Sony Xperia XZ2 Review – The Best Sony Flagship Smartphone Yet

Sony Xperia XZ2 Review – The Best Sony Flagship Smartphone Yet
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TurkishStyles52 says:

One of the best review yet ! Keep it up:D

Baby Boy says:

Why complain about it shutting down after taking off the sim tray?

Do you change sims every 2 hours?


795 euro for f 2.0 lens?

Angelo IGN says:

Sony its too expensive. Even their midrange phones. Your review is too good.

Jens M. says:

The phone does not preserve Sony’s identity at all. It could be as well a HTC or LG.

TechLineHD says:

I really like the Xperia XZ2 for a lot of reasons but now it’s time to make the XZ2 Compact review! Video soon. What do you guys think about these Sony phones?

ari nanda says:

please review redmi note 5 china and note 5 pro india

flying birds Summer says:

fcuk off amoled,the eye destroyer,i still can’t understand why a u guys so love the rubbish amoled which burned and kill u eyes。

Abdullah Maroof says:

Nice video bro and great job by Sony After long time.


Amazing review

Nedim Tabakovic says:

9 hours SOT LOL gtfooh

Art Dog says:

Looks very solid and premium. Great to finally see Sony phones redesigned into something more modern looking. At $800 just too expensive though, especially with no headphone jack, duel speakers, hifi dac, Quad HD screen, or wireless charging. Still it looks great.

Norberto Castro says:

To me, its the best phone so far in 2018

Scott Mannear says:

Top notch redesign, great cameras! Yea Sony. Nice job Linus! Peace

Shad8x says:

Great review as always, keep it up. That dynamic vibration system is very interesting, i would love to try that out.

Nawaz Waseem says:

It’s 2160 X 1080 and 16.9 aspect ratio.

Nedim Tabakovic says:

Seems like best flagship of 2018, but pricing killed it….

Franky Lezard says:

look really good ,but to expensive for my taste ,thanks for the review 🙂

Exalaxy X says:

Wooden theme background wall, with Ikea karlby counter top + some stand would be great in your (already great) videos. #StupidIdea

Liion B says:

This phone is a beast!
I’m really impressed with the battery life!

Super Slow Motion can be recorder only with the slow part but for 0.2 seconds if I’m not mistaken.
And this year, it seems like Sony decided to go for a bit more noise with their pictures, making it better for details preservation (I kinda like that instead of a flat soft image).

usman abdulkadir says:

Amazing review as usual Linus

Frando 99 says:

great and very honest review about XZ2! unlike other biased reviewers…. Subscribed!

GetOverHere says:

Great review as always, Linus. This does look like a nice phone. My main reason for leaving Sony was that previous flagships were too similar to the Sony phone I had at the time so the new design is welcome. With that said, a missing phone jack is a deal breaker for me.

Daniel Esimu says:

Great all round device from Sony.
A first and app-laudable. Nice review Linus.

Charlles Pereira Costa says:

Great video Linus ! I just ordered one .

Family Guy Central says:

Never owned a iPad before nor a gaming PC, gaming laptop, laptops, ps3, ps4, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Xbox one s the only thing I own is a cheap smartphone. My life is sad

Jens M. says:

Yeah, we have a new and boring Desing.

Tim Pearcy says:

That looks like a great phone! What is the battery capacity? 3800 mAh? more? I will share this one in an hour or two on my web site. Keep up the great reviews! …and a hour later…shared!

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