Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

Samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2017!
Bluetooth 5.0 Explained:
Galaxy S8 skins:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Baby by 20syl


Phone provided by Samsung for review.


Usaid Khan says:

Really great phone. Samsung just takes an L with Bixby

Pratosh Alurkar says:

Beautiful wallpaper… And amazing review…. Amazing office space … The chair is just dope… The Galaxy s8 itself is beautiful and with this cinematography it looks just woooooooooooooow

Rick Ford says:

Thanks for the review. You’re my go to for reviews – keep up the on point commentary & professionalism.

Domas Z says:

Great device and the review, love it!

Georges Ayoub says:

who else thinks that samsung putted the fing.senso in the back cz they are running out of ideas so they ll fix this in the note 8

jethro ty says:

I just have fun in this video even from the intro, and the flashback from the Galaxy Note Edge. Very informational. I really like how you review the phone. 🙂

Zach King says:

90% of comments: I appreciate your cinematography skills, I can’t believe how much work you put into your videos!
9%: Great video, S8 is pretty cool.
1%: This comment.

John Connor says:

Great review man! I just love how honest and direct you are in your videos! It is very important to address all downsides of the phone, and you do that better than anyone else. Cheers!

Chevoy Peart says:

Nice job Marquess keep up the good work….I love how you took those shot and ayou have very good cinemagraphg skills…Love The work 🙂

nirob RT says:

Great Video mate. You cover almost all the side with details and useful information. your video helps to decide those who will buy S8. i am not expert and no nothing about cinematography or video making but your video making skills are way batter then others. BTW HTC 11 coming and i am wait for your review.

Rob Atkinson says:

Awesome video! Explained everything very well!

Michael Park says:

Fantastic review as always. Great work samsung on another flagship device worthy of my money

Jimmy Smith says:

what is that fenix app

isuru srimal says:

This is the video we have waiting for and it appears!!!thanks for the job! 😀

Ryan Mananquil says:

I don’t really like the Galaxy Note Edge, because of the extra screen, mine overheated quickly and the motherboard got fried, so I’m going to change to the S8

NikhilTejhReddy Rachamallu says:

design is awesome ..and infinity display is new concept in smartphone world .autofocus in front facing cam is very nice

jazlyn douglas says:

can anybody tell me if its worth it to get the fast charging pad thing? I’ve bought the s8 and am really debating whether or not to get the fast charging thing to

Impavo says:

Honestly you guys shouldn’t be arguing about two smartphones. Its not getting you anywhere in life. If someone states a false fact then let them be, let the people who are not intelligent enough to know its false also be. People have different opinions, some people like apple devices, some like samsung devices, some like both, and some like neither.

For analogy:

Person 1: You should cut your hair.

Person 2: Why? I like my hair long.

Person 1: Long hair on guys looks bad not going to lie. It also falls into your face and danages your eyes and crap like that. Get a undercut, having shorter hair is much better looking.

Person 2: I’m not cutting my hair, I like having it long because I can style it a lot.

Person 1: You’re fucking dumb! Short hair is so much better! Why do I even hang out with you?!?

Notice how Person 1 bashes Person 2’s preferences? Thats basically all the arguements in the comments summed up.

Munyaradzi Muchenje says:

whats the name of thta game

Jayvoun Arnold says:

Not gonna lie when I first saw the phone i was all over it but you really opened my eyes that’s why i always love your videos keep making awesome vids bro

Rebel 2 says:

Awesome video…always seek u fr help.. amazing content

Davian Clarke says:

Why two different temperatures?

grandscent says:

who else thought they were fake phones until he swipe the screen?

northweezie1 says:

Bring back the old intro

MunDesigns Los Angeles says:

@marques brownlee Man what mic do you use??? I feel as if you’re next to me!

Asif Iqbal says:

Nice overall review (Y) have been following your videos for a long time….specially for your tech insights and sense of humor…. Peace 🙂

Samuel Koranteng says:

you have an ‘awesome’ view out your window. Give us a pan shot sometime
but, ahaa… you didn’t talk about the screen resolution options you can toggle (also that it’s default set at FHD+)… people would love to know that.

Crash Bandicoot says:

That phone is gorgeous… but not as gorgeous as you and your vids 😉

TipsJT says:

Awesome Review this phone looks so good.
Love your videos to man keep it up

Atlien4eva3000 says:

Still not convinced I should switch to Samsung.

ryuhaneda says:

Hi, and thanks for posting this review. Thank you for reviewing tech in general, you do this very well. Regarding the S8, I definitely like the screen and overall looks. I’m indifferent about battery life due to the quick charge, and I’m not really interested in the Bixby button.

Will I buy one? Probably not – too much money for me (I’m really interested about the competition in the $300 – $400 smartphone market).

Have a great day and thanks for making your videos!

Kalin Kuber Naidoo says:

Finally got my hands on the s8 yesterday afternoon. Really awesome phone.

Bud Ervin says:

I’ve had very similar experience with my S8 except for the battery life. While I’d still like to have a larger battery, I’ve never had such good battery life from any smartphone I’ve used. I really like how you reviewed and shared your experience with the S8- hitting all of the tech highlights & features while also including a lot of info from your personal use. I’ll have to try the iris scanner – never thought I’d like it but if you had such luck with it, it’s worth a shot.

Jaseem Razak says:

I appreciate your hardwork to bring out the best quality tech videos…Good work..Keep it up…

ShaYan Siddiqui says:

Great phone and also great review

Eltika007 says:

Baby by 20syl? It’s officially by Alltta ( 20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros)

HungeR ClickS says:

I love the way you gave the timeline to s8’s evolution…

Roseann Lucernas says:

I like your wallpaper on s8

Danny Park says:

Great review! Your excellent camera work is probably why I purchased this product. Keep up the good work.

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