LG V20 Review: The Best Smartphone for Audio Geeks and Creators?

After ditching my Galaxy S8+ I’ve been using the LG V20 for the past several weeks. I love its hi-fi quad DAC, the great camera, HD audio recording and other high-powered features that make it the perfect phone for content creators and audio lovers. Or does it? There’s a lot to live about the V20, but there’s also some typical android bugginess. How much of that is too much.

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chuckolatte says:

Hmm… That’s odd, I actually happened to get this phone less than a month ago. You should check with your company about it. I have a question though…

Emmanuel Wynkoop says:

thank you for the review, I agree with you with regard to the aesthetics and the lack of themes, have a look here for some themes that might look better: https://forum.xda-developers.com/v20/themes
with regard to the audio recording abilities, I would be happy if you could demonstrate the quality of the phone’s mikes
I wish you could elaborate more on what exactly cause those bugs, for instance did you install something which caused it? is your phone unlocked or came with some carrier bloat?
with regard to Android in general have you had similar issues with phones with more close to stock launchers like Sony or Htc?

Last I’d like to mention that there’s soon going to a new android phone called the Nokia 8, the launcher of it would be close to stock so hopefully less bugs, might come with proper mikes as well… another one to loo
k at is the HTC U11

Philip Harris says:

I think The Axon 7 or the HTC 10 may disagree with the statement that LG is the only manufacturer focusing on audiophile level sound from their phones

Joe Mamma says:

Great video.. best hope for this channel

Kyle Miller says:

Thanks for the vid. 1. In regards to power, don’t forget Quick Charge. Works great. 2. iPhones are not pretty with oversized bezels. 3. There are additional themes on LG’s store and a ton more on Google Play. 4. No mention of IR? Nice to have. 5. Design is nice: small bezels, angled ends, metal. Could be better? Sure, but it’s better than meh.

Justin Pullin says:

Looking like you should’ve kept your iPhone.. also just as an FYI you can see the numbers in your call history when you pull up your dialer in the video. I’m still rocking my iPhone 6, eyeing the landscape.

chuckolatte says:

How’s the quad dac compare to other dacs and amps you’ve tried?

Pixel_nme says:

Ahhh Hi-Fi’s those where the days

Makata Leia says:

Iphone, LG, Samsung… keep them all i still prefer my Sony Xperia Z5 Premium :p now upgrading to Sony Xperia XZ Premium and no i never ad problems with my phones lol i think you need to learn a bit more about phone reviews before you actually jump into it 🙂 Iphone been losing to Samsung and Sony in every spec and now they decided to copy Samsung design lol. Android = freedom 🙂

Hriatchhunga Chhangte says:

i have a phillips SHp9500.Its about 32 ohms.Will i still benefit from the quad dac?

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