Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review – The BEST Smartphone 2018!

The new Huawei Mate 20 pro review is here ! This is definitly the best android 9 Smartphone 2018 !
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gooldii1 says:

The “Deutsch” Accent!! Hahaha!!

TechMagnet says:

Little correction on the camera modules as the early spec sheet I got from Huawei was wrong. No monochrome, but there is still a pretty decent monochrome mode. Couldn’t spot a difference in other modes which could be effected by a missing monochrome sensor. 3x optical zoom is now supported in raw mode. 5x hybrid zoom not.

David Olsson says:

How can every channel miss its 3D scanning feature??

jat dan says:

I like your VDO, mate 20 is my choice except memory size to small as 128 go

shishen shi says:

Definitely buy it. Even it is expense, so many technology include in this phone. I think it worth it.

8balldave3 says:

I just pre ordered the mate 20 pro and I can’t wait to use it and funny I’m currently using a Lg g6 love those wide angle camera’s .

Pavle Ristovski says:

Curved glass screen should be big no no !!!!
Huawei mate 20 pro I will have to pass only because of that.
They shot themselves in the leg with the curved screen !!!!!
I don’t mind the price if I want something and I wanted the mate 20 pro but no.
I will gladly buy the mate 20 x as I know there is a mate 20 x if I am wrong sorry but if that device has straight screen I will buy it.
I said bye bye to Samsung when I was pressured to buy s7 edge.
Who in the world wants a curved screen on the phone lol ???
I don’t ask the insane trendy fan boy type of people.

Yasser Habib says:

I would like to talk about pixel 3xl

Peter Murray says:

pre ordered mine yesterday…..roll on next week for delivery

vibzz69 says:

5:19 Hmmm not true it takes well over an hour for full charge all other test reviews shows that

Malhaar Punjabi says:

nice review video… I have same opinion on curved screen…looks like exactly Samsung phone… I would have preferred Nokia Flagship like Nokia 9, but they haven’t launched anything yet.


Thanks for the revierw with tons of valueable info! Love it! I am gonna get the pro version 8G+128G from mainland China, probably $1200CAD but still a lot cheaper than Europe. Huawei really has a lot of surprises (good ones, lol) when it releases new flagships. Ultra wide angle lens, reverse charging, supercharging, 40MP lens, object modelling, in screen fp sensor, OMG, that’s a lot more worth to get compared with iPhone with more expensive price. The only thing I am worried about is the screen cover for the curved screen. However, I DO believe that Chinese accessories probably will make the curved glass screen protector for this amazing phone, LMAO. Everyone knows they make everything…..

Cubamus Prime says:

What a dumb idea to use the USB port as a speaker. So when I’m charging my phone the speaker sounds muffled

Saurabh Warudkar says:

Compared to Apple its still cheaper.
I mean better camera , battery , screen, in-display fingerprint scanner, faster wireless charging.
It’s got everything.
And compared to Apple it looks more premium. Apple just does the same stuff each year.
I mean this is more of a value for money than the IPHONE Xs and Xs Max.

QuhEsGe_Nub says:

Ich dachte schon du fahrst mit dem Handy Black Mamba, aber ein super Handy auf jeden Fall das wird vlt. mein nächstes 😀

Jifflan says:

Dual sim, is it dual nano SIM?

Iain Gold says:

Great video, nice real world shooting in places you may actually want to take pics and Vids. Probably the most informative m20pro video maybe even any phone. Loved your specific battery use as I always feel reviewers generalise too much. I’ve not watched any of yours before but instantly subscribed top job.

Max says:


Ryon says:

2018 Apple = 2009 Nokia
2018 Huawei = 2009 Apple

Sri Lanka says:

Hello and thank you for the review. I have preordered the phone last week. I would like to ask if you could show how the Kindle App looks on the phone. How does text look, does it take advantage of the full screen? Also, if you have some macro photos taken by the Mate 20 Pro, that would be amazing. Have a great weekend.

Karthik Jayashankar says:

There is no doubt that Hauwei has nailed it with this phone as far as innovation is concerned, but the price tag is killing. I am really torn between the Mate 20 Pro (with all the new tech and esp. the new camera set up – 128 GB) and the Note 9 (S Pen, notch-less, and a very good camera – 128 GB). Which one should it be as the price difference between the two is significant? Thanks!

Cubamus Prime says:

Samsung is gonna do a 3 sensor or maybe even four with Galaxy S10. Wide angle included. LG demise is coming.

jaherrick says:

Already pre ordered mine. Getting a free Watch GT and wireless charger. I’m
Never going back to Apple again

Eduardo Rodrigues says:

Got one pre-order… got the blue one… in the store i saw the blue and the black one (no twiling) and the black looks awafaul with the excess of fingerprints that he got… the blue one looks the best

tom tom says:


Big Boss says:

Huawei is killing Samsung and Apple in innovation dept. If only Huawei will come out with their own digital assistant..

brakasoft says:

Na, wäre dir schlecht geworden, hättest gleich die slowmo testen können 😉 Guter Test, unaufdringlich und informativ

Lovely Hip Hop says:

Not the first Hauwei with an in screen finger print sensor the hauwei mate RS had one too…

Vincent says:

So weaker speaker and no wired headphone when charging the Mate 20 Pro…

Chris Winterburn says:

What’s the sound like through earphones/headphones?

I’m getting it because it’s an interesting phone. Unlike most phones it’s giving something different.

ExtremelySkilledGamer says:

Is the speaker worse than the P20 Pro?

Marco Cavadini says:

Oh welch Wunder ist geschehen!!! Endlich mal ein wirklich hochprofessioneller Hands-On Bericht, der schon nach einer Auszeichnung verlangt! Nach all den teils erbärmlichen “Hands-OIn” Video auf Youtube, ist dieser Bericht vin TechMagnet ERSTE KLASSE! WEITER SO!!!

Arachnophilia says:

I’d say the mate 20 or the X the ones to go for. I don’t care much for the new tech fingerprint sensor. Surely that’s a hike in the price?

Peizxcv says:

Make Mate 20 X IP68, 6/8GB RAM, 256GB storage and works on CDMA carrier and you got a sale. €900 for no IP is ridiculous.

Bilal Eter says:

Just wait for the s10

Teo Liang Jin says:

Like my comment

Andrew Zhao says:

Just before any phones camera could begin to catch up to the p20 pro, Huawei just destroyed them with this

Ahmad Adham Naufal says:

Great review. I have the Mate 10. Still rocking it. The Mate 20’s series are totally beasts. If I had the money, Mate 20 X will be my choice. 😀

muhammad amirul asyraf says:

When its charging, the sound looks ok or not

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