Nokia 3310 Review: The Perfect Smartphone?!

Turns out the Nokia 3310 = the perfect smartphone. I swear.

The wallpaper:

Video Gear I use:



Bearax Nx says:

Great display!

Fuzzymoon Beam says:

Hahahaha this is great! April Fools!

Elias Fabricius says:

what about the dash energy drink?!?!?!

vishalculty says:

DO MOTOROLA FONE, also called the F3. Nokia 3310 is a beast compared to that ! Games. pfffftt. what’s that ?

as an added challenge, try typing a long text and ‘editing it’.

S.R . STDIOS says:

Which is better ??
Nokia 230 OR Nokia 3310 [ New version ] …
Please answer me . Please .

CJ Yu says:

3:21 it bothers me that I cant pause at the right time to see the meme

Lukáš Němec says:

You should do “Dear Apple” kind of video with what the phones had in the past (3weeks of battery time, fast boot, etc..) that we can definitely use these days.

Josh Kerto says:

i laughed so harrd lol

gregoryv000 says:

Why don’t you ever review Xiaomi phones?

Nik Page says:

I’m wondering if anyone is going to make a flip smart phone ????

Adam Henry says:

I want my Nokia back

peter tricker says:

I want my 3310 back.I had one,best phone ever made.But it was just that a phone.
The design was beautiful. Also it didnt take over your life.But then no google

bandora says:

Say it with me.. It’s Nokia, Nokia, Nokia… NOT No-keeeya…

Ramoon66666 says:

Comedic review LOL

BlommaForDoden63 says:


احمد الحسيني says:

some people make great videos …. you’re one of them

Hayden Black says:

The military is gonna start dropping old Nokia phones instead of nukes because they can be refurbished after use

Sayzn says:

Are you mad

Hussain Choudhury says:

NOKIA N95 for sure!!!!

jodieekaye eee says:

I died laughing when he used it as an hammer

TONY LAN says:

With our browsing history being sold to the highest bidder, this might just be the perfect comeback cellphone! Watch the space!

sam g says:

I clicked on this video because I have that phone! and the battery life is just as good as when we bought it in 2003

Fariz Abdul Aziz says:


Andrew Heatley says:

Even though he is joking I kind of agree with everything that he is talking about.

Daniel Porath says:

This was one of the best phones EVER MADE! If you care about pixel quality and having a smartphone then this is the phone to go to. I love it! <3

lapi0040 says:

You should definitely do a Throwback Thursday video were you review older mobile devices from the past. I’d love to see you review something like a Motorola 650 or BlackBerry 8800.

PokéJordan says:

Gonna do a review if the new 3310? I’m keen to pick one uo

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