valciney Conceição says:

Nice Review. I just didn’t like 2 things about this smartphone: The display and the CPU. Display could at least have a 1080p resolution and better colors cuz on the YouTube app, I saw that the colors are washed out. And CPU performance is okay but 3hours of screen on time for a 3 400 mAh battery life is very disappointing. With a lot of phones with a battery of 3 000 mAh or less, you can get more than 5hours of screen on time. Overall for a Galaxy S8 copy, this phone is good.

MrUnbelievableAbs says:

Great review Alex! Thanks for sharing!

TechLineHD says:

What’s happening, Alex. Welcome to the new review.

pixelbat says:

I busted the screen on my S8 just last week RIP 🙁 … but I still wouldn’t buy a budget look-a-like. I also didn’t buy another S8, screw that, I settled in the $300 range and just got a V20 H990ds, and to be honest, there is barely any performance difference between the S8 and the V20. I mean so an app might launch a 1/10th a second slower. I think we’re at a point where to really see the gains of a new device, you need to be upgrading something that is many years old. I even still have an LG G2 sitting around here, and it works quite well for being like 5 years old.

Ryan C says:

Battery life is shockingly bad plus wifi terrible. No one is buying that lol

Ivan Uremovic says:

Everything sounds good except that battery life, and of course useless second camera. But yeah, you get what you pay for in the end.

Herbert Jost says:

Tank you. Often it shows its ugly head after a few weeks of usage. In order to pass the tests. Reminds me of diesel-gate…

childrolland says:

Not a bad phone for the price. Even with the second back camera. Thanks for the review!

youssef grine says:

Hey alex,respect for you for your reviews.I want to buy a new smartphone with the miui.I don’t know watch to choose:mi5s or mi5x?

Sathish Mechy says:

Nice bro!

herro KID says:


Britec09 says:

Nice budget phone

mayan226 says:

What is the racing game you were playing in the video?

Chemy Torres says:

Sometimes I think that if they charge a little more money like $50 they would be able to make a great device in any front.

Great review as always my friend, you sound better.

HCHM says:

Still better design than the iPhone X x)


Just buy a Xiaomi in low price range

A Alispahić says:

Im so glad that I found u on yt. Big like for rewievs.

maxbaba1000 says:

Honestly i wish i could subscribe twice to this channel….Alex just kills it Everytime.Extra Quality Content all the time.

Paul Calabrese says:

Not a bad phone for the money. The picture of you and I assume your daughter is very cute. Thanks again for a great review.

Vishal Giri says:

wow, galaxy S8 under budget, that’s amazing smartphone from homtom, great review Alex!!

Fabi An says:

Compared to Maze alpha, would you say this phone wins?

Fake Paul says:

Great video my favorite tech channel

Hicham Gouchida says:


HaeNam Yang says:

What is your next upload clip? Are you preparing mi a1?

Scott Mannear says:

They could make this phone better by putting the fingerprint scanner next to the camera, like Samsung, so you are always putting your finger on the camera lens.
They should remove the headphone jack to be more like the iPhone.
Oh yeah, and quadruple the price to be more like them! Peace

kleen937 - samuel says:

They know where to put the fingerprint scanner

Herbert Jost says:

Any adware, nagware, malware pre-installed?

beatspopo says:

Just go for the mia1 guys.

This phone will eventually make your life miserable

Subodh Nagrale says:

Interesting one

usman abdulkadir says:

Nice review Alex

Jacob Chazan says:

None of these phones work in North America on 3G. How about some reviews on ones that do?

Tuan Le says:

Good review as always ALEX.

Vlado Stoikovik says:

Great video!

Nissan Madar says:

The time of the battery is very problematic.

Latoya Christian says:

Very good and detailed video but can you do a review on the oukitel k5000, another Samsung s8 lookalike

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