Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review – The best Smartphone 2017 ?!

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review is here ! Hands down, this is the smartphone I was waiting for. Definitly one of the best phones 2017.
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JZ VR says:

Hands down best phone of the year, gorgeous, intelligent and powerful.

SkepTech.TV says:

Awesome review. One of the best for the Mate 10 Pro I’ve seen so far. And that intro was magic, man! Great job!!

Majster Wihajster says:

very nicely done video.
im surprised that you only have over 250 000 subs

ad44891 says:

no it’s not ..watching on my note 8 haha

Geric John Olivar says:

S8 is still my bae.

Joab reuben says:


Shadow_warlockGR says:

So this is my biggest problem with this phone. How does it’s audio capacity compare to other phones on the market? Is it improved from the p10 and mate 9? Should I get the s8 or the mate 10 pro if I’m looking for good headphone support?

Senk Ju says:

Do you have a discord server? Just asking.

completeGamer007 says:

Do u think the lower res screen is a huge factor

Hélder Saraiva says:

Hi does it have 2 speakers (stereo) like the Mate 9?

ian twy says:

If the iphone 8 design was like that instead of that ugly iphone x, apple would have done a huge leap in their history of phone design. But knowing apple, they cant do such a beautiful design lol

DarwinBlaine says:

What about features? Does it have always on display or led like the mate 9 for notifications? Double tap to wake, any more knuckle gestures? Come ooooonnn…i need to know 😀

J Law says:

i’m just surprise they did not use a 2k screen on the pro model. I wonder if it is acceptable at that size?

Shubham Kumar Singh says:

good detailed review man…
the phone almost seem to blend with the grass and leaves in the background…
looked dope to me

D2daK87 says:

This looked promising for my next phone until he said it doesn’t have a 3.5mm output. I immediately wrote this and stopped watching. Fuck you Huawei.

Zony Yu says:

Huawei claims to be the first to mobile AI. Apple and Google laughs backstage. Samsung takes notes. Sony falls asleep during the keynote.

IvanChin97 says:

As soon as 5T come to market u will doubt it

Kylan Lim says:

Speed Test please =)

B Adjodha says:

You said the sound quality was good. It is on par with the premium audio as on the LG V30?

Nasa Naz says:

Nice lips

wakeupnow says:

smart photo mode? AI? Sony xperia phones has been doing that for the past 3 years no?

zaky 1970 says:

This phone can install 2 same apps like whatapps ?


Hi TechMagnet or anyone who can clear my queries, I know that you can’t charge the phone in desktop mode if plugged with a USB C to HDMI cable but if you plug in a USB C dock or hub will I be able to charge the phone? I’m thinking of using this phone for home use so I don’t have to on my computer all the time. Thanks!


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sham sunder says:

Impressed with ur review !!!

Vince Wang says:

nice review, time to subscribe.

Sebastian Tan says:

P9 Plus is the first flagship to use OLED..

GBProducts Shop says:

Product link (buy here)

Sebastian J says:

13 More Bloody Idiot Morons Dislikes And Counting…

Sebastian J says:

It Rather Ironic It’s Called Mate 10 PRO…Yet It Has No Micro SD Card Slot…

Mech Rey says:

wow awesome vids man. hope more vids for the mate 10 and tech in the future

Better For You says:

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Mohamed TOUFIQ says:

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Skyress Masquerade says:

will emui desktop come with kirin 960 devices like p10, mate 9, h8p, h9?

Jonathan Suniga says:

the non pro is the better choice tbh.

Tazboy says:

Nice intro

Rici Mukriadi says:

Excuse …oled or amoled at the screen sir..?

Muzahidul Islam Babu says:

Your cats are super cool just as mine )

Matthew Thomas says:

Do you get 4g with t-mobile?

Technology King says:

You can get the Huawei Mate 10 Pro Porsche Design here:

McDoodle44 says:

Great review, buddy! Also can you tell us where you got that led light panels on your wall? They look gorgeous

Zeg Zezon says:

Love to have One or 10, if possible! Lolz 🙂

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