LG G6 Review – LG’s Best Android Smartphone Yet?

The LG G6 is modern, attractive and clad in glass and metal. It has a 2880 x 1440 5.7” IPS display with Dolby Vision HDR support, dual 13MP rear cameras (one normal f/1.8, one ultra-wide angle f/2.4) and a 5MP front wide angle camera. Despite the very large screen size, this Android 7.0 smartphone has a relatively small footprint thanks to small bezels. A fingerprint scanner, IP68 water resistance, NFC, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, a microSD card slot and a nano SIM card slot are standard. The US version has wireless charging (both Qi and PMA) and the Korean version has a 32 bit audio DAC but no wireless charging. It has a 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 CPU, 4 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of storage. Sorry, the battery is no longer removable.


Sgt Pepper says:

great phone but they should of priced it lower imo

atengen says:

Is it me, or are those icons off center at the bottom

Jesse Lee says:

it has to be LG best smartphone to date…

iampinoiz says:

please review Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus!

Phoenix Dawn says:

Wish it was AMOLED, I am very interested in Daydream and mobile VR. 🙁

Corinn Heathers says:

no notification LED? no sale.

seriously stupid OEMs, wasting power by turning the whole screen on when you could flash a little RGB LED is just asinine.

noname says:

I so disagree

Sparktan24 says:

one point for slytherin 4:15

Prashant Chaudhary says:

gimme that catttt

MegtaBubble says:

I really liked the back-button only and slightly curved design.

OwlyLife Russel says:

How big is the ‘usable’ display (minus the black borders) if we are consuming a 16:9 content? especially from youtube.

EibonTheWise says:

What a great review. Lisa knows her shit. I’ll probably get the G6 now.

Stony P says:

just right for donald trumps hands

Steven Toni says:

I’m not American or living there but that Verizon logo on the back ! Wow! Lol

Peter Vincent says:

LG took it safe and did it well.

G-user A. says:

girl like always, you Rock!

James Lee says:

they should have put in a Snapdragon 835 and 6 gigs of RAM.

John B. says:

That’s why I love T-Mobile,why they got to put that big Verizon logo right in the middle,they could have put the check under the g6 logo

Ivan Speaks says:

Great little phone! That screen looks absolutely awful though. The color temperature and luminescence looks off. I’ll wait for Samsung explosive presentation tomorrow for the S8!

Andy Turfer says:

Why on earth did LG ditch the IR blaster?

InnerFire6213 says:

unless it’s super cheap, nobody is getting this over an s8

FAUguy23 says:

Can you try to get in the Korean model to compare? More interested in the Quad DAC than wireless charging.

BlazeFalcon says:

I am going to wait for the s8.

Rev0lution says:

Those brandings are ugly as f*** you poor people 🙁

Hell Raiser says:

this phone has half the ram of my computer and more cores lol

awd111980 says:

After watching your review I should have gone with black.

Austin Heffington says:

I have a galaxy s6 and the lg g6 looks like a really awesome phone! but then again the galaxy s8 announcement is tomorrow, I’ll wait to see what samsung has to offer… lg g6 vs. galaxy s8

Piyath Alawatte says:

On US Celluar It’s just $600 I guess..

DJ Everest says:

I thought it supports quick charge 3.0? Vs 2.0. Is it region based?

freddywayne says:

Lisa, please do a review on last years ZTE Axon 7. It is a flagship killer out of China just like the OnePlus 3T.

James Neilson says:

Loved my G2, I may need to try this one.

Tremor Wolfgang says:


Andy Turfer says:

Is this phone DayDream compatible/ready?

jonathan jenkins says:

Amazing coverage as always Lisa! thank you, I’ll be receiving my G6 later today and can’t wait to get it. Coming from the V10 it should be a delight. I ordered the Pixel XL and grew tired of waiting for it to come back in stock. Google was slow on the draw and the water resistant feature really sealed the deal for me.

Brett Johnson says:

Beautiful device but no removable battery and once you put a case on it you will not be looking at that glass back anyhow !Just bought the G5 for my wife and she loves it. Plus it came with a free back up battery with external charger at Best Buy. They have it for $5 a month right now for 24 months that is only $120. I only had to pay $9.90 in taxes to get out of the store with it !

MrUlski says:

I misread the title as “best android phone?” and I kept wondering how come this is the best ever .. figured it out later that it said LG’s best

Bernard Adjodha says:

Thanks for the video. What’s the Korean version model number?

Jay Polo says:

The front of that phone looks sexy as hell the back looks like a galaxy note 5 and 7 but nice Phone

Mr2pint says:

821 processor? that’s so 4 months back, who’s going to tolerate that?

IMarkovic1995 says:

Lisa is the only female YouTuber I am subscribed to.

Rhawi Dantas says:

May I ask what is this mic you are using?

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