Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Smartphone Charging Pad Review

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We review the Nomad Wireless Smartphone charger for the Tesla Model 3.
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Jeda Wireless Charging Pad Review:

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Marc Benton says:

My experience with the JedaPad was vastly different. I went through 3 of them. All 3 of them warped in the heat (90 -100 degree days) and when they warp, it causes the phone to not want to sit on the shelf very well. It also caused the sticky pads to come loose and the whole thing was very loose and moved around. I appreciated the Jeda team for trying to get it right and send me new pads, they also refunded my money but the bottom line was the product just didn’t work for me.

With the Nomad, it is thicker and I don’t think it will warp (time will tell) and I LOVE the built in shelf that the phone sits on. To me, the shorter usb cables are not a big deal, plug them in and forget about it. It also sits very nice in the space, there is no need for sticky pads because it just fits right. I think people are going to love the Nomad, even though it does cost a little more.

David Glotfelty says:

I’m not fond of a lithium battery being stored in my Model 3 cabin that frequently gets to 145 degrees Fahrenheit (62.8C for the rest of Earth). Even with cabin protection on – I’m daily having 105 degrees (40,5C) which is brutal for lithium. I get the need for peak charging but I think I’d rather go direct and sacrifice speed if I have two phones. I have no connection to either company just enjoy your reviews.

Teslatunity says:

Great review Trev, I’m excited to get my hands on one!

Eric Stewart says:

The current Jeda Wireless Pad appears to be a mess which should’ve been brought up in this video. The Jeda fast charge module costs $20 more, still cheaper than the Nomad, but it isn’t integrated and it isn’t designed to accept a charge while supplying power to charge two phones in the same way the Nomad does. I gather from your comments that the Jeda will be improved, but you shouldn’t be pushing the current version. This is unless you don’t care about fast charging.

TechMAP says:

Will the Galaxy note 9 fit?

Jerry James says:

Bro, why would you even need a longer USB cable?

zoiks 66 says:

You didn’t mention the main feature of this product, which is the integrated battery. The USB cables actually charge a battery integrated into the Nomad charging pad, and that battery in turn charges the phones wirelessly. This allows the Nomad charging pad to wirelessly charge 2 phones at 7.5W each. The other wireless chargers currently offered for the Model 3 can only charge phones at 5W.

PDK Life and Times says:

Great review. But a bit pricy.

Kerry Woods says:

I had the Evannex owl and sent it back. It charges painfully slow. Do you think the battery buffer on this one helps this ?

MurF -A- ZoiD says:

Thank you Trev, can’t wait for mine.

Tesla Tips by MTN Ranger says:

I’m thinking of creating my own wireless pad soon. I’ve ordered a two different qi wireless pucks to test ($10-15 each). I’m going to use some foam with cutouts for the pucks and covering it all with vinyl wrap (which I already have from previous projects).

Tesla Planet says:

I got mine today too. Nicer and better than Jada. You can tell the quality is better.

Kevin Rhodes says:

I just did the $38 solution: buy 2 “ultra-slim” wireless chargers from amazon and slide them under the stock rubber mat. Works like a charm.

Thanh Tran says:

I find it very interesting that none of the reviews show if the lid will close with the phone sitting on the wireless charging pad.

huggybear9922999 says:

These are way overpriced for a wireless charger.

Aussie2u says:

Curious if this wireless pad ever goes to sleep? Meaning if it’s always on and trying to charge a wireless device, would it contribute the cars phantom drain? Imagine leaving the car with this pad plugged in at an airport parking lot for a week. Hope you’ll update us in the future if your nightly phantom drain increases.

Scott Jones says:

wireless charging is a neat feature. But quick charge on android phones is a game changer for cell phones. I can’t live without it.

Eirik Arctander says:

Great video

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