iPhone Xr vs OnePlus 6 – Best Budget Smartphone?

The iPhone Xr is Apple’s budget option this year for their 2018 phone lineup, but can it compete with the value that the OnePlus 6 offers at $529? It’s going to be freaking epic, let’s get started with this comparison review!


Damian Zwierzchowski says:

Let’s wait with camera comparison…

Luke B says:

I love all your vids

Nidhin Raj says:

Shut-up Dumbass!

Caleb Erickson says:

Sucks that u were banned from livestreaming on youtube…

Alison Upton says:

Did this guy just try and justify the sub 1080p display on this iPhone for $750 are you fucking kidding me ‘the one glaring flaw they both have is no micro SD’ are u taking the piss

Sasha Meow says:

Way to tell someone’s rich they call xr budget

J.J. says:

Xr..budget… Wow!

Yuval Silman says:

The XR has an aluminum around the sides, not stainless steel 1:12

JOSHUA Rodriguez says:

wait until you have the XR in your hands…

SuperCMTR CT says:

The iPhone XR is in no way a budget phone. $749.99 for a phone is to much to be an budget phone.

TwilightGamer64 Minecraft and More says:

Compare the honor play with the pocophone f1

Z Z says:

pocophone and honor play best iphones and budgets of 2018

GT Panda says:

You can get an s9 for cheaper then the xr comon now the xr isn’t a budget phone you should add the s9 and s9+ in here if your considering 750 a budget phone

El Kapitan says:

Where did apple get the 30%???

lino conceicao says:


joeyi0607 says:

Here you go with software. You are seriously a Fanboy. You can not be legit reviewer…

joeyi0607 says:

Ppl should watch this more reputable reviewer https://youtu.be/rpeFbaf6XkM. P

Django Groen says:

They are not budget phones

John Hyde says:

OnePlus 6 will be better than iPhone Xr. But for budget I will be going with Poco from Xiaomi. Even honor play is better.

Mo S says:

I will prefer oneplus 6 by the way 750$ its not a budget device

Rich Cowan says:

Seriously! What a pile of rubbish! How can you compare displays and battery life especially when you haven’t tested them together? And giving the win the the iPhone on battery life! Nothing mentioned about how quick the OnePlus charges… Absolute rubbish

Kevin Drake says:

The XR is made from 7000 series aluminum not stainless steel.

Filip Andersson says:

When did the iPhone XR become “budget”? Have u been smoking?

SUK MIKE HOK l says:

one plus 6= budget flashship killer= iphone xr 720p kills overprice budget kids toy phone

James 007 says:

U r clearly an iPhone fan…. apple was good till 4-5 years back…. Now it just crap phone looting people taking advanatage stupid royalty user…. 326 ppi nowadays in 2018 (lol…which year they are living)… Budgets phone for over 700dollar… Move on …. R stands for Rubbish…. XR stands for Xtra Rubbish….it’s is worth that much … Nahh i won’t pay 400 dollar even for that specs…. Do more research how is battery and camera better… Human cant percieve more than 300 ppi really??? U must be the only YouTuber tech who support iPhone… Move on …

diogo vale says:

Next vid: budget lambos

Alex Chan says:

You are a f*cking apple fan boy and you do reviews… Just say that you like iphones

Croissant says:


Arry joe says:

Disliked and unsubscribed just because of that continuous clickbaits, showing on the thumbnail iphone xr in hand and in video only your bullshit no phone. Your main channel is way better than this. I think u should stick on dropping iphones where u r good at.

Woochan Nou says:

I KNEW everybody in the comments would say “HOW IS THE XR A BUDGETTTTTTT”

dragon says:


GizmoSlipTech says:

OnePlus 6 or iPhone Xr? Which phone would you rep if you could pick? LET ME KNOW!

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Mega-Giveaway is still going on! https://youtu.be/m3ChY7MPYmQ

LegitimateFootball says:

aha budget isnt $750
And just checked its actually $1299AUD
So get ur eyes check because that is no where near “budget”

diogo vale says:

Ahaha “budget”

Crypto News Network says:

you talk about how people cant see the difference in resolution. but i think they are gonna notice it when their youtube video will play at 720p…. apple sellout get out

Quiang Lee says:

Aluminium border*


How is 750$ budget?

A B says:

Why don’t you wait until you have the phones in your hands….

Brian Harkin says:

For a special feature you also forgot dash charging for the oneplus 6.

Jbreez says:

I’m sorry at $750 it is hard to call the Xr budget phone. Yes it is much cheaper than the other flagship devices but there are much better options out there. It really depends on what features are most important to the user. If you don’t care about screen resolution and you have a couple hundred dollars more to spend then more power to you. I’m not biased to Apple or Android as a user of both but I have to give to the OnePlus 6.

T_lo_518 says:

Why is this a video? Comparing a phone that is out and a phone you’re theorizing about…it doesn’t make much sense.

Would be better if both phones were actually used and compared. Not just theoretical comparisons.

Jaythen S says:

What about the oneplus 6t

Crusader says:

See i know OnePlus is better deal but im done with Android; switching to iphone.

David Yoho says:

I agree with most of what you said ..except for design the bottom bezel gets cancelled out because of the huge notch the 10 R has…and you got a better body to screen ratio because of the smaller notch… Design.. So I’d say it’s a tie But that’s my opinion There both great phones in there own ways . Because of the price difference and the screen technology l would give the better *Budget* Smart phone win to the 6

MetroxFX says:

You talk so much bullshit in this Video. Anyone can feel that you are on Apple’s Site.
Performance is better as on the OP6? You never tested the iPhone Xr. I promise you that the iPhone will lose in a site by site speedtest.

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