Oppo Find X: Motorized Madness!

A smartphone with a motorized top. Notchless. Bezelless. Smartphone design is getting fun again!

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Phone provided by Oppo for review. Kinda. Thanks Linus.


johnny te says:

How about the battery life?

Aigars Jegermanis says:

why invent bicycle twice?

Eżra Aydın says:

Samsung patented the in screen fingerprint scanner

Harshad Rane says:

Buy Laptop Instead.


Being as I hardly ever go to the beach anymore, I would totally buy this if it became available in my area! Hear that T-Mobile?

Luca Formus says:

Is there a way to always keep the cameras up?

st4ch says:

Jerry rigs everything!:D

Trashed Up DayDreamer says:

1. I cannot see a grown man or even a teenage boy go around with even the blue varient.

2. Its not durable at all. (Go research about that)

3. No headphone jack

4. I can literally only see girls with this phone because of that design.

5. Quality of the motor is not really that good

Esmir Arifovski says:

Hhh great phone, i had thjs idea of a camera popping out like that on a phone but i dont know how to work on a 3d programe 😀 i see now rbat someone had that idea realised maybe even before j had it . Peace

DarkStormz Empire says:

i wish i could afford a sweet smartphone like that

Sitinur Khadijah says:

How will their cover be ?

Jason L says:

Is the front bottom black bezel thicker than the top bezel?
Can it be used with a protection case? Will the top be protected? Thanks

Muhammad Asghar says:

Very nice phone

Dodo Bird1662 says:

I think THIS is the future of phones not the notch

Motorized camera and a under glass fingerprint scanner

Tony Druzhinin says:

Is it possible to have a case on it and take photos without removing the case? Can’t imagine that.

tristan de sade says:

Dumb phone. I dislike it.

L B says:

wow! all those reviewers are paid so much by Apple to say BS biased reviews about other products. horrible

Solimar Piassi says:

s9 + iphone = oppo

xeo on says:

i seldom use camera. but like the design! thats all!

MovieClipsToday says:

So, how much you want for the phone?

Mirzet Muric says:

Can’t use a cover ^^

L B says:

awesome phone!

dXb says:

Funny how muricans call every face recognition unlock system a Face ID clone. Just because Apple had it first… Like every plane is a Wright Flyer clone… -.-

luke kin says:

It is an amazing phone no doubt it terms of how it looks and functions. However the moving parts do raise some concerns. I still love my mate 10 Pro though.

Eżra Aydın says:

Background, button placement , software, shape…. all a copy 9f Samsung s9 lmao


Hey marques in samsung themes they had your logo

Prince Shiva's says:

wow just amazing and unique phone of 2k18… but I’m not gonna buy it.. bcz the name reminds me of maths.. Find X?

Green Lightning Studios says:

I have one question


BMC HD Videos says:

Samsung is far far far far better in quality and reliability than these cheap Chinese manufactures like xiaomi, vivo,oppo and others. Samsung always has its brand value. Where were these chinese players when android was not there, samsung,sony,lg and apple and others great brands are there in industry a decade ago, they had there own OS and they were making awesome phones. Just because of google OS these chinese players are doing too much. We should not encourage these people and make a destruction to our grand old companies who gave us extraordinary phones for more than a decade.

Green Apple says:

digicams did that many years ago

haurav Dheeraj says:

I think the OPPO phone is more suitable for girls. If you are a boy, I think Huawei, vivo and millet are better choices.

king SASI says:

Make a comparison video between one plus 6 and oppo find X

Michael Pfeiffer says:

So what do the photos actually look like? Perhaps compare them against other flagships?

Starchy says:

I trust Oppo with this camera, my current phone is the Oppo n3

Samuel Fernandes says:

Only thing missing is the stock android

Rahul M. Prathap says:

The future is here !!

Type GT says:

We need mobile phone 16GB ram 2TB internal 7inch display & women voice for phone guide 😉

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