Is The Galaxy Note 9 The Best Smartphone of 2018?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the best smartphone for 2018 or is it just another Note? One thing’s for sure, if you want to Play Fortnite for Android the Note 9 is the place to do it.

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Ong Hend Ley says:

Hey Uncle Loo….hehe
something for u to try out….

I believe the flash light position of Note 9 is not very good…

What I mean here, it flashes the left part brighter compare to the right part of the picture…try out and let us know about it..thanks

Beynon Darley says:

love your style of review. subscribed


Where is ur switch

mahesh verma says:

Where it is workspace in note 9

Technical Dhiman says:

hey hi brother your all video will amzing and superb

Ggie Hames says:

It’s for 9 year olds that want the galaxy skin

What the Sushi says:

And I’m over here still commenting about how bad the camera is (the new mid-range phones are better) The battery (once again some mid-range phones beat it badly) The Charging (Mid-range..) Honestly I feel like this damn phone feels like a goddamn low range phone.. This phone feels like a 150$ phone or lower..

Muhammad Aidil says:

Is there any Note 9 review coming? Like try and switch to it

Johnny Emezie says:

Honestly no iphone user friends has beaten my comback to not having an iphone.
“Bitch i got a pen”

Xu Yiu Lee says:

im from malaysia and my dad bought this at a wholesale place, when he came home i took his phone and played it around and realised its 512gb, so i asked him did he really bought 512gb and he said no, he asked for the 128gb version, we were like damn maybe the salesman made a mistake or something, so i asked my dad how much did u bought it for? and guess what, my dad bought it for rm2999 (around 700+usd which i believe is super cheap considering he got the 512gb version and its a legit ori phone, not an imitation), our thoughts and prayers to the salesman HAHAHAHA

Arbi says:

I got the note 8 about a year ago. Wont be upgrading anytime soon. Unlike Apple, Samsung phones don’t become obsolete due to an update. Forcing you to buy a new phone,

Waleed Taqi says:

You know you should atleast be thankful after the iPhone Xs max is out its not even 1000 dollar’s it’s like 1200 and for the 64 gb only and the 512gb is almost 1500 dollars it’s not expensive it’s toooo much expensive

bbq10 says:


Christopher Chretien says:

I guess this phone is the official Fortnite phone now. My daughter is jumping out of battle busses wearing Galaxy uniforms.

patrick jackson says:

note 9 sounds so much better than the note 8 in this video. i used to like the note 8 but had to get rid of it because the software was just so horrible.

Sarah M says:

Okay great, but how is it that this phone still isn’t compatible with Android Auto?

GalaxyPlayer451 says:

My dad bought me the Note 8 three days before the Note 9 release…

Sikh Atheist says:

I listen to music in my car using the Aux cable (the quality is miles better than bluetooth) and I use the SPen to skip songs instead of fumbling with the phone as I am driving.

You don't know me says:

Shut up and be aware that my Nokia 3310 still rules in 2018, and also 2019 soon…

Fwl Web says:

Huge difference in sound! Wutchutalkinboutwillis?

Default Name says:

how much the samsung pays for such positive review??

Tee Phuu says:

@Unbox therapy what do you end up doing with all the phones you review after using them

mauricio cuellar says:

Stop now . It depends of who uses the phone. I don’t like the note so much but I like the huawei better

Oh Mari says:

I’m only grabbing this if black Friday deals drop it to like at least 40 percent off. I know it’s the best phone out there but it’s only better than the 9+ by a little bit, and the 9+ isn’t gonna cost over a grand. If black Friday or cyber Monday cuts that price then yeah I’ll grab it immediately but if it’s any less than 30 percent off nah I’m not spending that much for a cellphone

S V says:

Playing cumbia in your video lol

Adam Apple says:

why do so many people hate  so much like they have almost the same features and also sell it for a similar price although it’s expensive like wtf it’s like a Samsung S9 with iOS and a notch


Please help us! Thousands of Note 9 owners are complaining about camera issues such as freezing but Samsung doesn’t care at all. It’s been more than 2 months and still, no fix.

Fire Crash says:

Samsung Note 9 isn’t the best 2018 phones. Sony Xperia XZ3 does.

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