Moto G5 Plus: Budget Smartphone King?

Best phone under $300? Let’s take a closer look…

Moto G5 Plus:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Shine by The Alchemist


Phone provided by Motorola for review.


SnorryHobo says:

are you gonna do a Nokia 6 review?

Gopal Srinivasan says:

design back is sleek!!

maximus10463 says:

Good phone but I would go with the Nokia 6

Grown Kiddin says:

Solid vid dude – I had to hit the subscribe!

Vikas Yadav says:

this phone have NFC. and this phone come with 3Gb ram + 16 gb rom and 4Gb ram + 32 Gb rom and budget of this phone is 250$ not 300$

Plant Plant says:

You have beautiful eyes lol.

Fokosmok says:

G5 plus isn’t budget… All other are overpriced.

Alberto Guadalupe says:

Meh.. it looks kinda like an old phone.

Girish Rao says:

i am watching this video on 480p and it looks much better more like most youtube videos at 720p !

Gopal Srinivasan says:

i love it 🙂

rico soda says:

lol so many haters, my smug iPhone coworkers be always making fun of me 4 not being one, then they always tryna be creep on my new motos. moto always got the sleek modern modest look. 15+ yr user

Tim Jue says:

Should I get a HTC u play or a moto g5 plus? Both currently go for about 250€ on Amazon.

Andrew Sheehan says:

Just got the 64 gig version off of ebay for $249 free shipping. No way was i paying that for the one with Amazon apps. I got no problems with a camera bump. Don’t care about NFC nor USB C right now. Wonder how the call quality was, or did I miss it in the video? Can’t wait till I get mine. Also, don’t now why people really care about looks for a darn phone. I’m going to be putting a case on it anyways. Looks on a phone are the least of my worries.

Dan says:

My G3 is still going strong. It has survived LOTS of drops onto concrete.

bbcoachSuperman - says:

My S8+ got a random crack at the very bottom of the glass above the charging port…hasnt been dropped, hit, squished, etc so it really pissed me off since I’ve had it for 3 weeks. Samsung will fix it but wont give me a loaner phone. For $200 with Amazon’s ads on the lock screen this seems like the perfect “back up phone” for when these things happen…absolutely not going to be a main phone or pull me away from flagships, but just in case either myself or my wife happens to break our phones or need to fix them we can fall back on a cheap phone that’s perfectly fine for a week or two while the flagship is getting replaced.

aarif khan says:

I has NFC, i m using this in india

wajahat merchant says:

What are your thoughts on the Nokia 6?which one would you rather buy, Nokia 6 or Moto G5 plus?

Jerry Wang says:

Hi Marques, on the Moto G5 Plus, do you feel a numbing electricity leaking sensation when your fingers or ear lobe touches the back of the phone while charging? I’m getting that from two Moto G5 Plus units sent to me already and on to the 3rd exchange unit… This electricity leak while charging is unsettling.

Kanwar Pal Singh says:

I don’t know about g5+, but g5 is really a worst phone. It hangs a lot,heats a lot and it keeps getting worse. The only good thing about this phone is it’s fingerprint pad.

Jack Axefist says:

wow not a word about battery great review

Alberto Guadalupe says:

Xiaomi mi 5x.

Ozzy _ says:

I’m between Huawei P10 Lite, Samsung A5 2017 and Motorola Moto G5 Plus. What do you think is better?

Mohnish Singh says:

Moto G5 plus has NFC in Indian Version

6sek says:

You keep calling the microSD card slot rare, however most Android smartphones still have it.

Alfredo Sugay Jr says:

Hi MKBHD Please try to review the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and tell us who’s the new King =)

Pauli Diebold says:

Just buy an older phone like an lg g5 that thing is flippen cheap

Ziah.954 says:

the honor 6x is more powerful, cheaper, better build quality,and has a bigger battery.The problom with the 6x though it not stock android.

Mile Lemi says:

Budget phones, 300 dollars!?

Harrison Jae says:

New Zealand model is 32gb/3gb and with NFC 🙂

Harsh Pasari says:

Not having NFC is only for USA. In India, NFC is available for the phone.

Green Gamer says:


Sondelschrottis says:

Marques. The storage is not a SSD. It is not a DRIVE. It is a
SSS. Solid state STORAGE. That’s true for all phones.

Uros Sretenovic says:

Would you pick this or Huawei p10 lite

Thomas Not Tom says:

Have Moto finally fixed the ghost touch issue yet?

Justin Moyer says:

What if the entire surface of that large chin was the finger print scanner? This could allow for more custom gestures like what we see in the nova launcher gestures and even draw a shape/letter to open specific apps. How ergonomic would this be? Would it be a reach for the thumb to do more gestures near the bottom? Would this tech be more achievable than putting the scanner beneath the display? I like what Moto is doing here and I am seeing some potential for them to expand it.

_RespecWamen says:

Kinda reminds me the old Galaxy Mini 2

Xander Zockt says:

Moto G5 or LG X Power

SonicAce Dave says:

I have the G5+ but I’m not impressed tbh. Bought it only because of: stock Android Nougat!, dedicated dual-SIM with microSD slot, an okay 3k mah battery and good build quality.

Brendan Kapp says:

I got one, it’s fucking hype!!

Green Gamer says:

I’ve been falling of the tech train and I’m going back on

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