OnePlus 6 Review: Right On the Money!

OnePlus 6 is A+ for the price, a killer balance of performance and features.

OnePlus 6:

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Phone provided by OnePlus for review.


Erel Glenn Estopito says:

Such an awesome cool dope intro

Conan Lampyrid says:

On a side note, a friend of mine had a 5T and he loved OnePlus eversince. He’s treating OnePlus like how iPhone nerds treat Apple about changing the phones everytime something new comes up and here I am thinking about spending 3$ for lunch tomorrow.

dante`afk says:

Will there be a 6+ version ?

Mohammed Muntawakilu says:

OnePlus 6 giveaway

FortisProcer says:

I know it’s great. I want it a lot to replace my V10. But I can’t cause the only carrier I can use is Verizon and *_It’s not supported_* !!!

Brandon says:

But is it a lot better than the flagship phones from last year, 2016/17, like the iPhone 7, Samsung s8…

Rahul ji says:

oh no iPhone x sucks

Arnab Dey says:

Will there be any OnePlus 6T variant this year?

P G says:

I prefer to get a galaxy a8 or even a5

wilfredo sandoval says:

I you really like this phone . Well I guess you will be using it Right?

Dave OG Miles says:


nishant jain says:

I hav the phone now and i see a major camera problem here . It dosnt detect red colour properly . Red colour is always washed out . And sometimes even green . Y were u unable to dectect this i dont knw . Hope it can b fixed wid an update

Call of depression Intimate warfare says:

Honestly I don’t like 1440p or 4k screens on phones, they get so much less battery life, and to me there really isn’t much difference unless you are 2 inches from the sceen.
High refresh rates on the other hand…

Jatin Thakwani says:

What about Face Unlock?How is that working?

TecyDomi says:

Anyone else got a faulty vibration motor on there oneplus 6?. Contacted them to return it. Still waiting

Jan van Lient says:

Watching this 4 days after receiving the phone! 😀

Anuj Sharma says:

Okay but what the f is deadmau5 doing in mario kart in background

Setu Kathawate says:

The Law of Diminishing Returns – “A point at which the level of benefits gained is less than the amount of money spent or energy invested”.

If you have a perfectly good phone that serves all the daily phone purposes, the benefits or value added by buying a new phone, is less than the money, energy and time spent.


Please make a video about charging voltages and current of mobile

Nestin09 says:


Soham Jadhav says:

Dool SIM

Paul Muad'Dib says:

Good Review Marques, thanks.

Shashank Pradhan says:

What about the review of HTC U12+?

Francis Yan says:

The less money you spend on this phone is the result of unreasonably low salaries, high pressure and more working hours for Chinese workers working like slaves everyday. You may not have heard there are people in these labour factories killing themselves because of those reasons… It’s so sad and painful. What’s the meaning of life? The pursuit of happiness sounds like a joke in this case. Sometimes I think it would be better if the society is less competitive and moving slower…

kiandhas says:

So, is it flagship killer or not?

Salman Jehanzeb says:

You are biased with the camera though it just lacks much settings otherwise its better than all other phones in theory and practicality both

Ivan T says:

That notch rekt it

Mulukutla siva ram sarma says:

Plz tell me about mitashi television can I trust that

Rorossi says:

IP67/68 for oneplus 6T(???)

Mahima Sharma says:

Oneplus 6 or pixel 2

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