Samsung Note 8 Smartphone – REVIEW

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Samsung Note 8 REVIEW

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EverythingSamsungPro says:

Pls do a review on cheap budget speaker like speaker under 30

Ankit Shelley Lal says:

LOL, “”told me to open my eyes wider and this is coming from an Asian company, what the hell”

Md. Siam says:

Need review on Fitbit Ionic

Alaa Alrebeh says:

I got one two weeks ago. after having to return my Note 7 and used an iPhone 7 plus for a whole year. I can’t be more happy for going back to Samsung. by the way the answer is yes it defiantly worth the price even though I just paid for half the price because I am a previous note 7 recaller lol

SavageArfad says:

Not worth it. LG V30 or HTC U11. A lot cheaper.

Yrn Dj says:

Iris scanning works every time for me it’s the best part about the phone to me, but this is a great phone definitely the best I’ve had to date including all the iPhones

bruce17578 says:

Strange question. Where do you get the black rain wallpaper?

SiFO says:

Great review Jim

Michael Joyce says:

love your wallpaper , where is it from ?

Claes Würtz says:

Great review! Love that you tested the waterproofing and drop tested it yourself aswell! New sub well deserved 🙂

Rafael Gamer_134 says:

Jbl boombox please

chrisak49 says:

No one complained about the fingerprint sensor being on the back. BUT they are complaining how close it is to the camera…

NjM says:

the phone is very interesting, but not reaching the bar for the vast majority in my country and region, a funny comparison of the price of that phone and a salary that is for me, for example, 250 €: (((

adnan alsabty says:

is the note 8 better than s8 plus

NewProvidence32 says:

Good Review Jimmy

Adam the Unboxer says:

Ip68 is 5 feet of water for 30 min just saying

poetanduknowit says:

Is that a skytrain? Are you in Vancouver? 🙂

Qster83 says:

Great Review! Really digging your style!

RojasTKD7 says:

Most people, including myself, don’t hold the phone “naturally” like you. My palm and pinky are much closer to the bottom corners of the phone for a secure grip. Even with my larger than average hands the fingerprint scanner is a bit of a nuisance. I have to move my grip higher making my grip feel less secure. Not a major deal, but defiantly NOT ideal.

Though if I had the CrashGuard case I preordered would give me more grip and holding it higher would not feel more comfortable.

As for facial recognition several device by Google, HTC, Motorola and so on can be unlocked with a photo the Note 8 is not one of them. Good on Samsung for being a step above most Android devices.

Swat32898 says:

here’s the thing…I think this phone as well as all the other new phones are definitely worth the price tag for the reason of what’s inside. I mean look at them, they replace cameras, calculators, offer payment methods, FREAKIN fingerprint-iris-and facial recognition biometrics…and people complain about a $1000 pricetag…really? That some James Bond shit right there. Think about it, there’s a lot of technology on these devices and we are complaining, I mean 6gb of RAM…on a Phone. That’s crazy. that’s rivals most laptops out there. $1000 is a lot for something in you pocket, should it ever go about $1000 dollars, probably not, but you got to admit that’s it’s definitely packing power to argue that pricetag.

Dmal1000 says:

Watch out! It’s slippery as “HECK.”

MadMike41 says:

It can’t be fooled by a picture. The ‘proof’ was on a retail unlocked version which was just to show off the feature and unlock with anyone’s face.


its stunning but its so large, i wish they can manufacture smaller sizes.

Steven C says:

I think you’re in the minority about the fingerprint scanner because you seem to hold the phone different then most people, more from the side. Most of us put the bottom right corner in the palm which moves your hand down and makes the fingerprint sensor terrible. I tried to hold the s8 plus like you in the video, couldn’t do it!

Mark Liston says:

The open my eyes for an asian company got me.. but still a good phone. Will be getting it! Nice video..

Cons29 says:

You can make a gif from a video?

Grant Ferguson says:

earbuds packed in box???

Blake Jordan says:

What a beautiful device

Tushar Singhla says:

Thanks Jim, quick question the link you have provided for case is for 8+, will the same work on Note 8?

Dionyzos says:

Is the stylus seriously better than a Surface Pen?

slap_yo_face says:

Awesome review! Waiting on the Note 8 VS iPhone X/8 Plus comparison.

busywl69 says:

these modern phones are so complex and laptop like the reviews don’t even cover how well they make calls any more lol

polofunk says:

Great video where did you get that wallpaper with water on the screen nice

Troy Kirchner says:

Great review jimmy

How do you like the s8+

bad65dad says:

Good review

Chapister says:


JimsReviewRoom says:

The LG V30 price is clearly not accurate. Sorry, we pulled up the V20 prices! It’s mid-night here. We’ve been working some LONGGGGG hours. =P

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