HTC U11 Review – The Best Smartphone of 2017 ?!

The HTC U11 review is here ! And I’m mind blown.. This smartphone has the best camera in 2017 ! more here: and here:
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William Chen says:

HTC U11 is truly an amazing phone given that their R&D, marketing budget and company size is much smaller than other competitors.

Jame's Ken says:

Why not just include two USB C port^.^ Top for future earphone and bottom for charging!

Chan Hoi Chun says:

HTC U11 is the best smartphone ever.

cyndinn says:

Nice video

Zhaoyuan GUO says:

Just curies, will the 6g ram kill more buttery life then 4g ram model?

wilson ndebay says:

awesome. really enjoyed your review. you covered all the major areas. I’m waiting for my own to be delivered

Mirze Huseynzade says:

yes Htc is better phone ever

J TheAndroidFreak says:

Great review mate. The Stablisation was definitely bad at 4K and much better at 1080P. Pixel in my opinion beats the video Stablisation but apart from that the phone looks awesome.

TSM- Series says:

Great review bro

Carjon Deng says:

Your video is awesome, and the U11 is beautiful

Robert Clark says:

Ah nice. My 3t matches the iPhone 7 at 172 000 Antutu since last months update. before that it was measly 142. lol

7620313 says:

no headphone jack?

frank mckitchen says:

Hi just wondering the best micro sd card available for external storage right now_ also what is the difference between micro sd HC and XC?. Will a Samsung card work with this phone?

Maximilan Williams says:

Nothing smooth about that 4k. Details yes but smoothness noo

WhamOvision247 says:

do they have their own music player?

Emmanuel Nyavor says:

Let’s all recommend this phone to people we know and show them videos like these to convince them.

TechMagnet says:

Hey guys, here is my written review with sample pics : Thank you so much for checking it out 🙂

Duncan AK says:

HTC U 11 is available in 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage .. but only for Middle East version ..
You can check GSMAREANA to check that ..

Nishant Peter says:

The review . Awesome .
Still htc needs to work on display it is now bright but still reflects and can’t get too dim in night as sony lcd and samsung amoled .

Riyan Javed says:

best smart phone with great feature and camera specs love htc

Adil Alkanzy says:

There’s 6 gig of ram, 128gb version.

dhivan shah says:

what app are you using to show the charging speeds?

udofroelich12 says:

You prefer it over the p10 plus? Camera battery performance etc?

TSM- Series says:

I think It is the best phone of the year..

Daniel McDavid says:

can you please review more China phones?

Kendric thegamer says:

Who is copping tho lmk

Big Boss says:

Already got it, it looks amazing and the camera is superb.

Aaron Christian Lim says:

What’s the best color????

Adil Alkanzy says:

Why video is noisy!

Rohan S says:

Superb review..!

Miguel Angel says:

overrated review with a vacations on the back. This smells to sponsored video to me!

Landon Goff says:

This is how you do a review. Don’t just tell us the speakers and the camera are great, show us! And you did.

Not only did you give us a nice speaker sample, the video recording samples were much appreciated and well fleshed out and explained. Not enough reviewers go into this kind of depth, or even bother with sophisticated sample footage. So many just expect the viewer to simply take their word for it.

It is far more convincing to the viewer/consumer to actually hear/see the evidence for themselves. And for that reason alone…

Thank you!

The rest of the review was also great.

indigoal3n says:

Wow you got some amazing shots of the phone, it looks so damn deliscious! You guys are pretty hot couple too 😛 Your review camera is frikin amazing! The phone looks so stunning!

Kevin Brown says:

Great vid my friend, you & you’re girlfriend make a lovely couple, htc have excelled themselves with this phone,

Nada Mohamed says:

Awesome review! I watched a lot of videos and they were just saying the specs that I can easily get from any website.
You’re different, keep up the good work!

zhiarw says:

good review ,i liked how you chose an open space instead a room to shoot the video.

Sharmila J says:

why is the video shaky no image stabilization?

Great Gatsby says:

HTC has finally made a great camera. Those lowlight shots are impressive!

JurisKankalis says:

Turns out German girls CAN smile! Great review.

Trevor Beckett says:

Great video, beautifully shot and edited. SUBSCRIBED!

F B says:

Hi, nice review. One thing I want to point out. Image stabilisation is clearly better with 1080p. It is buttery smooth with 1080p. I immidiately noticed a difference in your video. It looks like 1080p is using ois + eis combo but 4K ois only. But its fine for me. 1080p is still plenty sharp and I only saw that buttery smooth video stabilisation in Google Pixel.

Nirav Makadia says:

bezels in 2017? cannot be best

Bryan Hall says:

#Best phone so far in 2017 to me. Comes with the complete package and everything I need. Rip Samsung you tried but design alone doesn’t cut. Loving the htc design colors it looks amazing and the screen looks very impressive. I am definitely upgrading my htc 10 no doubts.

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