Lenovo K5 Note Review – Best Budget Smartphone of 2016?

Welcome to my Lenovo K5 Note Review, and it is my Best New Budget Android Phone of 2016: https://goo.gl/GPVLY8

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Bon Tayaben says:

thanks boss., finally! i will choose this over other mid range phone

Derek Davis says:

how does it compare to the motog4, and one plus one or x.

Roxon says:

how the hell is there no snow outside. Where do you live?

Jecho Adrian Ponce says:

how bout a review about lenovo zuk edge or zuk z2/z2 plus/pro

iAesthJDM says:

I have the normal K5 Plus (not Note) and its pretty good

TheCubeLover says:

Is there any other colors?

John Ambooken says:

K 6

XakXakGaming says:

where to buy this phone? there are some pretty sketchy websites out there

Bon Tayaben says:

whch is better in terms of camera redmi note 3 or k5 note?

Adarsha Timsina says:

I love Lenovo

Niko Grbcic says:

I have a question, I’m looking to buy a new phone but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. I’m basically looking for a device that i can take some nice pictures with and listen to music without it being slow or lagging, not gaming or that kind of high performace stuff. Right now I’m looking into four devices; the Lenovo K5 note, Huawei P8, Samsung J3 and the HTC Desire. Is any of them good and if not wich would you recommend? Thank you.

TC: GameInfusion says:

I’m okay with Helio P10 ’cause I’m not really into playing high fps games. It’s even better than my current phone.

Tejas Gaikwad says:

which plane game you play plzz tell me

Vin xcxcxcxc says:

have youe heard about the hyundai aero plus? i heard its a great midrange phone

Seagullian Dave says:

k5 note or zenfone pegasus 3?
thanks in advance:)

X Shadow says:

it was lagging when i was playing asphalt 8 highest graphics

Spzi says:

Any way to get CyanogenMod on this thing? The software is terrible and notifications don’t show up!


anup please do a video on yhe lenovo k6 note when it comes out ! thankyou 🙂

Prathyash Mathew says:

nice review

Caleb Immel says:

Does it have NFC?

Brenton Henry says:

the meizu m1 metal is better trust me

Cassidy says:

2:28 So cute. Haha.

HBT123 says:

What are the names of the games you’re playing?

Neoz Draco says:

Im a Lenovo fan(funny heh), and i think this is the best phone for the money.

Ujjwal Kaushik says:

Try using a redmi note 3(snapdragon 650). It wipes this phone out of the water!

zubair rahman says:

do u like guys arun???

TNT says:

Great Man!!!

ipe butak says:

which one should i buy?redmi note 3 or k5 note?

Michael Aranda says:

Luv the phone…bought it because of this video.

X Shadow says:

why is mine running android 5.0

WindWicker GT says:


Riley Barrad says:

Not bad for $150. Got my Samsung Galaxy J3 (Boost Mobile) for that price but was a very slow phone after a while.

JACMIC23 says:

Does anyone know any other good camera phones at around $100 like this?

Suvinay Bhat says:

I have a Redmi Note 3 and a Vibe K5 Note. After 1 month,the Redmi’s performance got really bad and it’s charger stopped working. The K5 Note still works blazing fast and with its fast charging it’s like a F1 Car

Mr Cương says:

rom english please

vishnu hs says:

Review panasonic eluga tapp

surfie007 says:

Is there a way for me to get the Redmi Note 3 Pro in Australia?

Jason Rao says:

Great video, i’m sure you get this a lot but who’s not whose 🙁

Mohd Ashraf says:

the name of the keyboard ??

Ben Hickz says:

What editing app do you use..?

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