Is a $140 Smartphone Stabilizer Worth It? || Zhiyun Smooth Q Review

In this video, I unbox, test out, and review (as usual) the Zhiyun Smooth-Q. Along with all of that, I explain some of the key features that separates this from other handheld smartphone gimbals such as the DJI Osmo Mobile.

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Jayski Real Life says:

Are you going to use that for vlogs?

Carson Miller says:

Sup everyone! For anyone who didn’t see my past livestream…I’m going to start uploading on a different schedule in the next couple of weeks due to school starting back up in a couple weeks. I’ll try to upload 2 times a week but I can only promise 1 video a week. Hope you guys understand and that you enjoyed this video!

Brendan Neilson says:

Cool video

O Colon says:

Can you put a box around a subject and then when the subject comes the Gimbal will follow like the DJI mobile

Milos Minic says:

Great gimbal, but.. .Seems iphone picking the gimbal motors sound in background, but no big deal.

Kevin Angulo says:

Cool !!!

Cameron9999 says:

That’s Cool

Bacon Warrior says:

Do you think you will get a mavic?

Harold Marcial says:

That bug that you mentioned is not an actual bug. That is when you are on following mode(2 clicks). You could only control roll axis on that mode. Great video!

Nick Mclean says:

Carson, it’s been super fun to watch you grow as a YouTuber, I love the videos and currently shoot some of mine with the same one, except I use a 12-60mm for a bit wider of a look. I might message you later on your opinion of some drones I’m looking into.

William Gingerich says:

Why not the osmo

strutting2u says:

its called the osmo bro

Aristotelis Sotirelis says:

your doggo is so cute <3333

stillmangal says:

the “bug” you mentioned is not a actual bug! It’s doing that because of the mode you are in! it’s the second(?) i believe where the gimbel follows every move up/down left/right and in this mode with the stick it makes that movement. but you probably figured it out urself by now. good video i have to say. seems like you watched a lot of youtube videos on it like myself because you where well informed (except the mode thing) but yeah good quality shit here.

Yasir Malik says:

Carson. My dji drone p 3 standard.
Whenever i switch off my dji drone. Gimbles stays in the last position. Earlier it used to be hang/ falls as soon as drone is powered off.
Otherwise everything works fine.
Can u tell what is the problem ?

Tiago Resendes unboxings says:


O Colon says:

Oops sorry didn’t get to the part where you show it

Zach Downey says:

Hi Carson! Did you check to make sure it’s running the most recent firmware?

Chris P says:

Could you do a video about how to do 360 images (Panoramas) on phantom 3 standard

Jason Dounine says:

Nice Tattoo

Lesleigh Watson says:

Love it

Kevin Angulo says:

I’m going to get one!!

Yair says:

You seem very wealthy but you’re not bragging or something. I appreciate that. Nice vids

Jerry Sifuentes says:

Gotta go to work now. I’ll watch later.

Johnny Virga says:

Can u make a short video showing how to attach a dslr?

Joshua Heiden says:

Hey dude, I really love your videos, thank you so much for posting them, they help me a lot. I also have a phantom three standard and I had a few questions about your videos, are you in the DJI affiliate program? And if so are you in the program where they send you new drone the accessories and then you promote them? If so can you give me some details because I’m in the affiliate program but I want to be able to promote their products on YouTube so, please send me some details or respond to this if you can, thanks

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