Sony Xperia XA1 Review – Sony’s BEST Budget Smartphone 2017 ?!

The Sony Xperia XA1 is here and it improved over the old XA, but is it worth it ? Get it here: *
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Gursimran Singh says:

do the xa1 and xa1 ultra have same rear camera and processor and gpu

Tv60 says:

Sony is a tank
Been using it a year. Dropped on concrete pave. Didn’t even break or scratch

Faisal Khan says:

can send me the screenshot of screen on time on my gmail and one last thing how was the battery life of the phone plz reply fast because i am willing to buy this phone..

xXx Dubstep Bass Mix xXx says:

It is a Sony xperia xa 1 ultra

xianjing says:

fuck i just bought a 300 dollar phone

Haziq Is says:

xa1 or p10 lite or samsung a5 2017 ?

Thiago Garcia says:

Im sad 🙁 I want a Xperia without expending much money on high end models like XZ series, but the mid range Sony’s phone is not at my taste. What I like is camera, this phone nails it, but the 720p 5″ and no fingerprint sensor(sony could put stereo speakers and waterproof resistance too) kills it. Btw I like the XA1’s design better than XZ and X series.


StealthNinja says:

Sexy phone for under 300 bucks.

Michaël Bonnet says:

look cheap, already damaged, thanks for the video

slavevBG says:

Can I see the photos for more than -0.2s, thanks

bong grape says:

2017, 720p screen what? lol

MaxPenguine says:

For 200e you get a good logo, other things are…..

Dana Abu Tarboush says:

If I want to buy a new phone would you advise me to buy this or Nubia Z11 mini S?

MR ali baba says:

look how ugly there is big chak black bazle bottom and top that s why people don’t buy Sony phone it’s ugly man

Praveen Prototype says:

i wish xz premium has this kind of side bezels . I’m planning on buying the xz premium but it’s alright i might use it for a year or two by that time a much advanced phone will be released so I’m going with xz premium

Sumit Chelluru says:

They can not fix ur eyes in place of camera
Ur expecting way tooooo much

TechMagnet says:

Sample pics in full size are on my blog :

droid oasis says:

Camera quality is good or bad

David Wielander says:

300$ for a 720p Display and a Helio P20 is a joke. These are specs that you can find in a 100-150$ smartphone. Sony is really trying to give their smartphones a good quality overall but if they are trying to sell a well built budget smartphone they have to change their pricing. Also other smartphone manufacturers from china like Xiaomi offer the same permium quality if not even better but for a much lower price tag. I dont hate this company because of this. Sony just has to find a completely different marketing strategy. Most of their products sell very bad not because they arent good. There are just always other devices that can give you the same for less money. Maybe this worked out well 20 years ago but today there is too much competition especially on the smartphone market.

DQuiLon says:

For that price it is much better to find the Xperia X or the X Performance (sometimes at a very low sale)… and it will give you a better screen, fingerprint reader… at the cost of a little worse battery life.
I always prefer “last year flaships” over “this year midrange”, specially because they tend to get better support.

He Wanted Orange says:

Overpriced AF. Just as all other Sony phones, so they can shove it. Not worth it at all, i can have a Redmi 4X – which is just better in every aspect – for $100 less.

anurag tyagi says:

sexy screen…i will buy this

Furkan Udmir says:

hey bros. I need advice I want to buy a new phone but I haven’t chossed one I always changes my mind. but my oportinuies are huawei g8 sony xperia x sony xperia xa1 or what are your advice ıt must be at least 32gb and have a good camera and have the lastest verion of andorid

rez rezax says:

nice backyard

Rakee Bee says:

it will cost almost $400 here in our country and the spec is a little low for the price compared to other trusted brands that can offer more for the same or even lower. Same with samsung who offers low spec phone for a high price. Tsk

Anandu Raj says:

would you recommend this over the Moto g5 plus

Shri S V says:

How is the battery backup? I thought of gifting it to my dad. He use mainly for call, photo and song, rarely email. Will it be good?

thereal o. says:

oh come on! its 2017 and there’s so many budget phone uses Snapdragon chipset. its not good for budget range but honestly the camera is good

slavevBG says:

Lovely Vienna <3

Chea Vichet says:

I I’m worry to the power of battery!!

Azuraアズラ says:

i already had z5compact, is it worth to change to xa1?

nik liapakis says:

Very good review!! Greetings from greece! So i’m planing to upgrade from xa to xa1. What’s your opinion? Is it worrh it??

Dinesh Ray says:

Sony ka mobile bakwas hai

ANKUR Tamak says:

Bro @ tech magnet
I have 300$ and I am looking any good gadget which is effective and worthwhile plz suggest something I already have iphn so my interest in iPod cam laptop
I will wait bro

Rooks14 says:

This or is it more worth it to save up for Zenfone 3 5.2″?

MrWalker1000 says:

wait for Sony true midrange the Sony xperia X2. or get the xz its priced lower now. snapdragon 660 better than 820 so wait for those sony devices with 660

Pranshu Yadav says:

i hate those bezels

Ainesh Aslesh says:

no fingerprint scanner is so obsolete

MK HD says:


Devesh Gupta says:

let me know the better budget smartphone .. apart from xa1

lklllk says:

I dont understand y Sony is sticked to plastic n sad colours marketing is Very outdated

Gallant Steeds says:

Chinese budgets are much better. Redmi note 4 huawei p10 lite lenovo p2 and lenovo moto g5 plus…

MyszuuPl says:

xperia m5 vs xa1? And why?

iTechUOutGuy says:

I like the clip where you were sipping on the wine. Nice shot. Lol.

Márk N. Mészáros says:

Yo man it’s not Xpera it’s Xperia you skip the I literally every single time 😀

Sumit Chelluru says:

A very very good phone

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