Samsung Galaxy S9 Review After 79 Hours -The Best Smartphone 2018?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review After 79 Hours – The Best Smartphone 2018?
This is the latest Samsung flagship smartphones that shape up to be one of the best smartphones of 2018.
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puma ring says:

samsung took s8 added few stuff and now charging 1000 dollars. brilliant. Greedy company

Nathaniel's Phone says:

Linus is this your side channel? What about your Tech Tips channel?

The Gatsby says:

U know why S9 Plus is best!

Upgraded processor . AR emoji. Finger print downside. Sd slot and 256gb internal. Dual aperture. Exynos upgraded. Oreo. Cat 18 high internet speed. Dolby surrounded 2 speakers up n down side. 529 ppi. Horizontal n vertical home screen. 4k 60fps. Slow mo 720p 960fps. Selfie focus. Intelligent scan. Bixby live translation place food .3500 mAh battery

Danny Gonzalez says:

Big fan of the galaxy smartphones. Just disappointed with samsung since the s9 doesn’t have the same amount of ram or dual cameras, i perfer the compact model

Gary Puppa says:

Thank you for taking the time to produce such a thorough review.

Steven Corbo says:

I hate that they do not offer the exenosI version in the USA. I agree with you both phones should come with a dual camera setup .

Sky 4d says:

cancerous music

atl3630 says:

It better be FRIGGIN AMAZING for the $792 and $920 price tags here in the US. That’s insane. Screw Samsung.

caramel coffee says:

wondering if that second lens is at all worth it tho

Fly agaric says:

Yet another time, the producers tell us we can have top option only if we go for the biggest form available. Even if one hates that, it`s the only way … Well, they will not see my money, but my middle finger instead..
Great review.

gstylez0107 says:

Definitely a great review, best so far.

What’s up with the guys eyes though? They look really dark, like he’s under slept or hugely vitamin deficient. Perhaps it’s too much time in front of the computer screen, editing videos. Take care of yourself dude!

Alan says:

“Same old metal and glass” I thought it was reinforced metals and tougher glass literally just read that in a article.

Live Strong says:

The s9 plus phone is going to be the best of 2018. For its price, only 840$ you are getting so many features. And a super beautiful camera, lots of ram, fast performance. Stereo speakers and water resistant. Phones that will cost less like LG or OP will cost less but have less value. Then phones that will cost similar won’t be as good. And the deals for this phone (BOGOs and trade ins) are going to really going do damage.

Sam Tarly says:

Excellent review, and i agree with what you said about the regular S9 not having the dual camera configuration and 6GB of RAM: i really don’t like this nonsensical Apple trend of making the bigger phone more feature rich. Guess i’m gonna have to see how the S9+ fits in my pocket, and obviously wait for a price drop because 999€ is way too much.

Ian Pearson says:

this and the iphone are no doubt fantastic phones and probably the top of the pile but are they worth paying 4 times more than a good chinese brand like xiaomi which makes great phones.

Frie Day says:

That mic of yours sounds so well 😀

Wild Heart says:

For me, being an admirer of both Samsung and Apple phones, this beautifully designed and crafted phone leaves the iPhone X trailing in its wake and looking pedestrian.
Apple need to up there game as Samsung, most definitely seem to be doing ;O)

Voyage Fest says:

Can’t say if it’s the best before Samsung’s own Note9 is released. An embedded fingerprint sensor will be perfect.

Travis Pluss says:

Sucks to hear that the Galaxy S9 is smoother than the Galaxy S8. We should have smooth/flawless operating systems by now. I’m on the Galaxy S7 edge and my phone lags Horribly!!

End User says:

How do you get 5 hours of SOT on S8 which has 3000 mah ? Over how many hours of usage?

jon s says:

Does the regular s9 have portrait/live focus mode???

Tanjil Bhuiyan says:

exynos chip is capable of 4k 120 fps recording. so for snapdragon they have to limit the exynos . hope so it can be unlocked via aosp. i cant afford s9, but it will be fun to see.

K B says:

Is it working as smoothly as one plus 5t and pixel 2xl?… Does it lag?… I’m thinking of buying this s9 so wanted to know if it’s as smooth as those 2 phones…. Currently have the s8 snap version and it’s just not smooth enough (at least not one plus and pixel level)

TheUltimatewomble says:

Why can’t Samsung have battery life like the new huawei flagships!

Apple Iphone says:

Samsung s9 KING!!!

Howard Johnson says:

Don’t forget. The slow motion only captures .2 seconds and replays in 6 secs time. Not too good, but it’s something and better than nothing. Camera picture quality is questionable but can we really notice the flaws with our naked eye? No. Performance wise, it’s pretty good but it definitely not the fastest chip out there. The Exynos 9810 and A11 Bionic is faster.

Just A Fan of Fantasy says:

2 camels and a tiny car

Ruiqi Cao says:

why ever one keep talking about the photo quality? This is a phone!

David Bong says:

Does the galaxy s9 rear camera has livr focus too?

ari nanda says:

review redmi note 5 pro please

James Gawronski says:

Great review. I have pre-ordered S9+ last Tuesday – but based on reviews – I am considering calling it off. The biggest upgrade – The camera… Doesn’t seem to provide. Photos and videos look good but is it really this good? Worth the upgrade? Currently on a S7 Edge and quite happy with the performance. What I don’t like about S9+ – 12MP and 4:3 stills which makes cropping useless. The phone is thicker and much heavier but sports smaller battery. Still only Quick Charge 2.0 and where the AI stuff? Even budget companies like Xiaomi put some smart features. LG, Huawei and Honor offer better approach to user – and Samsung discovered light bulb and placed fingerprint scanner where it sould be two itterations ago. Would love to see reviews of upcomming Huawei P20 series, OnePlus 6, LG G7 and other brands before March 8th when my S9+ arrive. And would love to see wider phone designs and not the ridiculusely tall phones.

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