Moto Z2 Force Review: The “Incomplete” Flagship Smartphone?

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The Moto Z2 Force is the most controversial phone we’ve reviewed this year. A shockingly skinny frame is impressive, but comes with compromises like a smaller battery. Motorola delivers the best example of modular phone design we’ve ever used. Is this a hardware ecosystem you should invest in? Here’s our full Moto Z2 Force review!


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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

For $720 though, it’s perhaps a bit too much. If you want a Z2 Force, I highly recommend waiting for deals.

Christopher O'Grady says:

Why can’t someone make a strong phone with a 5000mAh battery and big proper cameras. Don’t give a crap about any of this other shit and no one is servicing my market, just 10 companies all making the same pieces if shit

thezpark says:

The new U Ultra.

Monkey Nut says:

I have the moto z.. at full price with a battery mod it’s too pricey and isn’t fast. Older models which were not flagship still perform well if not better then that flagship. Performance is mid tier…. when it should have been first tier. Lenovo has cut corners…… Moto x style camera better. Moto z play better battery Moto g better price!! Moto z style better speakers!

Moto z has mods….they built camera, speakers, battery to be sub par… if they were good they wouldn’t sell mods would they.

And Moto g is better value… and Moto g is as fast. Forget bench marking, in real life… there is little diff

Joel Conolly says:

No bloopers this time? Why though :/

wujiyudi says:

“You have Bug eyes”, does anyone else run into this ad every time when trying to watch a tech video?

Shiz The Snorlax says:

Here’s my issue with this phone–Motorola FINALLY goes all carriers with a mediocre flagship phone. They are asking premium prices for a phone that (to me) cannot go toe to toe with current flagships. I can get the V20 on T-Mobile for $480 and it is better than this phone in all aspects except size. I can get a Galaxy S7 and Edge for cheaper and it will outdo this phone. I am very disappointed in Lenovo. You scaled back on this phone and it shows. People will buy this phone but it will not do record numbers. I will be unshocked to see this phone on sale by Thanksgiving because it will be over shadowed by latest iPhone and what Samsung and LG is bringing. Totally disappointed.

I am Platinum says:

This phone forces you to buy the motto mods. I mean a smaller battery?? They could have made the phone itself cheaper.

It feels like an incomplete game and I have to buy a shit ton of DLCs.

Shade Artist says:

Tbh imo, the only thing keep the Z2 play from being an on par or better phone is the implementation of duel cameras (which aren’t even the variation that people want) and shattershield which is sorta a blessing and a curse Soo……

Ollie says:

How do people get scratches on their phone? I had an LG G2G that I dropped almost daily without a case and it never even made a.mark on the screen. Now I have a Moto G5 plus and the screen is spotless.

Vaibhav Kumar says:

Pocket now can you do a comparison of HTC u11 and Moto z2 force

Niranjan Pazhani Chamy says:

What good are the mods when we can buy plenty of other solutions with Wi-Fi and bluetooth at a cheaper price point. yeah, makes a lot of sense. I guess that’s the big downside of this phone beside the poor dac.

raghu radha says:

You all have bug eyes hah

Gustavo Peralta says:

Damn if only the battery lasted longer, I would’ve got one

Rena Chan says:

Moto mods are cool, but plastic display, no IP67 and small battery, makes me thing that I rather go for last year moto z play if all I want I to try the mods, and hope for a better Z3.

Daniel Mladenov says:

Sounds like a decent “premium mid-ranger” to consider, not a flagship though. It counts on becoming a complete product after you spend even more money on it… while being initially priced the same as other, COMPLETE flagships. I like Michael’s comparison to the Z2 Play, explains a lot.

Ahoy matie says:

That screen is just a no-no for me

Rene Manguerra says:

Beautiful design but not really impressive. The battery sucks!

Fato Kh says:

I am very excited for iphone8 , i love iphone8

Zack Halverson says:

Only buy the phone if your gonna use a mod everyday or very often, and don’t forget a screen protector

tiburonroano says:

Dark knight animated movie awesome

Niidea1986 says:

Mods are a terrible idea, so terrible that I would prefer an overpriced iPhone

Sacred says:

I’d say this is a Moto Z1.5, wouldn’t upgrade unless it was a flagship from two years ago

Niclas Jacob says:

For the back looks pretty good with the pins…

DT B says:

I would buy this phone for 500$ not more.

ghost5zombie says:

Watching on my Z2 Force from Verizon, which I got for $360. If it were around this price point to begin with, I feel like more people would buy.

Nenad Pavic says:

That Hasselhoff movie tho xD

Puddi Puddin says:

Sadly a no no for me, screen scratches way too fast…

casper aalders says:

i have always been thinking, just buy a bunch of tempered glass screen protectors from china and stick em on that shattershield display, it stays protected that way and they are cheap af if they break

FBO PGH says:


camille sansaricq says:

Sounds like money pit phone lol

Terence Ting says:

Z2 is like the G6, lots of hype but no one really buys them

James Lee says:

its garbage

PiBZ314 says:

Why don’t they send it with a pre applied glass screen protector?

A Stitch In Time says:

Why buy this at all just get the pixel XL

Jason Guzman says:

The lg g5 of 2017.

Brian M says:

For $350 to allow for people to buy a couple of mods that would make it a more complete phone would be a better strategy. But a plastic screen and no headphone jack for $720? I don’t think so. And no matter what anyone says, those exposed connectors aren’t cool, it just looks like something fell off the phone.

arif rico says:

Well most of us don’t have dslr so we prepare telephoto lens to take portrait photo and most of the youtuber doesn’t praise telephoto lens coz they own high end dslr …

Pito VH says:

man the las person I saw with a motorola phones was in 2004!

Lodewijk P. Otto says:

Aw, no extro… 🙁

charles fair says:

i have been testing one and the headphone output is so distorted and noisy its a return for me

Dylan Collins says:

Fund native mask tight observe traveler new landing.

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