Maze Alpha Smartphone REVIEW – Bezel Less for under $190

The full review of the Maze Alpha, the bezel-less Smartphone.
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The Maze Alpha is among the best budget phones in 2017 as it offers great value for it’s low price. It has a bezel less design like the Xiaomi Mi Mix or the upcoming Mi Mix 2 and it costs under $200. For that we get the Helio P25 CPU, 4GB RAM and 64GB of Internal Storage. In this video you will be able to check out lots of sample pictures, gaming performance, the scores on the Antutu Benchmark and Geekbench 4 and much more.

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VoloKin Project says:

Nice review man, but I don’t really see the appeal of those cheap bezeless phones. The Aquos Crystal kinda failed because it was just a midrange phone and because of availability of course. So unless they come up with some outstanding feature, the ‘bezelessness’ won’t be a huge selling point.

xperiaviper says:

Still waiting for a company to do a phone that has a chin size like the mi mix coz I don’t mind the speaker on the top but we don’t need a button at the bottom/ finger print scanner, keep that on the back

Best Android Games says:

Has anyone live in the UK has received there maze alpha from Gearbest? Through yodel or any other courier?

Endy Endymion says:

Maze Alpha or Vernee thor plus?

axeharry dhami says:

i like this. send this phone to me.

Charoen P says:

I think its weight 225g that’s a little heavy to carry around

Sunny Kumar says:

Just To stay in the market, companies are doing everything to get in this new “BEZELLESS” Race.

Milly Chhoeum says:

What network carrier or LTE it can support for U.S.A?

Jiří Huser says:

Bezel-les? Bezels are huge as f*ck!
Bug nice review as always!

gheorghe daniel says:

Woow ?!
Arata f bine … destul de puternic sub capota
Nu e rau deloc la banii aia !!
Edit: camerele sunt o gluma … boka effect ?! … phoahaha praf …

Gino Guillermo says:

Will it receive updates OTA?

Paulo Olivera says:

Very good review, but missed the actual bands of the mobile, through the Android engineer menu….

Saludos desde Chile.

Bernard Hengst says:

Is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x still your favorite Alex? Under $ 200 I mean…..

AwsTech says:

a poor doogee clone

Tario Cham says:

Hi Alex, greetings from Japan. Thanks always for the detailed reviews. I have had my Maze Alpha for a week now. For the money I do like the design and build. The screen is nice and as always its great to see a nice clean Android install. However I find the camera below average. It may barely be average in good light but in anything but its bad (but what can one expect from under $200). While I do find he GPS locks quickly, I find its performance inconsistent and has trouble holding the signal. I also find the Wi-Fi reasonably fast but the range poor and some of the sensors a bit strange ie sometimes it can’t tell what direction my phone is in (perhaps it just needs calibration).

As a new release I’m hoping a lot of these issues can be fixed with OTA updates. We get spoiled by many great phones out there so we start expecting a lot even from sub $200 phones! (though some of that blame can be placed on manufacturers who hype up all their features on these cheap phones like they are unmatched and cutting edge).

The one thing that bothers me the most though, is that this phone was released with no cases available and that boggles my mind. Especially seeing that its quite a heavy phone and rather slippery. I know Maze is making a case but it doesn’t look very promising. I feel like the Alpha will slip out of my hands any second.

Keep up the good work, I watch all your reviews.

nightmare moe says:

Nice vid would love one

Tech ALL says:

You said that your maze alpha take 3h to charge but mine takes only 2h.

Paul Broeker says:

Great review, thanks a lot!

Luis Diaz says:

Everything onscreen looks zoomed in… like a whole lot.

Alex Butters says:

for $200 more than a nice phone and also nice review

MK cookie lover says:

For 200$ which phone has a good camera (at least better than the one of the maze alpha) but doesnt heat when gaming ?


I’ve been watching reviews of recent $200ish dual cam droids. All from Chinese companies not really known in the US. ALL seem to put two crappy rear facing cameras on the back… and I’m like… why not just put ONE SOLID cam instead with a quality sensor. If that costs more than charge $25-$45 more. These stupid DUAL POOP cams are killing each sale IMO.


Awesome review

someone says:

i don’t like “bezel less” with that chin.
looks better than iphone 8 tho

ItsChaBoiiDanny says:

This phone reminds me alot of the Xiaomi Mi Mix…
Nice review RedSkull! Keep it up!!!!

DutchCrew Holland says:

Youre a happy guy good reviews you got a sub keep going!

maxbaba1000 says:

Redskull ALWAYS on point…A Great Channel for Gadget Lovers

Enzo Dolan says:

If you could improve this phone in any way, how would you?

Weldon Paulo says:

Good review!

Craig Newman says:

Great honest review (in english-thanks) gotta yourself a new sub mate…already bought the phone, just waiting for China now. (did you have the camera update, as i heard it improves things?)

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