Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review – The Most Innovative Smartphone of 2018?

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review – The Most Innovative Smartphone of 2018?
This may be one of the most complete smartphones of 2018.
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sachin parihar says:

For that price is worth buying it rather than buying iPhone xs

alon cohen says:

Your reviews are the most enjoyble to watch ! You cover all aspects in the most elegant propesional way thank you!

OhTwoLumia says:

Most innovative smartphone? NO
* cheat on benchmarks (and its proven!)
* phone will be obsolete ( no updates ) in less than 3 years
* charging premium for an iOS knockoff theme

EUJT GM says:


Md Rahman says:

I would say that the smartphone of 2018 crown is in between the huawei mate 20 pro and note 9.

Barry Panaretou says:

Gr8 review dude very well put together with detailed analysis!
I am looking forward to upgrading my mate 10 pro for this beast! Huawei have the best batteries….. Period!

Jada Antoniou says:

He is the first person I’ve seen to test the water resistance

K J says:

12:48 not optimized when you play pubg? the notch cuts off part of the game but on the right side theres a black bar

Wensi Lee says:

Thanks! Hope I can buy it soon in US.

Chris Pawlitsky says:

Thanks man, looks like my next phone after a lifetime of Blackberrys!

TheSmythTymlins FamilyAccount says:

Wait a second i feel like the price is gonna be like 1200

Chengao Hou says:

This definitely gonna be my next phone. From a iPhone 7p user. Lol

chilakapati manoj says:

Keep it up bro❤️

Martin K says:

Outstanding review, thank u for takin ur time 🙂

Michael Rebong says:

What’s so arguable about low light result? Only p20 can even compare

Jfaferrie Music says:

Watching this on my P20 Pro

Arnt Petter Andersen says:

Haha… you must be joking? High Resolutions images on facebook? – That’ll be the day…. 🙂 -but nice review/video nevertheless 🙂 -AP

xoloth says:

Waouh !Is it the first phone with in display finger print scanning ? Truly amazing phone. How my next phone. Thanks for the great review.

ParadoX GaminG says:

Looks like Samsung S9+ by design(without notch) ,except that camera square 🙂

Yizhou Wang says:

It’s not WaWei.


Mine comes Friday, wheyyyyy! Bye bye iPhone!

Mike Surong says:

Linus don’t you think this would be the perfect phone in 2018 if it only has a headphone jack

True Tech Reviews says:

£899 here in the UK I got myself one and it’s coming on Friday. Can’t wait. Great video, one of the most in depth videos for this phone. Keep up the great work

bisthi mohd sajeed says:

very good review but very expensive i can’t afford it thank you

Jon Snow says:

A copy of s9 plus with an ugly notch but its a good phone..

Igor Pilepic says:

Great review! Nice job!

Minh Pham says:

I tried the Mate 20 Pro in store today. The loud speakers are not as loud as my S9+, and when plugging in it loses half the volume.

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