Maze Alpha Review : Bezel Less Budget Smartphone

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Asif zarar Rajput says:

Hi I want to buy this phone so will u sell it to me ?

FURQAN says:

you forgot to set igyaan wallpaper this phone in whole review


Is it coming to or flipkart?

Salman Shaik says:

Where is Giveaway Results ??

Jimut Jayadev says:

This guy deserves 5 million subscribers atleast 🙂
Well Bharat may I know what camera do you use for these videos ?

Sasuke Rawat says:

Plzzz review the umidigi crystal also ..i want to buy that device!

atul kumar says:

Phone is looking awesome

Peter Davis says:

Great review, thanks

Aamir Asad says:

I dont know why this channel has only 617k subs the professional voice video attitude means a lot for a youtuber thats what you have If you are a one who doesnt subscribed yet whom are you waiting for hit that subscribe button and see the magic the red button will become grey

Zohaib Qazi says:

You told its stock but where is the app drawer!


Best reviewer

Mrinal Choudhury says:

These phones are total crap…

Samad Kariyaniya says:

sharp Aqous was the first phone is almost bezzel less display

Samyak Rakhecha says:


Akash srivastava says:

I watch this before on mrwhosetheboss channel.

Pritam says:

Cool pad cool play6 review?

subarna basak says:

Does it support volte ?

Dipankar Paul says:

he is a great reviewer but heavily biased sometimes. He needs to advertise and post contents more frequently. Under 500/1000/2000 videos and content quality is the main usp of Bharat. Though he is quite versatile, but i want more reviews on tablet, smart watches/wearables(future of next-gen youtubers) , and other smart gadgets. Hope you grow big..

kartikey kapoor says:

Oldest and Best reviewer best videos but it’s extremely sad to see that you channel is most underrated. You should have crossed 1million now

Kamyab Patel says:


Anantha Krishnan says:

can anyone tell me the name of the game played in this video after asphalt 8?

Sanjay Chainani says:

How is the call quality ? How does the calling mechanism works on this phone ?

rohit nishant says:

All thanks to the Extraordinary Supply Chain Management of Shenzhen (silicon valley of hardware), these Chinese companies are able to bring out these spec’d out phones.

7 Tech says:

Please do a review on UMIDIGI CRYSTAL…

Rohit Chaudhary says:

Hey can you make a comparison video of maze alpha and doogee mix. I want to buy a bezel less phone so I want to know which is best

Shubham D.K says:

How good or bad is the sound quality while on a call?

laughing cam says:

your crossing 1M sub in five days Bharat ❤️love❤️ from Pratik

shashank somani says:

Can u please tell me wheather u had to pay custom charges for getting this phone to India from GearBest? And if yes then how much customs u had to pay? @iGyaan

Subodh Nagrale says:

pretty good device

Shakulata Jagdish Nirmal says:

Can you pls tell which game you play on maze alpa not car game other one

Rohit Kumar says:

What editing software do you use

Deep Tinya says:

Plzzz review Doogee Bl7000…

Muhammad Muqtar says:

Office tour update???????

Aijaz Khan says:

I believe sharp Aquos was the first phone that started bezelless phenomina not xiaomi what chinees do best is copy not innovation

rohan 1234 says:

Where do i get igyaan knife???? I want one..

Sourav Madanpuri says:

Do a review of kult beyond


Does it supports VoLTE and jio bands

Ajeet Bhargav says:

What about after sales service

Guru says:

what about custom duty and shipping charges

Aman Deep says:

You always does this work very well

Karim Dayani says:

Please make video hindi language. Your speech very fast, I can not understand.

Tanay Kumar says:

this phone is a scam. instead of bezels at top and bottom they created a super chunky bottom bezel to create an illusion of bezeless phone.

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