Sony Xperia XZ Premium Review – Sony’s Best Smartphone 2017 !

Sony Xperia XZ Premium review: The Xperia XZ Premium continues the Premium line started with the Z5 Premium. And This time it’s mind blowing. But don’t forget a case: * ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
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Tendo's Historia says:

This is the most beautiful phone actually

ŽËŔØ Æ says:

Can I record video 120fps or 240fps?

Kalvin One says:

it’s a dinosaur ! make a huge SmartWatch screen with 360 degrees camera waterproof 50m = start a new market Sony !!!

PhantomSoul says:

I would everytime choose a sony. Let samsung and apple go already people.. Im still rocking my z3 and it never had any issue. The XZ Premium will be my next <3

Lol La says:

How much is it when it release? Bro

Underyourbedeyes says:

can someone tell me if this will play 4k video on youtube. I have a x5 premium and I’m sad that it can’t play 4k.

Indiappa says:

Dude…iphone selfies arent that good in low light…

paullu9999 says:

sony is dead


lol 4:46 is alexibexi

AbandonZeros says:

does it overheat?

GameZTril says:

Where did you get the phone….

Kamal Haravel says:

Very nice review!! I liked and subbed 🙂

Shw Pipo says:

good vid homie plz tell me is the speakers loud or quite like xzs

Chris Sullivan says:

first video I have seen of yours. subscribed now. nice video I’m still unsure on getting this phone. I still live my pixel xl

Havthange Lorthe says:

Sony is actually back with this,i can’t believe after that fails they offered, something this good came, this could even be the best phone of this year.

King Ice says:

Vita3000 look like this

Dante Bradley says:

Their hardware and software(while great) has become so boring and stale. It’s time for a refresh!

Gel Dev says:

why sony stop the hidden stero they uesd on z2 and z5?

Darren C B says:

I disagree entirely about bezels, the s8 looks lovely until you drop it. I’m no Sony fanboy, but the premium is way out in front of the iPhone and on a par with Samsung. Samsung camera is great, works great, pics are oversatursted and unrealistic. Sony is dimmer but true pics. Also the front facing camera on xz and xz premium is the best on the market there is no arguments on that. Former s6 owner now on an xz. I won’t be upgrading to premium but wish I waited. Gorgeous phone

Nikson says:

Imo the real competition right now is HTC U11 vs XZ Premium, since these both phones spank the S8 and G6 any day

Jerry Berglund says:

The best phone this year so far, my opinion

_ryanjs_ says:

my next phone

Andrew Bond. says:

where are the points of Antutu????

CrotaSon OfOryx says:

AlexiBexi at 4:49 <3

Christian Müller says:

vr needs oled

the son YNWA says:

sony xperia xz or samsung galaxy s7

Tim Schweizer says:

0:52 That’s what she said.

TechMagnet says:

Yes guys it’s 835, with my accent it probably sounds like 845 lol sorry.

Darwin Setiady says:

I really like this review, maybe you fall in love with this phone 🙂

Hamza Afridi says:

great review surely my next phone. Is watching 4k video is like watching on tv.

ricdynasty says:

I’m so angry that Sony didn’t include the software for the fingerprint scanner on the US version. I was a buyer until i found out that disappointing info.

Abraão Lima says:

oneplus 5

Wei xu says:


sevenelly says:

Imagine this in matte black like what XZs has. Wow. But why do you have to be sooo expensive, Sony?

Đình Bách Nguyễn says:

Does it use UFS 2.0 or 2.1?

Dhruv Sharma says:

does it better than s8

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