Huawei Mate 20 Lite Review – The BEST Budget Smartphone 2018 !?

The Huawei Mate 20 Lite Review is here ! and yes.. with notch ! Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review coming soon !
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Hassan AhMAD says:

Poco f1 ftw #pocoloco

Nithesh Mohun says:

Does the phone support projection via its USB type C similar to the mate 10 pro


Stephen and Linus are most excellent reviewer

Debashish Datta says:

Huawei is making good looking phone continuously

GamerOfMobile says:

How much

Amel Keranovic says:

Cant wait for the pro version

Bettina Pálfi says:

wooow a new video again, you are crazy!!

George Osboon says:

Is this coming to England?

Zubair Ahmad says:

Wow first review I see of mate 20 lite

Мяукот says:

When will the phone be available for purchase ?

Flo Kaheli says:

What a sick dude. Isn’t that Fabio Wibmer and Elias Schwärzler Sick Series cap? Can I have one too?

Lelouch V Britannia says:

6:05 ,u r saying that she is a kid.
btw who is she?

portedbikes says:

Yet… another IPhone X look alike… what happend to Android manufacturers? They lost their boldness and settle for copying the worst of Apple? Screw this 2018 lineup, nobody that is an Android hardcore user should buy those POS phones, they make us look like retards.

antonwearsakilt says:

Yeah that’s what I want to do buy something that supports the Communist Party of China not.
I will buy Samsung and that’s about it. Apple is now a Chinese owned company and comes with all the spyware that the Communist’s want. Google is moving to China and adopting it’s Social Credit scoring system. Internet Bill of Rights now.

Hicham Gouchida says:

Give Me The Phone After Review . Please

ネーナ・トリニティ says:

I will wait for a honor with this Kirin! :3

Budget Bucket List Cars And Bikes says:

Looks like I might be buying another Huawei then 🙂 any idea on release dates Stefan?

Telering Dataspesialisten says:

What SoC does this magical unicorn have? OwO

Grumpy Robin says:

My Mother uses a P9 Lite and the navigation is noticeably not as snappy as on my iPhone 7. However my iPhone gets the compass orientation very wrong before I start moving. So I am confused with what good navigation on a phone should really be, can anyone show me please?

Akhyar Rayhka says:

Introduction with key Spec This guy is brilliant

Mohamed Nejib says:

Finally,a review in english,Damn,Great video man and i don’t say that often,actually not at all,you are the first.

DaCuS 93 says:

Nice review.The phone looks like Mate 10 Pro Porsche Edition from the back.In 2018 budget phones are flagships from 3-4 years ago.

bjay dy says:

Did u just compare the camera of mate 20 lite to P20 pro? Bruh….

Monchito Pro TV says:

What about the kirin 710 do you notice a difference ? And wat abouth the Huawei histen audio ? Does reconr gpu turbo

arun khadka says:

where did you buy this one?

Bordnick Gold says:

Intro with specs magical editing extremely crispy.

Richard McClure says:

OMG I love your hat! Sick! I gotta get myself one of those!

Kiro Ro says:

Is this going to be available in the Philippines?

paft says:

All these new android phones with notches look like the iPhone 10.

Carmen Minichberger says:


Abdullah Maroof says:

Are u not gonna meet the Xpeeia xz3???

Markus Haier says:

First first first.

Lennart says:

Answer: No

TechLineHD says:

Hi bro, your camera quality has improved a lot. I love blurred background bro. Now heal my broken leg with that blur.

Salifrt Salifrt says:


IU shiii says:

2:53, my feeling right now. I needa save money to buy a new phone.

Nick Richards says:

I am deciding if I want to buy the P20 lite or the Mate 20 Lite. Is this worth ~£100 more?

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