Huawei P20 Lite Review – The best Budget Smartphone 2018 ?!

The Huawei P20 Review is here ! and yes.. with notch ! Huawei P20 Lite case: *
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The next-generation handset – believed to be named OnePlus 6 – will be powered by the top-of-the-range Qualcomm SnapDragon 845, OnePlus has confirmed. Elsewhere, OnePlus 6 looks set to follow a growing trend amongst Android smartphone manufacturers and incorporate an iPhone X-style notch into the edge-to-edge display.
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Dan RC says:

There are 2 areas where this is BETTER than the P20 pro – Correct fingerprint reader placement and a headphone socket.
These are MAJOR disappointments of the pro, AND obviously the unfortunate NOTCH’s.

Ahmad Zafar says:

Played it well man..

ifzaal baig says:

Its nevigation keys are hideable or not as in p20pro.?
And does it has microsoft translator bulit in it like in mate10 pro .

ARUN U says:

this phone have a home screen sensor..??

jaymc1987in says:

Whats the song called please

Muhammad Ishaq says:

Please tell me this mobile price in us dollers

Propagandapanda says:

P20 lite or samsung a8?

Fruitarian says:

Nova 3e looks way much better

Nothing says:

Is it worth upgrading from p9 lite to this?

DSLR Beginner says:

3000MAH is a HUGE battery you say? Wtf is wrong with you?

Muhammad Wajahat Tauseef says:

Please give the battery review of Huawei p 20 lite
Charging time and discharging time

Šarūnas says:

BEST Huawey :ppp

Andrei says:

Those selfies are terrible

Samir Lăcătușu' says:

I’ll stick with my p10 lite

Aqeel Ahmed says:

You broke the glass too Early

Jan winkelmann says:

It actually has dual sim. But great review otherwise.

Dimas Aprillian says:

can you compare with vivo V9, sir?

alymuni says:

Do you know you can remove the notch 🙂

Paul Curipoma says:

iPhone X? You are idiot the first phone with notch is the essencial phone

Naga SM says:

64GB ”ROM” :’D Its 64GB Storage, ROM is a totally different thing

Samir Lăcătușu' says:

Smells like a copy

Jas says:

This phone is not worth it tbhc. Huawei is throwing Kirin 659 on their every midrange devices. Now you can get the Honor 7X for a much cheaper price with basically the same specs

Gábor B says:

Is the 3000 mAh battery a bit small for today’s phone?

Suresh Kumar Limbu says:

Huaewi phone very good design

Riste Dervišov says:

Garbage phone…still 1080p no ip68… garbage…

Isetari says:

Quick charging at 9 Volt? How comes that? USB delivers 5 Volt only.

naseeb khaan says:

hi can you tell me about mi max2

Stephen w says:

whether or not, it does not a cesture ccontrol which like a Nokia

WarriorJ Dallas says:

It has a headphone jack people!!!!!

Chiclone- Tests says:

I hope that iphone-copy-wave is over soon!

Robbin Pomo says:

any EIS or OIS..?

MO Concepts says:

he should add in that intro:an excellent iPhone X ripoff!

Jayson King says:

can anyone please confirm the slow motion fps and resolution….?? thanks

lourimi nidhal says:

next time turno off beauty mode before taking selfie -_-
you look like robot with artificial skin

guannan meng says:

Why is the cover is surface

Sohaib Khan says:

You can hide that notch by the software there’s an option in the settings, the notch area will become black & it does look perfect like there’s no notch in P20 Lite, P20 & P20 Pro, atleast Huawei gave the option to their users that who prefers what

عبدالرحمن علي says:

you play PUBG on low or high and have you get any lag ?

Laser lock says:

Which phone would be the best at 400 euros? I want solid battery life and long software support, with the ability to run custom roms when the support ends. A good camera would be a big plus.I have been looking at the LG G6, P20 Lite, Nokia 7 plus and the cheaper P Smart.

Angelin says:

I have huawei p10 lite. I think I will change next year

Sheikh Suleiman says:

That intro of the phone alone made me like the video. Good work

Marlon Orjaliza says:

Is the glass is gorilla glass

Nigel Manson says:

p20 lite is already cracked? 1:13

Jahirul Islam Ronex says:

pls do a huawei y9 2018 review.

King Of Kings says:

At least minimize the chin like the X.

blackheart004 says:

“Budget smartphone”?! At 370EUR? With the same level of performance as a 230EUR P10 Lite?

F**k off, Huawei.

Also downrated this video because of the title. This is NOT a budget smartphone, considering you can get the same performance at 100-150 EUR less from Huawei themselves and other manufacturers, like Xiaomi or Lenovo/Moto.

Gyurci Kkk says:

Mi6 or Oneplus 5 is better

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