Samsung Galaxy S10 Review – 3 Weeks Later

Samsung Galaxy S10 review after 3 weeks of daily use.
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Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 live up to the hype? How does the S10 stack up on the smartphone value meter? I’m thinking of switching to the Galaxt S10e next in order to find out which Galaxy S10 is the best deal.

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Michael White says:

How do you get rid of app names on home screen? Is it a different launcher?

Jasper Jansma says:

I paid 450 euro for the s10 so cheaper than a lit of other flag ships

Hillbilly Bryan says:

Hahah I’m watching this on my amazing Apple IPhone XS GOLD! Fuck u people and ur shit ass android galaxy Samsung wtf ever u call it off brand bullshit apple has the best phones

Olivia Grace O. says:

I love the look of the curve, but I have the s10+ and I’m constantly touching things that I do not mean to touch with it. Kind of annoying. Besides that I love it! But also, I hate that I get some notifications that I can’t get rid of.

223NakedNinjas says:

Unbox Therapy please review the S10e.

Fernando Saavedra says:

Can you make a full comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and The iPhone Xs

Fs96 jfj says:

The finger print sensor on the back was removed because you tech reviewers needed to moan about top tier phones so that apple users wouldn’t bitch at you. And now we have to wait for in display finger print sensors to get just as good.

Soumallya Gupta says:

Can you please give the link of your walpapper….

JaySto1 says:

Did you have the Dolby Atmos option turned on when you were playing music?

Ananth Krishna says:

Dear Lew,
Your unbox videos are awesome.
Your mobile videos suck.
Dont step into messy waters.
Ps: your new studio is jus a waste of your damn money.

ToastyG_ says:

Can someone tell me how he was able to remove his icon names etc ? Been looking in my settings for hours

skullcandy says:

Every smartphone is the same. After a few years the company does something to break them and make you buy another one

Double XoG says:

Hey, can someone tell me which Case this is?

nm ARSATH says:

I’m using s10

Scott McMan says:

Battery life is always “amazing’ for the first 8-12 months. I have the S9+ and frankly i don’t like it. I’ve never needed a phone case before and i’ve never broken a phone, until this one. It’s like holding onto a greased pig for me. My preference is the Note. I typically examine several phones before deciding, but the two before this S9 were Notes and I really like them.

That said, I usually have a phone about 3 years or so, but I’m really inclined to dump this S9 and get the S10 Note when it comes out. Of course, I’ll wait till it goes on sale, before I check into it. I refuse to pay more than $700 for a phone. I don’t care if it has transporter capability….OK, maybe that, but….

Finally, the USB type C connection. I don’t know what was so difficult about the old style, but it seems it was just mind numbing to many. I’ve already experienced the issue with type C that I think will become a problem for many. I purchased some 10 ft type C cables last year to use with this phone. I’d had 10 footers when I had my last Note and they worked fine. But now, after a short period of time the lightning charge capability on all 3 cables has failed. They now only do slow charging. With the Micro B, you had the two hooks. When they started to recess, you could just pop them back to their original position. The type C has no hooks, so I don’t know what has to engage for the fast charging to happen. Suffice it to say, I now have 3 good micro B cables for 2 years and 3 bad type C cables for less than a year. IMO, this will prove to be a big enough problem that it will have to be addressed.

Zahid 1225 says:

What’s the performance difference between snapdragon and exynos chip in s10

goku black gogeta says:

10:04 me seeing the Samsung s10 for the first time

Michael From Steam says:

I am personally a fan of the s10e fingerprint scanner


Me:has a headphone jack so its better than iphone

Dejan Tkalcec says:

Man new Iphone XS max is 1300 euro in EU. And S10+ is 1020 euro. I was Iphone user for long time but they become complete rip off for what you getting.

Alijah Martin says:

Di he just admit to liking the homepage being set up EXACTLY like an iPhone?…

Snow0101 says:

One problem I can’t get back my notifications that I accidentally deleted

forti orestis says:

Is it twice better than Oneplus 6T?

223NakedNinjas says:

The S10e has a fingerprint scanner on the top right side.

Chris J says:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is great. Don’t Buy It

Fred Eskridge says:

What beat was that you played

lucas says:

I upgraded my phone s6 to s10+
And I must say s10+is garbage
Everything was ok until I tried to connect to my bluetooth controller(ps4) , soundbar etc. It won’t connect or is connecting for few seconds With s6 i never had problems but this is unacceptable i paid 999$ for this so yeah

Hossein Khoshiz says:

On The Next Unbox Therapy : Do Not Buy S10 !!!

Aizus says:


Oni-Wan Kenobi says:

Lew, your cap should read UBT

Seanjohn0101 says:

Cool but I’m gonna wait till the galaxy s15

Evo9RS says:

I run uber, Lyft, doordash, postmates, grubhub often at the same time on my S8 and I notice I have about 400mb of ram left and the phone is bogged down. Will the regular s10+ be fine or should I go for the power edition with 12gb ram?

Brian Waterman says:

Switches to Samsung, makes homescreen look like iPhone. lol I guess he will be switching back.

Harsimran Singh says:

Bare yourself it’s gonna be something new we never see

Daddy Yankee says:

I’d rather stick with the s9, usually the next phone after a older galaxy phone, usually they have less upgrades, if you wait until maybe the S11 then there is most likely going to be more changes. Also instead of paying 900 dollars, why not wait some time and save up 100 dollars more for the S11 whenever it comes out

Muin Emmets says:

Snapdragin or exynos?

Richard's World Traveler says:

No S10 Plus? The wide angle camera is the killer there.

Carl Lazarraga says:

I don’t like the holes or notches, just give me a full damn screen and a headphone jack. That’s why when it was time to upgrade I just got an s9 plus.

pR1mal says:

I can’t stand the Bixby button. There should be an option to disable it.

diblidabliduu diblidabliduu says:

You people are dumb fucks and so are the embarrassing Unbox Therapy and Marques Brownlee.

abyssal_whale says:

I don’t wanna have headphone and charge jack coz wireless is the future. Samsung is still living in the past

Jasdeep Dhillon says:

Anyone wants to buy my s10+

Splendid Zebra says:

so i got the note 9 and 2 weeks in droped it smashed screen (had a case and screen protector on) there goes 1000 bucks cost 520 to repair……. i dont think ill be buying another expensive phone again 3rd 1 within 4 years maybe iv got some bad luck but seems phones dont like me

Atomic Bomb 08 says:

S10e review yes please xo

BradLia says:

Samsung displays are so weirdly long

Luka Stipancic says:

Too long and boring

Unbox Therapy says:

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