LG G6 Review: TOP 5 FEATURES! Best Smartphone of 2017? 🔥

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LG G6 Top 5 Features! We got our hands on the brand new LG G6 Android smartphone which was just announced at Mobile World Congress. In this episode I give you a look at the top 5 features of the new smartphone prior to our LG G6 review, which include:

The 5.7-inch 18:9 FullVision Display
Dual 13-megapixel rear cameras
IP68 Water Resistance
The metal and glass premium build
Google Assistant

Stay tuned for our LG G6 review, and let us know what you think of these new features!

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Andre Anderson says:

the phone is nice, I only don’t like the fact that I got to pull out my SIM card just to swap out my SD card, what if I’m on a important phone call & need to get my SD card out to give some important files to my supervisor. and the screen minus-well be 6″ inches, no sense of half doing it( who wants a small screen anyways?) the more room the better. I give it a 8, 2 points off for the SIM card issue,& small screen.
p.s. I prefer the removable battery, just in case my phone freezes, however, I like the water resistant feature that requires a non-removable battery. oxymoron.

Adad Joseph says:

awesome review and love lg phones since I own a lg v20 phone which so far I’m satisfy with

shrikanth s.y says:

Sorry LG, this wasn’t impressive enough to me. There was a time when I saw G2 and was blown away with it’s narrow bezels. it was one of its kind then. But now you are just playing catch up with some of the best phones from last year. This should have been your 2016 FS. I think I am going to stick on to my s7 edge for another year may be. But having said that, if and only if the price is going to be very competitive, then I will give it a thought.

GayerGeek Vin Sings says:

since it does have dual camera, can this also produce beautiful bokeh effects like the iphone 7 plus does?

Sebastian J says:

Now That’s A Splendid Phone~MUCH Better Design That Bloody Ridiculous Looking G5 Monstrosity From Last Year…It Looks Similar To A Cross Between The LG Stylo 2 And The V20…I Don’t Like The Non Removable Battery Concept In General~But In This Case~Its Understandable~Due To The Waterproof Feature…

420 rastaman says:

looks very nice

Bressan Franco says:


Brandon C Lacanilao says:

i like the camera and finger print sensor also water proof

Tyrone Balarezo says:

Great video quality man! subscribed

Guy Davis says:

I really like the LG G6 but I went with the Google Pixel XL. I would lying if I did say that my experience with bootloop killing my G4 did not weigh into my decision. Because it did! I would say to LG next time be like Samsung and admit when your phone is defective and recall it. Still might get a LG tv!

KIYOOU says:

looks like a chinese phone to me…

steven8888100 says:

click bait. video has no new features.

Fyah King says:

can’t wait to get this and the s8 plus.:)

Me & U says:

v20 is actually better ?

Mariusz Gonczewski says:

i am quite sure i could use “ok google” on motorola droid turbo 2 or htc one m7 ;] prolly work on my sgs2 as well xD

urban metalgray says:

im having a hard time trusting this brand with my money due to lg g4 boot loop issues where LG wasn’t responsible enough to replace my phone

they deserve some sort of boycott

masadirinikaki says:

No led notification or I am missing something??

Pin Pin says:

keep it away of salt water in the beach

jamardoogle2 jones says:

#AndruEdwards LG said it’s waterproof. sweet I can dunk it in the river and sue them if it short-circuits

Samay Patel says:

The camera features you showed are wrong..the left one is f/2.4 and right one is f/1.8

wackid says:

Rip off from LG… no Quick charge in EUrope and No DAC only in ASIA.

Josh GA says:

you should do an LG G6 give away

Aaron says:

Fantastic phone. Can we create folders on the main page of the applications

TechLifeCity says:

waiting for its price!

wilson ndebay says:

Great phone

Chad Christian says:

Great Video Andru. Looks like a great phone. Cannot wait to see what 2017 brings for tech!

Kashif Jamal says:

LG has had too many issues

And Mk says:

I watched the other reviews and only you mentioned it being a ‘fingerprint magnet’ …this is a deal breaker for me. I can’t stand fingerprints all over my phone.

Sebastian J says:

15 More Bloody Stupid Dislikes And Counting…

Andrew Elliott says:

This is a great phone, but it barely outdoes S7 Edge. S8 will exceed this phone easily


great review man

Kronocide says:

G66P is the best phone ever , It’s the LG G6 but with stereo speakers and AMOLED screen .

Isco Disco says:

That UI looks boring …should have been stock

Andru Edwards says:

*Hey **#TechSquad**! What do you think of the LG G6 and my favorite features of this device?*

Georgios Stamos says:


joseph baker says:

when is the release date for the g6

Lani Pierre says:

I’m feeling this more than the Galaxy S8. By miles.

HITECH says:

Great video man! keep up the good work!

Mateovic 92 says:

the Legends say “ONLY GALAXY S8″no amoled no G6. i will just wait 29 march 😀

Christian Harris says:

best smartphone of 2017? ha i think not

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