Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review: The Perfect Smartphone

The Note 9 is turning out to be one of my favorite phones not just of 2018, but probably ever. There’s not a whole lot bad to say about it.

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Elijah Tan says:

My note 9 doesn’t even last half that, am I doing something wrong

dafish6969 says:

Always got black, but really enjoying the blue. Maybe I’ll go colors from now on.

Kayne weaver says:

Watching on my note 9

rortiz77 says:

I’ll be honest, I don’t care about specs that much. Phones today are ALL bloody fast. What I want to know is,
1. What will this new shiny phone do for me?
2. How is my user experience going to be improved?
3. What features does it have that others don’t?

Aravind Jayaraman says:

Bixby action app there in AppStore

Stephen De La Rosa says:

S-Pen is great to use instead of my finger. Keeps fingerprints to a minimum and increases accuracy in taps and swipes. Love it

Calvin Power says:

I would agree. The note 8 was a killer phone. I only moved to the s9+because it was a little too big. But now I totally miss the s pen and would definitely switch to a note 9 once my current phone is upgradeable. Also, Jason you rock. Keep up the good content. I love your channel!

Stephen De La Rosa says:

Last Note I had came with Hancom Office. You could export from Samsung notes to their version of MS apps. From there you can send to Google Doc or MS Word, etc. Not sure if that is still the case.

Blokes 444 says:

I’ll wait till they announce the iPhone X plus to compare it with, then I’ll decide my purchase.

Chris L says:

Other than the price I’d say its perfect.

Adrian Ionut Popescu says:

How can you form “hones opinions” in a week?! How can you say they got rid of the software lag if the lag made it’s appearance after months of use and you used yours for one week? It doesn’t make sense.

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

Only a perfectly stupid fool would call *any* smart phone “perfect.” Have they all pretty much peeked, yup, but they’re all far from perfect.

Bryan S says:

Welcome to the club!! I couldn’t be happier with my note 9. Finally a phone with decent battery life.

Bennie Mangle Jr. says:

The next iPhone if it’s called the XS, will probably have a 3000mah battery.

Gil pc says:

note 9 sucks

Adolfo C says:

Do you have the 128??

jay brooks says:

Every phone is good with great batterylife let’s see 4 months down the line

densetsu4286 says:

Using a s9+ and this thing is solid as a rock. Doesnt feel flimsy at all. Dont know what you are talking about with that. My s8+ was also pretty sturdy as well. Survived one drop on sidewalk concrete. With bearly any damage at all. Second drop on concrete though did destroy it though. But it was over a year old and never once had a case on it. Survived many accidents involving getting thrown (not hard) at a wall (on more than 1 occasion) and many falls on to wooden floors all with no damage to the front screen and minor scratches to the back. So s8+ wasnt flimsy at all and with how much of a difference the s9+ is in heft and feel I would never describe it as flimsy either.

Iron monkey magic says:

Exactly! I literally don’t even worry about battery life anymore. From 9am to the time I get home around 9-10pm i can trust that I’ll have around 30% battery life. Also smart select is great. The S pen is great and i hope it doesn’t go anywhere.

Mohannad Nasser says:

When you get into your car and connect to bluetooth you can directly open your phone using smart lock

Mike Paige says:

Great video!

[] says:

Why does it looks so small in your hands ? Or is it just me ?

Karthik M says:

Try poco f1

Phantom Gaming says:

How would you compare this to the Lgv30 Thinq

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