Pepsi Smartphone Review! SUPER SMARTPHONE FOR $93!

Pepsi Smartphone Review! SUPER SMARTPHONE FOR $93!
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Pepsi P1s Review: CONCLUSIONS

The Pepsi phone is a one pleasant surprise, to be honest. I didn’t even know it existed before I decided to review it.

The device exceeded my expectations considering its low price tag.

It has a nice looking all-metal design and excellent build quality and brilliant display. Also, the phone performs well and its UI may look a bit cartoonish but it has some nice features.

Also, the camera can take some decent looking daylight images and the phone has a good loudspeaker.

On the other hand, you have to consider that the Pepsi smartphone lacks the notification LED light, its capacitive buttons are not backlit, the phone ships with the already dated Android 5.1 and last but not least, the phone ships with a few pre-installed bloatware apps.

All in all, the $93 Pepsi smartphone may not be the perfect device but it is definitely one of the best phones you can buy at this price point, despite a few shortcomings.

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mikeyb says:

Anyone think this has any resale value? No one is selling it anymore.

Dujuan Brooks says:

The fly is live hey YouTube plz suscribe to my my channel is called fly ass shit

Keisha Parker says:

We’re do u get an extra charger from doe

joy alawadhi says:

what .. I thinks the condoms company they will make a smartphone now ..

strandalx says:

Great review

(also love his accent 😀 )

kanishq ruhil says:

Is it available at Walmart?

UAV marky says:

there are 2 versions of this & both are the same except one has less bloatware & malware & bugs on it 🙂 bloatware/malware can be stopped via settings & can be removed via rooting & a custom rom can be flashed via pc , use an anonymous paygo sim & google account if you cant be bothered to clean it up 🙂

wilkie dunne says:

where do you get them from

Skeebeep Boopeepeep says:

Can someone give a link?

Preston ballard says:

Can u please do another review like an in depth review and tests because I can’t fine any other vid in English

fufu 309 says:

is pokemon go working on this phone

Villvesh Sivakumaar says:

Can you play Pokemon go in it

Lack Hape Luis says:

How good it the internet on the phone like how far can you be away from ur wifi box without it being slow??

Dr. Hook says:

This is a realy unique phone!

SaviorSoul GD says:

The phones reaction time is slow, it has a small delay to it.

N3XO says:

We started with Pepsi Man, then Pepsi drink, then Pepsi phone?!, soon we will get PepsiStation 4

Carib King says:

Hi guys. Im new to the whole OS stuff so can someone explain to me what is Dido OS? Also is it the same as Android or are they both completely different?

aditya best video says:

processor ???

Avaixus says:

This is amazing for the price, I need to get one as my seccondary. This phone is comparable to the S7, made by an awesome company, and it’s just astonishing.

ItsFilipXD says:

Android version?

JACMIC23 says:

yeooooo this phone is preeetty good. just what I want. any chance for it to work on USA bands?

Javier Quintana Q. says:

ew! chinese… no thank you…

Ben Law says:

where do I buy this phone

Dom956 says:

anyone else not need a phone but still want this lmao

SuperMex213 says:

are you able to take off the pepsi logos behind the icons?

Jomaster The Second says:

Does it have Gyro?

Kolio says:

And if u put it on a can of Pepsi its going to charge up :3

Bobobob boboboob says:

Im watching it on my pepsi phone

fufu 309 says:

is this better than iphone 4s

Luis Garcia says:

I have read that this mobile does not receive whatsapp notifications when is in suspension mode (screen off). Besides, music stop playing when screen is off, too.
Did you experience these problems?

Polegion says:

what will dido Os Look like in Android M

Papyrus Senpai says:

As a pepsi fan im definitely going to buy one!

Mohamed Dosoky says:

if it support otg usb cabule?

usman abdulkadir says:

Great review Linus the device is pretty

Keisha Parker says:

I want this now

Vertix says:

what is the ROM? (Marshmallow, Lollipop or KitKat?)

Yatagarasu says:

Should I get the Pepsi phone or get a Samsung galaxy(anyone)?

9 Numb says:

is this phone pretty fast online and on games?

Bianca Ardhani says:

can I use this smart phone for vr 360′ gear,,, feature cencor gyroscope

Hannah • Jones says:

I don’t like it.

Love Tech says:

it will be hard for me do let 100 pepsi cans and get a papsi phone

Omer Master says:

Can u actually change the wallpaper of the phone

The Iron Melon says:

is this unlocked?

Donald Baird says:

This phone is now $106 USD thanks to Trump’s tariffs. Thanks Trump. It went from $93 to $106.

Tomaz Stozer says:

Insane value. Been using this for a month. No issues whatsoever. The only thing i miss is a notification light, but overall, for 90€, this is the one to get

XViron27 says:

Great Video! I want this phone now XD

JC Collis says:

I own the phone and it is now turned into a piece of garbage.

Arbit says:

bought it y*dae __try it its nice fo its price

Anaconda. 2016 says:

is that a android phone?

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