LG V30 Quick Review – The Smartphone I was waiting for !

The LG V30 is the best smartphone for filming right now. Exactly what I need. LG V30 Review coming soon. Check V20 here: http://amzn.to/2w81LPB *
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Ken Abiee says:

How much does it cost?

Adrian Falkirk says:

why you done photos in 4:3 not 16:9 on lg v30

DrakE (original) says:

the aperture is software blocked by Lg, because it’s a preproduction unit

Acoustique Senpai says:

can you do a Oneplus 3t vs LG v30 speedtest comparison?

SDav21 says:

Totally agree. The wide angle on LG is the best implementation of a dual camera. I won’t be able to get anything other than an LG because the wide angle on my G5 is extremely handy.

Jm Padilla says:

4:16 @_@

Y D says:

In 1yr, the LG V30 will be around $300..

Sebastian J says:

12 More Bloody Idiot Morons Dislikes And Counting…

gwsstar says:

Does it have fm radio?

Edgar Palma Murillo says:

Does the screen light up when you take a picture with the front camera in the dark?


Beautyfull phone…

LedHead says:

Always 26 fucking degree.

Jagdeep Sandhu says:

That intro is the most European thing ever.

Nazis Hunter says:

Fucking Nazis

Khotta Bogard says:

i honestly hope that the final hardware and softwre for the front facing camera is improved, because… this is the perfect phone!! but it needs a decent front facing camera, i owned a Mate 9 just for 1 day and i hated the camera!!

max olivier Lezer says:

The stabilisation doesn’t look good, think it can be optimized via software?

Sebastian J says:

I Love The Sexy Girl Around 4:43…That Short Skirt Is Quite Sexy…


I heart restarded once I heard it still has the quad dac.

Rico Suave says:

Fucking fags

Ronald Cheng says:

LG V series is about hardcore Music and photography. Whereas Samsung Galaxy S and Note series are just about… what were they again? Oh yes, dual pixel camera and and… ya that’s it I think.

MadComputerHal says:

Not even taking a quick look at the audio/headphone capabilities when reviewing a phone that is successor to V20 and has a Bang&Olufsen mark on its back? Seriously? Dumbfucks…

omar SW says:

Getting it for.sure

Wayan Wiradana says:

My dream phone! But very expensive!

Weenie Hut Jr's says:

OH MY GOODNESS you are the hottest guy I’ve ever goddamn seen! Holy goddamn! DAMN!!! WOW


steven cute..

Tobias F says:

Your Facebook Link in the description is broken.

arpan roy says:

I love note 8

Pratik Gajjar says:

My only issue with the V30 is that the video playback has no fit-to-screen option.

TechLineHD says:

Dope intro. A lot of fun filming this and other stuff at IFA!

Senpie Sensie says:

Why I does the main camera appear so close I mean on other phones the normal camera is not that close

Tom Ripley says:

God, this guy doing the voice-over should do ASMR. I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Jessus Christ says:

What kind of test is that?

Joselito Rolon says:

The Note 8 image stabilization destroys this phone.


Lg v firty

Donald Harry says:

Bro everyone is now coping Galaxy with the whole infinity screen thing. Like y’all need to be original

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