Oukitel K6 Smartphone REVIEW – 6300mAh, NFC, 18:9 Screen

The review of the Oukitel K6 Smartphone.
Find it at Aliexpress: http://ali.ski/ZEebT
Amazon: http://geni.us/DCYiOQ
Banggood: http://bit.ly/2DaVlnY

More info on the Oukitel K6: http://oukitel.com/products/k/k6-82.html
This is the in depth review of the Oukitel K6 Smartphone. This is one of the first phones to use the Mediatek Helio P23 CPU. That CPU is paired with 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The Oukitel K6 features a massive 6300mAh battery and NFC. Throughout this video you will be able to check out the battery life, how the NFC works, performance, sample pictures and much more.

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Ravi Gulasekharam says:

Thanks for the review. Could you please do a review on the vkworld S8? Thanks 🙂

Javier Hernandez says:

Internal memory is slow but idc about speed that much but storage, I’d rather have 32gb of slow memory than the fastest 8gb ever.

Franky Lezard says:

Great reviews, picture look good on back camera

Daniel Santiago says:

Will the Oukitel K6 get the Oreo update ??

Meduza China Gadget says:

So, as I understand, Android Pay on your K6 not working? Because on my Oukitel K6 android Pay not working too. May be you have ansver for question how to use android pay on this device??? Thanks

Ayushman Singh says:

Alex Nokia 6 2018 edition with snapdragon 630 processor is about to be launched. Please will you review it. It looks like a very promising smart phone.

Internet Explorer says:

nice review bro …i appreciate your good work as it helps us in buying new smartphones

Tmaius says:

hi all, oukitel k6 or meizu m6 note?

Daniel Santiago says:

Your review is awesome. Keep it up and also if you can do a review of the Vkworld S8 phone that would be great.

kenny ricardo says:

A really interesting device. Great battery + efficient SoC (not using that 6750t). And 1080p screen! That’s not something that these brand usually does.

The only drawback is that if some parts are broken, I can’t find those in the local store/repair shops(because the amount of people using these devices are nearly none).

My xiaomi mi5s plus doesn’t have a lot of users (even it’s forum is somewhat lacking and not very large) but it has the parts sold at the local store. Anything with less brand name/user base will have a hard time finding parfs

snapdragon64 says:

To be fair, that shitty android pay only supports like ten devices in the world. lol

Bruno Richter says:

My UMI Plus has the same silly USB-C cable problem… I thought that it was unique in that respect… I guess not! HAHA

Ryant Note4 says:

What about the sim? Is it hybrid?

karan valvi says:

Big Like.

H MG says:

I’d like to offer you some constructive advice on your speech delivery.
The review is detailed certainly, but you really need to slow your speech DOWN!
It spoils things so much and will put people off listening to you in future.
I’m a native English speaker and a teacher of English of many years’ standing and though you have good command of the language, clearly it is not your native tongue.
So, either you’re speaking with a time constraint (yes/no?) or simply speaking fast naturally.
Either way, it totally spoils your presentation and will turn many people off (including me!) from listening to any more of your reviews. I tried listening to other reviews and they showed the same fault.
So, my friend, do yourself a favour and try taking a breath before you start each sentence and importantly understand that rushing your speech helps nobody, whether native speaker or not. This is particularly so with someone like yourself with a pronounced native accent. The name of the game for the listener is UNDERSTANDING what you are saying. Accent shouldn’t matter but adding speed to it does.
By the way, I bought a K6 but if I’d listened to your review first I would’ve been put off simply because I could barely grasp your comments because of the speed of delivery and pronounced accent. I hope this is of some use to you. Oh, and I have excellent hearing!

for the love of tech too says:

Battery taken too a new level ! Thumbs big up 🙂

F Szabo says:

Man…I wish they would just quit this dual camera thing, if they can’t do it right. Have 1 good quality camera on it, forget about the bokeh effect and all the other gimmicks. My Note 5 (rest in pieces) took amazing photos, I would say it took better pictures than my iphone and 1 camera was all I needed.

Anthony Flanagan says:

$199 on banggood. Or was pre-order. Guess not anymore.

Mark Hicks says:

Thanks for another great review Alex, yes, this phone really does look appealing despite the price – I guess the battery is the biggest selling point for me now, after coming from the Samsung S7 that lasts a few hours of heavy use I would settle for something with poor performance in some areas but better battery life…. I’ll wait for the price of this to drop a bit and then it looks like a top candidate!

Vishal Giri says:

awesome budget battery beast from Oukitel, awesome review bro!!

Ayushman Singh says:

Alex what is it like to be in love? In that world what is more pacifying, to love or to be loved?

Kichu Baby says:

I expected more

Fire&Burn Uk says:

Great review as always x

Sathish Babu says:

the phone is scratch resistant? and information abut the glass

Mihai Cotofana says:

Salut, te deranjeaza daca iti scriu in Romana?
Ce telefon imi recomanzi, in bugetul de 1000 RON/ 258 $?

KTMX says:

My opinion
For $250 nope but for less then $200 yes it worth to buy because you can buy mi a1 which is lot better then this and still cheaper and if they gave less side bezel. Less bulky phone like less then 200gram weight. Good 4K back camera and single good front camera and 4gb ram (6gb ram not needed for this kind of processor or phone. 6gb ram only eat battery life ) then this phone would worth for $250+

Stephen G says:

Nice but that weird usb c cable puts me off, phone that thick could’ve had a 3.5mm jack with no worries. Shame close to being very good, cheers Alex 🙂

Anthony Flanagan says:

Instead of Geekbench, try UXBench.

gheorghe daniel says:

cam stupid faza cu mufa the usb ?!
camerele … meh …
ecranul e .. okay
bateria e uriasa :))
hmmm poate un 250$ … maxim

Husain Doodhwala says:

What’s happening everyone my name is Husain and today I’m here only for this comment.

Titan LegendMX says:

Will 4G work in Mexico? Or US?

shiloh okwukwe says:

Cool review Alex, keep doing it right man.

snapdragon64 says:

Thanks, Skull, one of the legit honest, not to mention earliest tech uploaders with zero bullshit. Quick and concise review, love it.

PlayerDex says:


blekdeni says:

thanks for very good review, Redskull! Hello from Belgrade,Serbia!

C0BEX says:

So basicaly both of those “secondary” cameras are fake/unused ?

fabrizio ricci says:

I like your reviews, they look quite honest

abhijit saha says:

Big Battery… Quick charge gd point

senthamizh selvan says:

Hey Alex who is koolnee winner?

Carl Kenyon says:

Hmm strange as I’ve seen videos on here where k6 is using android pay which is annoying if it doesn’t as one of the reasons I purchased it ☹️☹️

Vineet Wankhede says:

plz let me know is it better than vernee x?????

robert s says:

Hi, supports volte?

andrewcbartlett says:

Thank you for your review. I am waiting for my K6 from Banggood

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