Huawei Mate 9 Review – The Best Smartphone 2016 ?!

Here comes our Huawei Mate 9 Review – Get the Mate 9 or Huawei P9 Plus here: * Seems to be on the best smartphones 2016. We will soon try to get the porsche design of the Mate 9 !
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The Mate 9 is designed to be Huawei’s big push into the premium mobile market dominated by Samsung and Apple. The company has said it wants to become the world’s largest smartphone maker within five years. But it’s going to be tough getting there.

Huawei is looking to grow globally as it faces increasing headwinds in its domestic market. Earlier this year, it stole first place in China’s hyper-competitive smartphone market from Xiaomi.

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Larry Macandog says:

your now Retiring your P9+… can ihave that as my new Year wish… hahahah.. pls. pls.. Thank You…… more power..

WGACA says:

If you launch a phone all the way at the end of the year, you’ve lost the right to be called best phone for that year imo.

And no, best phone of 2016 is S7 Edge Exynos, by far.

R. Kaya says:

The best xiaomi mi mix

can'o beans says:

I am typing with the mate 9

anthonio siezar says:

im not sure about this celphone regsrding to performance the mate 7 suffer of microlags whule you are playing

logelamutp says:

german accent

TimePASS Now says:

The only Beast on this planet “Grandpa NOKIA 3310”

Isidro Dos Santos Rodrigues says:

Hi friends,
This Smartphone is fake. Check it on

Sam Adams says:

oh my! Sorry, what were you saying?

King ARkaMAni says:

you stupid people don’t look for numbers only , in this cases do a realtime comparrison , this still can not overcome the GS7 at all.

Afnan Alhalabi says:

Is it better than iphone 6s plus ??

Padie Mwangi says:

Mate 9 shipment due to arrive in Nairobi, Kenya on the 6th. Pre-orders include a bundled B3 talkband. I don’t do samsung or apple.

pov qaib dib says:

is it water resistance???

VortexHDGaming says:

I want that phone soo much

lobate diop says:

Very nice video…thanks.

Randy W Horton says:

It’s a great phone!

King Reef says:

is huawei gonna destroy apple and samsung?

Adrian Smeds says:

is it water resistant?

darwin Limpiada says:

Very good review! Keep it up! Can I make I request? I am loving this huawei mate 9. Can you make a video like tips and tricks?

ghost says:

I thought Germans only used iPhones

GamesForAllTV says:

mate 9 or s7edge?

Angel_Peguero says:

once the galaxy s8 comes out this phone will be forgotten

Goutham says:

does it come with the screen protector?

4s4t3 says:

If only this Huawei Mate 9 put front facing speaker and a decent DAC.. I will be definitely sold..

Craig Goslan says:

Excellent English Mate =)

Oscar Savage says:

Huawei always does a great job with their phones in my opinion. They did really good with my Nexus 6P and their own phones seem amazing.

cutest bunny says:

cool phone

Sorin Mihai Purcarea says:

Hi guys! Can you tell me if it has Romanian language preinstalled?
Thanks a lot and congratulations for the review.
Mate 9 rules!

Erika Schiegg says:

I love German men. tech magnet you’re hot.

Peter Trần says:

thank you so much for your stunning review of my new & very first Huawei mate 9.

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