Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review After 2 Months – Almost Perfect Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review After 2 Months – Almost Perfect Smartphone
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ik says:

The most beautiful phone ever?!

Garrett Gregory says:

Keep up the amazing videos


Samsung phones have the best cameras and displays out of any smartphones

Pablo Kho says:

Nice honest and in depth review. Keep it up. Im subscribing.

Garrett Gregory says:

My last phone was the S7 Edge so this is like a major upgrade

Thietthu says:

Yes, you’re totally right. I am having S9 plus right now, no complain at all, i love it so much, eve6the battery is a lot better than s8 i used to have but bigger is better. But with all the features it has we have to accept it with what it can do for us and the price in Canada is not bad if you compare with apple

Ella Bisnar says:

I really hope to win

Andrew D says:

It is not a 900+ euros today. More like 780 in Greece.

Blue Gear says:

Have you experienced any lag? Or battery degradation?

T Kaisy says:

Will it’s a great phone i can’t say anything more

Ella Bisnar says:

I really hope to win because i’m really a big fan of samsung cuz of the camera

Xyra Alilam says:

Would really like to win

Sima Rumba says:

Need one

Enrico flp says:

I prefer the p20 pro

DJ dance crew says:

oh my god, its dream to have big phone like this, if i win i would be very happy

Dr Youth says:

thanks.nice review.

Andre Mendes says:

Great video and international giveaway, thanks!

Justine A. says:

So beautiful

John Xipo says:

Not the best in everything but the best overall phone so far.
I have no problems in about 40 days of usage!!

Kevin Davis says:

Very nice review, thanks, good job.

Anuj Rana says:

The best phone money can buy right now!

Kelnaruto Uzumaki says:

It’s overly abused reaction about that bixby button. Lol. Doesn’t fun at all.

Leni M. says:

Can you link the wireless charger you showed? I love how it looks.

Daniel D says:

I don’t know about the snspdragon but the exynos variant is a shit phone! I am with the latest version of the software and it is still have the issue with the drops in calling. I returned to my iPhone 8 plus. If you want no bullshit smartphone you can’t go wrong with iPhone! The only thing : galaxy has a better camera.

iiUKzZ says:

This was actually a really good review. Thanks.

P.S. you live in a lovely area, where is it?

Mohannad Kattan says:

I used Galaxy S9 Plus for more than a month than I returned to use my iPhone X and my Pixel 2XL and the screen for these phones are better than the one on the galaxy because Flat screens are a lot better than the curve ones.

Ignacio Capdebila says:

No entendi lo que dijo pero el video esta bien

Le a says:

geat video man

Mohammed Bahri says:

* hoping to win the giveaway im from morocco *
I really care about the security of my smartphone cuz all my informations are installed in there and whenever it’ll be stolen I can
be the only one to unlock it because of the touch sensor and what I really like about the Samsung’s feature is their emoji it is so funny and looks fun but unfortunately I haven’t try it yet cuz I never had a Samsung galaxy S9 plus so I’m so excited and hoping to win the giveaway.
#withgalaxy #galaxys9 #galaxys9plus #samsung #giveaway #giveaways #galaxy #giveawaycontest #giveawaytime #giveawayindo #manos9 #giveawayolshop #free #freebies #freebies #youtube

Syed Tanvirul Hasan says:

Hope to win! It would be a life changing upgrade for me from my Galaxy S3 Mini! Fingers Crossed!!

Imran Azad says:

Great 2 months later review!!
Precise and perfect video clarity.
I love the Samsung Galaxy S9+ coral blue version, glad you captured it beautifully in 4K mode.
Keep up the good job!!

ik says:

I really really really want to win this phone, i then can play fortnite if it is available on android

Oba Kodjo says:

I’m considering getting the S9. I’m currently using the LG V20, which I still love by the way, but I’m just need something modern, more advanced and different.

Jerry Berglund says:

Sony is better…. Yep I am just trying to trolling a little…. because I know I’m wrong in a sense. But personally I think Sony is better.

Afnan Khurram says:

Awesome video, its not $1000! Its $840. Still pricy but not 1000!

anup pandit says:

I would love to have this phone it really very interesting smartphone

Garrett Gregory says:

I love my Galaxy S9 plus I have used it for a couple weeks now and it is just simply amazing

Stefano Magaddino says:

Wish i had an s9. Im rockin a $99 boost mobile Stylo 3 rt now. Lol. Believe it or not, i think this phone is almost as good as the note 5 i used to have. But this s9 looks like a f-n beast. Its so tempting. However, boost has S8’s for as low as 299. Practically a steal.

T Weston says:

You did an amazing job reviewing the galaxy S9+ .I just purchased one yesterday and I am very pleased with the phone. Your video was extremely helpful and very professional. Thanks so much!

3 stranger says:

The camera is awesome

Ella Bisnar says:


Sidhartha Parthasarathi says:

S9+ has the best display I’ve ever seen on any smartphone still yet.I love the 960 fps super slow motion video recording.

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