OnePlus 5 Review

OnePlus has been crafting high-end smartphones for a while, but the new OnePlus 5 feels like something special. Sure, the design might seem derivative, and it lacks the kind of mind-blowing screens its competitors pack. It’s also a little more expensive than the OnePlus phones of the recent past. Ultimately though, you’re getting a stunningly fast machine with a surprisingly good camera and solid battery life. Building a great phone on a budget is an exercise in compromise, but after our week of testing, it’s clear that OnePlus has made the leap into smartphone greatness.

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FROST Manz says:

I’ve been scrolling through all these reviews looking for something on battery life. That means a great deal to me! Yeah I know it’s got the Dash Charge but I really wish a phone could be made that didnt need to be charged daily!

David says:

It seems an amazing smartphone with one normal price ( considering that the brand is OnePlus)

Sourabh Kanojiya says:

great review

Jamila M says:

I’m debating on which one to get the 6mp or the 8mp and the 64 or the 128gb can someone tell me what’s the difference

Gate Crasher UK says:

Shit Phone no way near worth £500 I have a phone that cost me £200 new and pretty much matches it in most areas and even beats it in terms of storage and battery if I was going to spend that much on a phone might as well spend more and get the S8 or G6 or wait for the V30 or G7 or even S9

Charoen P says:

Op5 will sell like hotcake as always, thank you for all your support

Austin Khy says:

There a small company with no advanced technology. If you watched the stream they mention wanting a “bezel-less” screen, but did not have the technology. STOP bashing and appreciate.

Ananya Bhat says:

if u want gorgeous Design(not a copy), infinity display(qHD), wireless charging,water & dust resistance, better camera, and awesome Samsung accessories (like Samsung pay, Samsung dex, AKG earbuds) you just have to pay $150 extra and buy S8; otherwise op5

but surely op has lost its uniqueness

halil biliktu says:

Fiyat yüksek huawei p10, g6, mi6 gibi rakipleri karşısında tutunması zor

DagicCross says:

I’ve heard the cameras are hit and miss?

Momain Ahmad says:

watching on a one plus 5

vedant paliwal says:

This is no way a flagship killer. Have been a oneplus fan… owned opo, op2 and op3t… but disappointed with op5. It is definitely not per the slogan of oneplus “never settle”. They settled for a full hd screen rather than competing with 4k’s out there. They settled by blatantly copying iphone7+ design. They settled for same bezel based display screen when flagships are going bezel less. they settled for no ipx ratings when other flagships are already water resistant to great extent. They did nothing else but grouping together last years innovations in one phone and calling it industry disruptive device shamelessly. It is a great job done by their marketing team in creating hype and every one is buying it.

Forever MCFC says:

i can wait for the op6

Salt505 says:

If anybody wants $20 off any accessory with a purchase of a OnePlus 5 then use my completely legit referral code here: Thanks!

Soumit Kumar says:

well I don’t think oneplus 5 is the flagship killer anymore its design is copy its dual camera setup ..didnt like the telephotolense and no hardware stabilize and the price which makes the oneplus the oneplus is no more but in the price rang it is the best but in my opinion it didn’t impresse me that much

andrew bryce says:

I bought the S8 two days ago instead. the lack of originality annoyed me. looks way too similar to the iPhone. oppo and one plus need to stop drinking the iPhone kool aid.

preston richards says:

battery life… ugggghhhhhhh, I want to see a full YouTube playback drain test… please

Heramb Patkar says:

One Plus 5: Hardware from 2018 with Bezel from 2015!!!

Benjamin Kennedy says:

My question is… US version, International version, Chinese version.. Do they use different bands? Does the international version work with every popular network band? I dont know which one I need to buy….

Kaustubh Yadav says:

I just cant trust a person that uses blaring white theme all over his AMOLED screen!

Daniel Stone says:

Top comment on OP5 videos
~ Gonna get s8+
~ Prefer the LG6

Honestly 1 thing i feel people miss out on point out is how smooth the software is over time. IMO, i’m dissapointed after switching from galaxy s7 to note 5 then lg v20 .. all these phones the software just dont keep up with it over time.. specially samsung..

I feel the OP5 is a like a cheaper pixel which is a phone to be in your pocket for some time. I really think its a good buy to get this.

Clash Of Jot says:

i think its better then oppo

Hao Pham says:

1+3t price drops will be a good deal or I’m just going to wait for LG G6+ or LG V30 or Pixel 2. This 1+5 will be a good sale deal if the price is lower between $30 to $50.

M P says:

As a OnePlus 3 owner I don’t need to upgrade. however it’s still a no brainer for performance to price ratio. Id still feel like a schmuck with a Samsung or Apple paying over double and having to put up with their faults and oddties. Oxygen os undeniably just feels right.

Tim Yang says:

iPhone 7p with Android basically

Jerdeen Williams says:

agreed that the comparison is overblown. really wished they didn’t resort to that look, like adding something else where the cameras are to mask the resemblance… it is what it is now though and for the people who prefer performance over all else will be glad picking up one of these…

Need For Speed says:

best review of the plus5 yet

Fernando camarillo says:

rather pay 145$ more for the s8

Tee Lim Tan says:

It beat out other phones in benchmarks because it cheated.

XYZ999 says:

Honestly this phone looks promising. Good price, awesome performance, clean and smooth os and…bezels. All these phones are moving towards an all screen look I almost want to stick with the old times lols.

Tanan Tanan says:

one plus 5 or s7 edge?

Sunny Tay says:

As owner of one plus one .. I am disappointed by this release .. probably go Samsung as well

Ankit Gupta says:


LogixXtreme says:

My grey OP5 will be delivered tomorrow (Thursday) and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

Johnny Johnson says:

I’m not considering upgrading my OP3 to this at all. The gap between the cost of this and the other major flagships is slowly closing, which means that OP are loosing their USP. This year, customers are expected to pay more for a better camera …. and that’s about it. What’s essentially happened is that they couldn’t build a significantly better phone than the 3T for the same price and so they spent some extra money on a camera to give people a reason to buy it. They’ve lost their place as the best value IMO.

Kenji Tasaka says:


Raveesh Khatana says:

is it water proof?

Mario Mario says:

For me it’s hard to like the OnePlus 5…..

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