Smartphone Awards 2017!

The best of smartphones in 2017! Yes, those are real trophies.

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Top Big Phones [0:51]
Best Compact Phones [2:55]
Best Cameras [4:52]
Top Budget Phones [6:42]
Best Battery Life [8:14]
Best Built Phone [9:45]
Biggest Bust [11:21]
Most Improved [12:10]
MVP [13:12]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8:
Galaxy Note 8 Review:

Razer Phone:
Razer Phone Review:

iPhone 8:
iPhone 8 Review:

Google Pixel 2:
Google Pixel 2 Review:

Samsung Galaxy S8:
Galaxy S8 Review:

iPhone X:
iPhone X Review:

OnePlus 5T:
OnePlus 5T Review:

Moto G5 Plus:
Moto G5 Plus Review:

Huawei Honor 7X:

Essential Phone:
Essential Phone Review:

HTC U Ultra:
HTC U Ultra Review:

HTC U11:
HTC U 11 Review:

Video Gear I use:



Pratik Chandlekar says:

Why not xiaomi mi mix runner up for best design ?

Simabor Bailey says:

Iphone til the death of me

Arpan Chatterjee says:

Well where are names of xiaomi phone in your list?

Shoaib Uddin says:

phone of the year for me is OnePlus 5T, I’m going to buy it. 🙂

Nuno Fonseca says:

you dont like huawei do you

gwen Sun says:

Brownlee is note 8 having front facing camera

Kiwi says:

Do these awards actually ship to the manufacturers? They must be laughing their ass off every year lol

Stardust says:

No award for LG this year, lol

Klaus Alfonso says:


Need a 43inch TV to wall mount in the kitchen, I was looking at the LG 43UJ630V at around £350

In addition to this, the main home TV is needed, probably an OLED (LG OLED55B7V at around £1500) but suggestions will be welcomed.

Please reply anyone!!

Shamal Rulz says:

her please i like to use i phone x but i don’t have money can u give i phone x

Lion El Jonson says:

Note 8 is the best phone of the year because unlike the iPhone X it actually is worth it and is the most complete. If you are gonna spend upwards of £800 on a phone then you want a damn good phone and that’s exactly what the note 8 is. Camera is great, display is the best on the market, it is small enough to fit in a pocket whilst being big enough to play games and watch movies, it’s fast, it’s powerful, it comes with an s pen that uses wacom tech so it’s hands down the best phone for digital artists and it’s great for multitasking. It also has a finger print sensor, iris sensor and a headphone jack. It’s a jack of all trades phone that does great in all areas and is actually the bests in some areas and it’s about £200 cheaper than the iPhone X. I can get a note 8 for about £550-£600. £550 brand new from someone I know who buys them in bulk and £600 from local mobile stores. I don’t care how good it is, I don’t think any phone is worth £800 unless you have money to burn but if you can get a note 8 cheaper than the retail price then it’s definitely worth it. I wouldn’t pay the same price for an iPhone though.

And that’s just the note. 2017 has been a great year for android phones if you ask me. We’ve had the s8/+ and note that are all fantastic, the pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL, the oneplus 5t, razer phone, HTC u11, Huawei mate 10 pro and many others. All of these great phones and they are all android. They are throwing a damn party while apple is over there thinking about when they are gonna start slowing down the iPhone X.

Haq says:

Watching this on my note 8. MvP baby

Sammi Worlo says:

Just got the iPhone 8 for Christmas no REGERTS

Dj Bill James says:

Yeap, No Sony Xperia Or LG.
I guess those are the Most Underrated Brands.
I guess They Didn’t Pay Marquee Enough. Lol

Shazé Ali says:


tea glass says:

lg stylus for 200 bucks is best cheap phone

TheRcGuy Expert says:

One plus 5t has better battery than pixel 2

Prakash Dhital says:

Can you make a vedio on best anroid user interface . I want to know what is the rank of samsung on best UI lists

thecreatorj says:

if anyone’s wondering the song in the beginning is do it for love by p holla

Naxx says:

V30 is the best phone, only lose on front camera.

RCFlyer85 says:

I think he forgot about the S8 Active as far as battery life…

Stu Mason says:

“…and I’m a big phone person!”

Jonathan Odeh says:

Razer Phone For Life

Mohamed Osama says:


EW Isaac says:

why not love for Sony in compact category?

venkybly says:

Good morning, I am from India, I’m interested to know about the new technology in cell phone in 2018
Like shifting GPS to NAVIC,
5G connection Bsnl and airtel.

Deadpool Ex says:

razer phone squad !!!!

Mateo Gomez says:

contest safety male greek forgive self picture payment apologize faculty.

tonee88 says:

Hey any reason why all popular reviewers missed out the Nokia 8? It’s also most on par with the Pixel 2 and I think it deserves a word!

Ravi Kumar says:

Bro give a phone . I love your vedios.
8106561620 this is my number
In India..

Ben Ewing says:

The iphone x and 8 portrait mode are actually good. The same quality as the Pixel 2

Fritz Wunderlich says:

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact’s battery lasts much longer than your choices … It seems the choices are intentionally avoiding certain brands’ devices 😉

Guillaume NICOLAS says:

@Marques : I didn’t see any reviews or test or mentions on Sony XZ1 or the new Nokia phones. They are not really sold in the US but could be interesting to talk about it a little.

Itay Amedi says:

You sould do a video about 2015,2016 smartphone that still good in 2018!!!

Bryan Rivera says:

Samsung is the best

Jonathan Carbonell says:

I was searching a song that was playing on the radio, and I was looking up the name instead of the Google app listening. As I was typing the name it guessed it. I think it was listening while I was typing and it put it as a suggestion. Does this happen to anyone? MKBHD?

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