LG G6 5.7inch Smartphone – REVIEW

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LG G6 Smartphone Review


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Chris smith says:

$500 here in Washington state.

D _ Bos Sr says:

The South Koreans are SLIPPING….

Scott Belbin says:

welcome back jim! long time no see! oh and super job on the review!

Stego Saurus says:

thought about getting this phone a while back, but found out they only put the HiFi DAC in the international version, so I passed on it and kept my Pixel XL.

Jé Be says:

your editing makes me moist….

Shahbaz Ahmad says:

great camera work, i haven’t seen this high end cinematography before, great reviewer. hands down .

Black White says:

Good review…although it’s coming a little bit too late

Brian Cheng says:

I have this phone and I absolutely love it. The reason why I got this phone was because it was the cheaper alternative to the s8. I would not pay the s8 price for this phone though.

Jayseal ENDURO says:

is it ok if you accidentally submerged on salt water?cause it is ip68?

Gerd Nagelschmied says:

whats about the software?

Goran Petrovic says:

i don’t like and I don’t want glass phones. can someone make a phone like axon 7, fully packed metal phone with good old front stereo speakers? htc should do it, I hope their glass adventure ends with U11 and I hope htc to return from gimmicks, especially in audio terms, to essentials.

Alejandro Sandoval says:

LOVE your reviews!!

Frank Fabian says:

That intro was BOSS.

Kaed Hnatiw says:

does the lg g6 honestly sound better than the htc 10?

Quick feet killer Hart says:

Should I get the Samsung S8 for the iPhone 7 or another phone

Sylvester Lundgren says:

JimsReviewRoom what app you are using for making these awesome videos?

tridib saikia says:

its indeed a great phone

olisacre mihai says:

i want this

Álvaro José Flórez Muñoz says:

Not sponsored my ass.

Ryan Cooper says:

Hi Jim, Great review on the whole.

I think in hindsight it’s unfair to mention that it didn’t have quick charge 4.0 with the negative connotation you placed it with. Hardly any devices with the 835 came/will come with quick charge 4.0. Whether it’s because the extra royalties/licensing fees or because manufacturers are noticing only negligible differences who knows?

If 4.0 were such a game changer that it needed to be mentioned as a missing feature then other phones would be clammering to feature it. This is not the case. The difference between is say a fully charged phone +/- 15 minutes is not a differentiating factor. Sorry but quick charge 3.0 is more than likely serving consumers well for the next 3 years if there are extra costs/manufacturing points to add with 4.0.

Just the 2 cents, you can’t change the footage now but would imagine it doesn’t deserve an outright mention in the next non-4.0 released device.

Thanks again and to repeat I do love the QUALITY and attention to detail of your reviews compared to the more conventional and company related youtube channel reviews.

Thanks from London, UK.

techder audios says:


Marcus Lees says:

what about selfies?

Steven Park says:

I live in Korea so I got the one with the Quad DAC, and it’s a total killer! Much much better than S8 or any other phones.

Guy Davis says:

Jim great video, informative and well done. I had a G4 and now have a Pixel XL. If LG keeps going in this direction I may come back. That G6 looks like a great phone.

Premanath Alegaon says:

Nice review…!

kajal shah says:

Bro you videos are on another level!
Like if you agree

Julio De La Torre says:

Dear God triple A video! Amazing; keep it up!!!

Andrew Burton says:

Another amazing video . Think your doing this review work better than almost everyone !!! well done .
I would prefer this phone to the s8 which looks so breakable !!!

Shane Horne says:

the iPhone 7 has the best speakers

Robert Fussenegger says:

which one do you recommend more the s8 or the s8+?

Miguel Akira says:

The wide angle lens, for me, is a no brainer! A lot more interestig than a telephoto lens

The Genetic freak says:

got mine at t mobile full price 500 bucks.all together 544 bucks out the door.no regrets.have my lg g5 collecting dust.oh well too bad.

still getting used to this slippery kind of phone.I do like the weight and ergonomics of it.the blacks are not that black I noticed and it seems a little bleeding does occur but its not that much of a problem.the g6 camera is way better then the g5.when I had the g4 I loved that camera.the g5 was a let down in my view.

overall I’m pleased.volume for music superior to the g5.g5 was just garbage with audio and headphones.not enough power.g6 is very loud and music seems wide and full.

just ordered some Dr Dre beats pros excited to use them on the g6.

Josiah Chen says:

You’re almost to 300k!! Congrats dude

Sebastian J says:

10 More Bloody Stupid Dislikes And Counting…

Asad - says:

best reviewer

Renzo Gaspary says:

Your videos are getting better and better every time, keep it up. Also, Charlotte represent!

Wolverine Jr. says:

LG = Literally Garbage

Camille Saint-Saëns says:

Nice review, but I still prefer my nubia 🙂

Vintagehorizonsss Tv says:

watching this on my G6

Williamtwentythird says:

At least LG don’t blatantly and savagely STEAL and copy ideas from other companies like SAMDUNG.

Canuck says:

Jim you are taking product reviews to an artform. Not only is your editing brilliant, you provide a ton of great information. Really appreciated the spec and part annotations and the picture comparison with the S8.

Jörgen Nilsson says:

Nice review 🙂 And i think LG has better sound than the S8 to.

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