LG V30 REVIEW – AFTER 1 Month – Revisited – Most Underrated Smartphone of 2017?

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My revisited review of the LGV30. For the second year in the row, this phone is probably the most underrated smartphone of 2017. It has every single feature you need, all it an awesome form factor.

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Ayon Barua says:

Lg v30 is one of the best phone of 2k17,and it’s better than note 8 and lg v30 giveaway would be better than iPhone x

ABH says:

There’s no link to get phone in description.

Alan McElreath says:

For anyone interested Newegg has the V20 on sale for $299USD online for a week at the time of this comment. Definalty thinning of picking it up

Ryuumaru Kun says:

Giveaway 🙂

Shalev Lazarof says:

Perfect android phone, to my opinion he is the best

Roman Vittorio Liwanag Maniti says:

Hope that the LG V30 or iphone X is also a give away really like it.i haven’t have any phone to use of.

Oscar De Roeck says:

LG 30 is fine but I rather have an iPhone… I just enjoy the way the iPhone look and can be used.

Tyler Hanson says:

Thank you for this, I think this would be a great giveaway.

Kevin Maguire says:

One word: 600MHz!

Sunil Adekar says:

yes …i am LG phone user i have G4 ..the only place they are lagging is the battery front .. not good ..curious to know about it in v30…. Giveaway it should be of V30 than x

André Calil says:

Karl, what’s your take on the V30 front camera? That’s the only thing holding me back.

sora1223 says:

U should start doing your tech vids shirtless, ijs

Jael Llabres says:

can v30 play 2 bluetooth speakers at the same time?

Sai Manish says:

The best series in lg

SpecialSnowFlake says:

honestly can’t find a flaw with this phone besides maybe 4 gb

Uchenna Nnabue says:

If it wasn’t for the pixel 2 XL this would have been my next device.

Mick Harrison says:

It’s not a finished product why are people reviewing it

Francis Taquin says:

Canada soon ?

Kepeuhau Hangky says:

LG V30 features which I admire the most is it cinematic video capability

ajay jain says:

Karl it wasn’t 2560 but 2880

Hemanth H Iyer says:

2 things I think the v30 is missing … A better front camera and front facing stereo speakers

Nikka M says:

I’m still set on the iphone X, but in case availability becomes an issue, it will be between this and the Pixel 2 XL. I completely agree about preferring wide angle to portrait modes.

Ygor Cortes says:

Unfortunately it has a horribly ugly software.

Dilen Skyware says:

Hope this keep being underrated and the price drops :v

_ DaSensei says:

Nah not underrated just a Silent Killer

AROUND with dee says:

We need vlogs bro!!!!

ness says:

V20 had ultra wide lens too noob.

VaeVictus666 says:

Very well said. LG needs to promote the shit out of this beast.

ECO TECH says:

please please please watch this

Younha Jeong says:

Dude lg
v20 is better than iPhone x

David Yang says:

that was a really good point. i stay up to date on android phones but some how, i never seem to remember that the lg v series existed! i am considering this as my next phone. thank you for the video, karl.

Subham Banerjee says:

I want it

J C says:

It just was released how is it underrated?

Joyce Chin says:

As for me, I will prefer iPhone 10, because I really want to be a Apple developer, and I’m still using the Android phone.

Harry Pomerantz says:

Ummmm Karl, no link in bio. You meant to put one but forgot. No prob tho

dkimmortal says:

It’s a 6 month gap between the g series and v series, like you know, how Samsung does with their s and note series

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