New Glif Smartphone Camera Mount / Rig Review

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The Glif is a nicely engineered smartphone mount that connects to tripods and can also work as a rig for attaching lights, microphones, and other devices. See more production gear: and subscribe!

01:02 – Hardware overview
01:47 – Using large and small phones
02:45 – Using it as a rig for mics and lights
04:00 – Pricing

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stylefreaks says:

lol…This cost $55 on Amazon

TechLineHD says:

Awesome. You should also get a smartphone gimbal. It makes the life easier.

joe husosky says:

Over priced by so far superior than others, just ordered one. Thanks

Simon Vannarath says:

Hahahaha, love that you had to chime in your distaste for vertical video!

Steve Owens says:

Why the disclaimer on the videos EVERY time…. 95% of your videos are not sponsored, just call out when they ARE.

Arthur Samuel Rowan says:

Looks really practical.
I have been wondering how often kickstarter projects are getting patents to their inventions… because as soon as something simple but effective is invented, Chinese factories will go and copy that idea and we will soon see similar products on ebay with half the price

XSportSeeker says:

Let me show what I’m intending to use to hold smartphones on my desk here, might give you some alternatives Lon (not sure if this link will work well, but here goes):

Two alternatives. One is kinda similar… clamp style base with a ballhead mount attached to a clamp on the desk (the small black one).

The white one is something I found on eBay that is entirely one thing… search for “Universal Lazy Bed Desktop Car Stand Mount Holder For Cell”. It has a clamp to hold on the desk that holds well enough – like a lamp clamp. The arm is bendable but pretty rigid, so it can hold… up to a medium sized smartphone (the one there is an Xperia Z3).
Downside is that it’s all plastic, and wobbly. It stays in place if you let it rest there, but if you bump the table it will rock back and forth. The plastic connections are noisy… it creaks when you move it. And you can’t disassemble it unfortunately… no quarter inch threads, no mounting points.

But it’s cheap and pretty good for something like holding the smartphone on place to read, or to take a video during a livestream. It’d probably be better if you clamp it on a separate tripod perhaps to avoid the occasional bumps.

I got a couple of them, one for the desk, one for bed. xD Been thinking of disassembling the whole thing and try to replace parts for sturdier stuff (like a metal clamp), but didn’t get to it just yet.

L0gan0ne says:

Way overpriced. Also, glad to hear you don’t like vertical video either – man that shit is irritating

Mark Jorgensen says:

Lon, you need to fix your white balance; you’re coming off a bit greenish/yellow.

John Squarez says:

I pronounce it glif

respibob says:

Looks nice. I keep thinking I am going to get a mount with a gimbal like on my drone but they are so expensive and I don’t know if I would use it enough!

Gary Stewart says:

Just got one. Not affiliate sorry. Didn’t want a $20 stick. 🙂

Leica Dad says:

Not cheap, but it’s definitely better quality than anything else now.


This sorta reminded me of the chest mount by Velocity Clip. This looks like it has more attachment points. If the one you’re showing can be put into a chest mount, that would be a huge plus.

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