Nextbit Robin Review: A Smarter Alternative to the Smartphone

The Nextbit Robin is built upon the idea that running out of phone storage is kind of dumb, and that we shouldn’t do it anymore. With 100GB of online storage and software smart enough to deliver on its “cloud-first” promise, it’s a fantastic smartphone for 2016 – but it’s still got a few bumps to smooth over before we can recommend it to everyone. Join Michael Fisher for our video review, then check out our full Nextbit Robin review at Pocketnow:


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Aventanario says:

It looks like a toy

anantla bhargav says:

miss u Michel fisher

Eddyson Bunardi says:

Guys can u tell me, what live wallpaper michael used on 6.06
Thank you 🙂

Rishika Khurana says:

hey Micheal check out the yu yutopia… worth checkin!!!!

Saurabh Gadekar says:

First world phone! But looks awesome!

Álvaro Agraz says:

“Never runs out of storage”.
Right… Until it does.

Go into an area with poor reception, or take a long flight, and you’re screw.

コイノ/ Koino says:

Good looking, only that. Today every basic phone got enough memory

Juan Vargas says:

Great review! Been thinking about buying one for some time now.

prnav khettur says:

How to get one ??

RizHail says:

Please Review WileyFox Swift also, same hardware mobile by Google is also known as Android One 2nd Generation qualcomm in Asia and Some European countries. It’s price is $96 USD which is under $100. And comes with android MM 6.0.1, you can call it Mini Nexus for Asia by Google.
thank you
awaiting PocketNow response.

Kar Kit Liu says:

Thanks for the video, I came across a lot of robin video, but finally decided to watch when my family tv is used to watch Korean drama…. Anyway, the design of the phone was one big reason why I wanted to skip watching its review. But after watching it, realized that it’s quite an innovation. At first I thought it mainly run on clouds, but it isn’t. The concept to keep a screen sized resolution photo on the phone is brilliant! Great innovation!

Kefkaownsall says:

Think the 145 at amazon will stay

deplorable mediocre says:

For me, the only thing this phone brings to the table is that the warranty covers custom roms and bricking. And I wouldn’t pay $400 for that _privilege_.

Scott M says:

waiting on mine to come……..and waiting…..and waiting…. But now I’m not sure I am happy with my purchase after watching this,,,,, perhaps I should have waited for MF review….not loving the battery and camera issues…..

DynamoTightstar says:

Love SeaQuest DSV!!!

Sirus Valencia says:

it looks like a toy.

Janardhan Pokala says:

I miss this guys’ reviews seriously. :/

Dan G Malarkey says:

Refreshing is the word. I’ve had my midnight with midnight case for a week. I haven’t missed my S6edge one bit. Industrial black polycarbonate just kills it in this sea of metal and glass. If Blackberry and Nextbit designers and engineers got together, they’d give Samsung a run for their money. Eye-catching security will be the in thing for the next two years. I’ve gotten quite a few “what’s that” when people see my blacked out Nextbit Robin.

Mvs kus says:

how to buy this phone in nepal

Adam Seligman says:

can you do an after the buzz of this? +pocketnow

Janardhan Pokala says:

Has the camera gotten any better?

Clint Lawler says:

No widgets along side apps. And no app drawer. Lost me on that shit.

Mateusz Wojtkiewicz says:

Or you can buy a 128GB phone and add 128GB MicroSD instead of eating through your data cap constantly re-downloading apps.

rajkumar balakrishnan says:

what a complicated phone just like the people in the west, always COMPLICATED

Aayan Nadeem says:

Does it Support YouTube

The ReGuLarDude says:

if nextbit was smart they would have created a smart phone with 32 GB of cloud storage, (admit it, you don’t need 100gb), and they would have given it a better screen, a better camera and a better battery

Adnan Kapidzic says:

It looks like a candy 🙂

Moreno says:

Aye!! A Robbin and a pebble in a video.

Red Hood says:

Is it worth buying for 139$ on amazon right now?

Baleur says:

100gb cloud storage = never runs out of room?
How about any other smartphone on the market, injecting your own 128gb sd card in it? Done. No need to use wifi or wait for uploads and downloads, and more space.
Or how about just installing, oh i dont know, DROPBOX or any other cloud storing app on any other smartphone in existance? Done. Cloud storage on any phone, no need to settle for sub-par tradeaways that the Robin had to make to fit a certain price bracket.

Just dont see the point of this phone.
Whats next, making a laptop with a sub-par cpu, gpu and screen, with a limited 25gb internal harddrive, in order to have a pre-installed cloud storage feature? What on earth is the point?

Midhun Gym says:

guys which is best honor 6x or nextbit robin

abdullah abdulaziz says:

this phone is impractical in the countries where internet axis is not very plentiful

Ian Hoswell says:

My first unit’s SIM reader failed after three days of use for no apparent reason, and then they gave me a replacement. Its fingerprint scanner inexplicably conked out on me after two months of use, so I was fed up with the component failure and admittedly poor durability… but now… ahhh! It’s killing me! I. LOVED. ROBIN. She was a beautiful temptress who was lovely in every way. She performed well, took stunning photos, looked graceful and soothed my soul! She was the woman, er, ah, sorry, Android smartphone for me! But when she showed me that she couldn’t keep herself fully invested in our relationship, i.e. various components of hers would fail randomly, I said enough was enough and went for a $240 Nexus 5X on eBay, telling myself “this is similar, right? But without the component failure?” True. No component failure. But my 5X just can’t bring me the joy that my Robin did. I LOVE YOU ROBIN, I’LL DO ANYTHING TO HAVE YOU BACK! (And I’m 15 so I ain’t exactly got cash to waste by buying smartphones out the wazoo.)

Ch!NA G says:

Does anyone know if you can split screen this phone ?

zombiebirds says:

All this “innovation” just so that companies can start charging you for cloud storage. I’m happier with an SD card.

Me_ Teck says:

data plan bye-bye on a girly phone with a high fishing risk dependable on the net speed when roll big size files

David Thomas says:

I’ll pass..seems like a niche phone…

Jael Llabres says:

the problem on this phone is we need constant wifi or data connection.

Frame 2 says:

ehhh, sounds like a cool idea but ill stick with the basic android experience.

Paul Piacentini Jr says:

I wouldn’t get a phone that I can’t use my files at all times and have it sent off to some limbo area. I don’t think I would ever use that much GB on a phone and if I did I could just send things to my computer as a cloud.

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