OnePlus 6T Review: The Cure For The $1000 Smartphone

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Last time we talked about the OnePlus 6T, I covered the nitty gritty tech geek stuff: we talked notches, headphone jacks, and of course specs. And that’s important to the people who’ve traditionally bought OnePlus phones. But almost a month after first unboxing the 6T, I want to look at it from the perspective of people walking into T-Mobile stores and wondering whether it’s worth the hype. Join me for the OnePlus 6T Review!


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MrMobile’s OnePlus 6T Review was produced following three weeks with two OnePlus 6T review devices provided by OnePlus. The units were tested on Project Fi (T-Mobile) in New York City, Boston and points between.


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Mohammed Yasin says:

You have been playing World of Warships for months… Just the way Jayztwocents did…

The exact same line. The exact same words.
God, now I don’t know what to believe.

Dave Klier says:

I’m having a hard time justifying 600 on a phone still… 200$ phones are the future :p they’re really coming alone, look at the style 4 as an example

T. Frank says:

Excellent video like always. Enjoyed your review, Michael.

Nathan Mendenhall says:

OnePlus is definitely making a comeback…

Thomas Anderson says:

Just got this phone last week and the finger print reader works amazing for me it’s leagues better than the iPhone 5’s reader- but I haven’t tried anything newer than that so I don’t have a modern reference

Mohammed says:

Mr mobile could u please make an ipad pro review since your reviews have always proven to be unbiased and reliable

Carl Austin says:

Been relatively happy with my 3T it’s sadly the third phone in a row that has had the charger pushed in, thankfully this one just about charges but that along with the cracked screen means I am looking for a more sterdy and compact phone with wireless charging when I have to replace it.

Xarc Factor says:

Sad thing is after 6 months that $1000 dollar phone becomes super cheap like S9 for example and you begin ask yourself is it really worth it?

Ammad Shah says:

Pls review Nokia 7.1 also.I am waiting for your detailed review.Thanks

Patrick Scott says:

TIL @UrAvgConsumer is not real!

Dhvanan Trivedi says:

Hey MrMobile, loved your content. Why not switch to the wider aspect ratio?

Sulohith says:

but OP3/3T have 3yr updates planning
any other phone like that?
nougat to oreo to pie!
ONEPLUS community is awesome

redpotatofromafrica says:

Which smartwatch is that?

Kenneth Meyers says:

I “like” my 1+T but really miss wireless charging. This is one of the main reasons why I switch back and forth to other phones during the month.

Tatik Agila says:

Great review. Your first video on the oneplus 6t helped convince me to go back to android. Watching this on my new phone and I am completely satisfied. You’ve been my favorite reviewer since your Pocketnow days.

224wwefan says:

For anyone wondering why WorldofWarships: Michael Fischer likes ships 🙂 Even had a Youtube Channel related to that before Pocketnow.

Darren Prest says:

I’m still using my 3t because well, it’s still awesome. 6gb of ram and 128 gb of storage. This just isn’t worthy of my hard earned money. No headphone jack, no notification light, (apparently) mediocre fingerprint sensor. Maybe by the time the OnePlus 9t comes out I’ll be ready to upgrade.

Hector De La Garza V. says:

I was an iPhone user, switched to OnePlus 3T few years back and now to OnePlus 6, both phones are awesome. My wife is thinking to switch her iPhone to the 6T now.

Pete Coventry says:

The good thing about OP phones is they hold their value. I was able to get a 6T and sell my 3T for £250 – which is just under half the original price 4 years later. Wicked

Tan Jenner says:

Nearly 600$ is MIDRANGE?


sun to Neptune says:

5hour call is excessive michael

Corvus Aflame says:

Still rock’n a oneplus 3 here. I work this thing HARD. LineageOS’s ROM has not missed a beat with keeping my phone’s uptime near 99% of the year.

Just ordered a replacement battery to keep my phone for another few years. Best option for a worker; buy last gen at cheap, let the modders at lineageOS & XDA do the phone hunting for best hardware and accessories. You’ll pay a third of the price compared to an apple user, and suffer none of the “phone quality lottery” budget androids usually suffer from.

ghostspartan81 says:

Niceu niceu, very nice!

x111 says:

OnePlus 6T is garbage phone without headphone jack !!
oneplus trash can do better !!

Darren Prest says:

Midrange phone??

Ed Towel says:

There’s nothing wrong with the fingerprint scanner that makes it a major issue. The only thing not making this an absolute “perfect mobile device” is the lack of a high quality headphone jack. I hope they reconsider this oversight for the 7. I’ll buy it on day one if they do.

Nick Bartolo says:

Fantastic video. I’m a relatively new subscriber and am mightily impressed.

Tracey Claver says:

I can tell Mr. Mobile is such a nerd. I love it.

Apurv Patani says:

Woaaaah! 5 hours! Damn XD

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