Razer Phone Hands-On: The Smartphone For Gamers

The idea of a smartphone built just for gamers is not a new one (recall my throwback video featuring the Nokia NGage from 2003). For PC gaming Goliath Razer, updating that idea for 2017 means blending bold design –like a special 120Hz screen and loud speakers– with uncharacteristic restraint (there’s no manufacturer software skin aside from Nova Launcher) and a spec sheet that more than makes up for the lack of Chroma LEDs. Looks aside, a “Nextbit Robin 2” this is not.

But to hear Razer tell it, this isn’t a phone for hardcore gaming. The company isn’t launching a special catalog of titles or even the long-rumored PC-to-phone streaming service. Rather than being a gaming phone, this a “phone for gamers” … and that distinction is an important one to keep in mind if you’re considering pre-ordering one of these.

Confused? Not for long. Join me for the MrMobile first look at the Razer Phone, and be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss the full Razer Phone review when it drops!


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MrMobile’s Razer Phone Hands-On was produced following two hours with a Razer Phone review device at Razer’s offices in New York City. The Razer Phone review units evaluated in this video were preproduction hardware samples running prerelease software.


“Sensational” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:




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JPDG Tech says:

Galaxy Note 8 vs LG V30….I think it would be dope featuring MKBHD and MrMobile

Alejandro Torres says:

What game is that?

AzuMentch36 says:

One of the main reasons I’m not a fan of mobile gaming, besides being horribly optimized and highly derivative, is that certain games can constantly overheat your phone. There’s no vents, fans and very little heat-sinks to speak of when it comes to reducing one of the electronics’ worst nightmare. I’ll be curious how well this phone will take the heat on prolonged hours of heavy mobile gaming. The placement of those buttons and speakers look like a fantastic attention to detail though. That’s another jab at those people kvetching their heads off about the “huge bezels” when they actually have a use, like Sony’s! Comfortable horizontal handling FTW!

One Two says:

I got with tech support.This phone will be supported by at&t NOT sprint or verizon

Cyanidious_ Radzi says:

Review more budget smartphone

rogan joshuar says:

Vr headset yeah baby yeah !

G.V Unfolded says:

Keep it up! One day both of our channels will blow up

morefears darewitch says:

Hopefuly alienware will come out something like this

Tariq Shihamudeen says:

Now you can play Clash of Clans at 120Hz.

Mike Lubrano says:

Brilliant movie going with Nova. I’m impressed

Tej says:

where do i go to preorder this exactly?

Dan says:

How do you change the battery?

sayed ali squirrel says:

can u try emulators on this device no android phone manages to max out settings on an emulator id love to see ur opinion when u test it

Joel G. J says:

The Batman to the Nextbit Robin.

Nameless One says:

How comfortable is the phone to hold? I love the boxy look but does it hurt to hold (like the z5 premium)?

Crazy cousins says:

No cdma wtf razor.Verizon itself has over a 146 million customers.Why would you limit yourself to gsm only???

kai zen says:

4:37, I like it..in other words, “all things to some”..not “some things for all”..nice, now that’s takes some major brass to do

Hanif Hassanali says:

I love the look of this phone. sleek slab.

Skeptical Liberal says:

Your too negative. This is an amazing and innovative phone from a gaming company

dilanka nimsara says:

I think this phone should do a little bit better than than that for it’s price

Ragna B says:

There is something that can top the Razer Phone in fluidity/fps/Hz, however you wanna call it.

Michael Fisher’s reviews.

P.S.: Finally someone else than Sony made a boxy smartphone.

Mark Cadz says:

1337 units? I see what you did there, Razer.

Faisal Ahmad says:

Hey fisher, your boring, you don’t understand, you need to look more friendly, try give us some smile maybe. I just don’t like those face on all of your video.

Kaio Juan says:

This cell phone can not handle minecraft

Alec Nguyen says:

its great but i would really like a higher resolution even though it does sit with the note 8 and pixel in the 500 ppi range compared to iphone x 400ppi. just more appealing to see a higher resolution

TheRory10 says:

Did he just say only 64 gb of on board storage!! That a load

Stinger430 says:

I’m a huge Nokia Nut, and I have to admit this Razer is the best Android phone out there. It’s a better price than Google’s own Pixel too!

BK LM says:

The biggest and deadly flaw of this phone is the lack of a headphone jack. When a gamer is playing a game, I guarantee there are numerous occasions he will need to charge the battery and use the headphones at the same time. I can’t buy this phone for this simple but very critical reason. Razor better listens. They came so close to perfect but fail on this? What a shame

1515 frie says:

How much is it tho?

Sleepy Panda says:

Unlocked bootloader, AND sim unlocked?! Say no more! I’m already sold on this phone without even knowing this. Thank you so much for being a thorough reviewer and mentioning that. This phone will be a hit among the devs @ XDA. I can’t wait for what they’ll do with this beast of a phone!

Digitaldeath 187 says:

It doesn’t matter I know my way around the SD card! That’s right

Mushroomstamp says:

Why not make it 144 why not make it oled ? Why not use a desktop CPU why not make it cheaper ???

Alice D says:

kinda sad that it has more RAM than my own pc…


No headphone jack was the deal killer for me.


This phone with a slide out (landscape) qwerty keyboard please

Donald J. Trump Official says:

This is how Sony flagships should look like.

Carlos Andrade says:

I just have questions, will it be available for Verizon, and will I be able to get monthly payments

anuj baral says:

Is it water proof.???

Alex Co-Teng says:

Soon to be FLOPPED phone

Fadhil 230803 says:

No Mobile Legends for you……..

kian4509 says:

wait, hold up…. did he say a mere 64 GB wtf thats a lot of space

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