LG V20 Review Android 7.0 Nougat Smartphone

The LG V20 is the latest in flagship premium quality devices from LG, sporting a metal body with a military grade drop test rating, removable back and battery. Here you’ll find a Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage with microSD card support, as well as a USB type C port and an IR blaster. LG is pushing some crazy camera and audio technology with the V20 too, sporting 4 24-bit high-res DACs, a 16-megapixel camera paired with an 8-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera, and a front-facing camera with dual function wide angle lens. Oh and let’s not forget that this is the first phone to launch with Android 7.0 Nougat, something that’s no small feat for any OEM. LG is throwing some serious punches when it comes to Fall 2016 flagships for sure, but is it worth buying?

Full Flickr gallery of pictures and video taken with the V20:

Detailed written review:

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Morgan Ward says:

The v10 was made of steel

Ronny OnBass says:

This review is a bit contradicting. He gives several downfalls of the phone… so much so, I have decided NOT to upgrade from the V10. Then at the end he says, this phone lives up to the hype in every way- ?? I don’t get it. He had me believing this phone pretty much sucked except for a few things and then he basically says it is a killer phone at the end of the video. Wow… Is there such a thing as senility at his age??

Random Projectiles says:

why there hasnt a lg logo..

Tony Dinh says:

No thanks!

HoppFamily says:

What headsets were used for VR?

Shub91 says:

wayless than blackberry priv which has 541ppi resolution.

kevin osborne says:

The v20 is a great device…..after all that fire shit going on with the note i seriously thought about this device here.

avi kaufman says:

thank you……good job

Member Berry says:

Has it got fm radio?

Sean H says:

LG explicitly asked in their preview programme that all parties who receive the V20 hold off on a full review until they get a proper review unit running on final hardware and software. These guys clearly don’t know how to listen

Demetric Watson says:

With the v20’s metal back can it use wireless charging?

BlueLT7 says:

4:50 – 5:07

Got a kick out of that. lol Good video. Hopefully the light bleed is fixed in the final production units.

caesar roa says:

This phone is a true representation of what LG can do ….My respects for this phime coming from a Samsung Note 7 user

Justin Kongpachit says:

Wow, that silver is nice!

you have to give it up to LG for this design. It looks very modulary!

Nestor Degollado says:

Basically more of the same shit.. Take my money lg ughh sick of these “upgraded phones” that have subtle changes that couldve been incorporated in an older.. all in the name of making money. Fuck LG. FUCK SAMSUNG. AND FUCK ESPECIALLY IPHONE.

Enmanuel Castillo says:

does it support wireless charging? I didn’t catch it if you mentioned it

Sebastian J says:

Overall~The LG V20 Is Not Entirely A Disappointment Afterall…Only Thing I’m Disappointed In Is That They Didnt Continue The Full LG Signature Back Button Layout…Otherwise VERY Nice Design…And I’m Happy That They Went With The 5.7 Inch Display~Instead Of The Pathetic Ass Backwards 5.3 Inch Previously Rumored…And Thank God For No Bloody Hideous Modular Design Like The All Disappearing LG G5…The V10 Should Have Been Called The G5 As Ive Said All Along Even Before The G5 Was Released…

dylan vanzutphen-kann says:

blue light filter on this like the note7?

Natalie Rivera says:

I hope the pink one comes out in the USA. I want that one

Stijn Hendriks says:

too bad it wont be in the netherlands for a while :/ having my phone (lg g2) for almost 3 years and know it begins to show faults

uMADden says:

I hope the battery last just as long because v10 sucked ass

Harvz B says:

AH, does it have the connector for Qi receiver for wireless charging?

SyncF says:

LG has surely continued to improve on everything they’re doing. This phone, even in pre release form, is a far cry from
something like the G5. I’ll admit, all the sound quality features including the actually decent looking sound equalizer and the overall interface looks awesome.
I bet the phone won’t come cheap though, but at LEAST I found an LG phone that looks good to me while having all these features (and SD card slot, always appreciated)

Alireza Forouzanfar says:

i like this phone but i dono why lg doesn’t use oled panels ! that’s a big disappointment !

avi kaufman says:

great review……thanks

Guy Divosta says:

to the author. let me tell you what’s actually disappointing: is that this phone’s display has a higher resolution than the video review about it, asshole

DDDE44 says:

A lot of empty words
Not serious

03Chris25 says:

Fuck not the light bleed again…

Orstyn Well says:

I love this phone so much #wideanglelens #wideselfie

Ashutosh Chakraborty says:

One of the best reviews of V20. Thanks for excellent work.

Ashfak Anayet says:

that light bleed made me worried

Ace Boogie says:

Really gonna miss my note 7

Gaming zone says:

lg v20 gaming review pls

DROP3R 4 says:

i hate that it looks like a giant G5. loved the v10’s back.

jose salinas says:

no AMOLED? light bleed ? not for me

Crazy Aces says:

it looks cheap, that’s disappointing because I was hoping to replace my Samsung Galaxy Note

Gabriel Hernandez says:

I think LG rushed this device to be launched with Android 7 before it was ready, it looks to be much better with Android 6.

Cris Movistar says:

Very informative and well done review of the V20

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