Tested: LG G6 Smartphone Review

We test and review the LG G6, the first of 2017’s major flagship Android smartphones. Norm focuses on two features that differentiate it from other phones–G6’s wide-angle camera lenses, as well as its 2:1 aspect ratio display. Here’s why we think taller screens and minimal bezels will be a trend that’s here to stay.

Shot by Gunther Kirsh and edited by Norman Chan

LG G6 review unit provided by LG.

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Eric Melendez says:

Why would you want a 2:1 screen? I’ll stick to 16:9

Also sad to say that the new Android flagships, like the G6 and S8, fail to deliver any real improvement. These phones are just design changes over their previous models.

badbeatking80 says:

Just got this yesterday and it is 9 out of 10.  Highly recommend it.  I came from S7 Edge and had no interest going with S8.  The design is stellar and have not held a better feeling phone in my hand.  Also, the internals are great, no lag a true work horse.

Jeremy Wong says:

To be honest, the black bar on the side is not as bad as the black bar on top and bottom. I’m talking to you, iPad.

Dennis Kessler says:

Why don’t we make the default video aspect ratio of 2 to 1 as a standard? A nice place to start.

Chipio Industries says:

6:01 Sorry jacksfilms. xD

Hallie Boyd says:

Honestly the modular design was super attractive to myself as a cell phone repair technician, although I know that’s a niche market. The LG G5 is the easiest to repair smartphone! And the removable battery is a huge selling point with older customers looking for a large-screened smart phone who used to carry around spare S4 and S5 batteries around with them.

FreakinPeanuts says:

are you all just flat out ignoring the S8 and S8 plus?

Hurchan says:


CoCo says:

LG G3 (─‿‿─)
LG G4 (¬‿¬)
LG G5 (ㆆ_ㆆ)
LG G6 (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

RandomInsano2 says:

Camera panning on a subject who is talking to you feels bad for the watcher. With body language, when people are turning away from you, they’re disinterested and want to walk off.

If I’m watching someone’s presentation, if I can see their eyes I’d like them to make contact with mine.

Very distracting and fairly unpleasant. Panning over any other subject feels fine.

Quinch says:

Rumour was that fast charge and wireless charging wouldn’t be on the same versions though (i.e. Europe would get fast charge but not wireless, USA would get wireless but not fast charge)?

Nicholas Cabrera says:

LGG4 for life…. until it breaks.

brickman409 says:

I feel like the the G5 just came out

Ronald E Williams says:

Boring review

JCaesar says:

I coughed when I heard $700. Jesus Christ.

Alessandro Sciascia says:

hello where can I find background used on LG g6? thank you

Ben Ray says:

this is one of the best tech reviews I’ve seen in a while. thorough af

Andy Long says:

It’s the same phone I heard about 5 years ago.

Shazwi Ajmal says:

what mmovie is that with small dragon….anyone

CaptainAshra says:

I have a dream that one day Android phones won’t be judged by the processor they have, but by the performance they can get from those chips. I have ZERO issues doing anything, playing any games, and using multiwindow+some qslide widgets, yet they still say having “last year’s processor” like it’s a negative.

Daniel Beck says:

I thought he was gonna say 27 years

Catgamer 91 says:

What the hell i just got an lgg5

Gerard W. says:

4:35 Trace DNews?

Simon Murray says:

I currently use a Galaxy A7 as it has twin SIM card which is perfect for work and personal use – however the second SIM slot is also the one for the extended memory and is not 4G only 2G – is there any chance you could do a review on TRUE twin SIM 4G phones available on the market?

diamened says:

Dude, you need to stop wearing this apple watch. You’re embarrassing yourself. Get a real watch.


It wouldnt be ip68 water resistant if it had a removable battery

Purtato POTATO says:

It looks like an iPhone 7 mixed with a Samsung Galaxy s7

christian says:

i dont understand why companies are staying away from removable batteries. is it mainly for them to increase sales of later released phones? its so annoying i guess ill be sticking to my g5 for a while

Budo Bašović says:

“First smartphones, back in 2007″… Come on, Norm. You’re better than that.

Gaj B says:

Yup it’s a phone…. whocares? They’re all the same, give me a Nokia 808 in the modern day, maybe with a 1 inch 50mp sensor!

Soccerl3east99 says:

in not gonna buy the LG g6. I’ve had the g series since the g2 and I love the removable battery one the LG g5. Removing the removable battery is the worst decision they could have made. they’ve pushed be toward samsung with this piece of trash

Benji Fox says:

Norm looked like he had to poop really badly for the entire video

Scott Davenport says:

HDR on this phone is nothing but a gimmick, by the time there’s a substantial amount of HDR content you’ll have moved onto a new phone, and the rounded corners on the display seem like a waste, why not make them square?

Scott DiMiceli says:

The trouble with disappearing bezels is were losing space to grip the phones. Already the left and right bezels on my S7 are so thin that I’m regularly getting accidental button/icon presses when holding it.

Harsh Vardhan says:

I really like how they put Android with the name of phone, like there’s an iOS version of it too.

Teddy Kozub says:

Another ugly phone, where’s the good “old” G4 and G3…

Bogdan Serbanescu says:

Seems externally with S8 from Samsung.

EveryThingOld says:

Poppin bottles in the ice

Victor R says:

I think these 2:1 ratio screens are useless. Yes, they look different and may be intriguing at first look, but very soon you realize that there is no content to watch on such screen and even if it was – phone is not a home cinema system so there is no any benefit watching video content on 2:1 screen on small phone display. There is not even much equipment to record video in 2:1 ration and you will have to crop anyway. These screens ( on G6 and S8) are created to attract attention rather than provide something useful. At least not now.

Marian Bielcik says:


The Red Layer says:

I don’t think people realize that we want something different than what other phones offer. This is as generic as could be. I love my G5 and chose it because I can swap things out and get multiple batteries (important when on the go). I switched out of Samsung because they changed things up for the worse. the G6, the galaxy 7 (and 8) and pixel are virtually one of the same. Just shuffle up a few display and performance differences and they’re all the same. Boring.

garrett2jz says:

why the fuck do they keep putting the headphone jack on the top?

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