Honor 9 Review – The Best 400$ Flagship Smartphone 2017 ?

Honor 9 Case Here: http://amzn.to/2t6T4Xv * The Honor 9 is a 5.15-inch screened smartphone with a stunning curved glass back, a respectable spec-sheet and a competitive price.
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AZiZ says:

I think honor 8 is better than this

NCS Sounds says:

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Joshua Manu says:

Great vid! I can get the p10 and the Honor 9 for about the same price where I live, which phone do you think is best when the price is not considered?

WestonBVB says:

So it wouldn’t be a shame to buy the Honor 8 instead of the 9?

AMPyro says:

damn fone is 500 usd and for me it doesn’t worth it because 5,15 inch is BS, all phones should be 5,5 so I can see more content, the shiny glass thing is just to take your eyes from flaws like small battery ( at least 3500 redmi 4 has 5 inches and 4100) this is 2017 FFS , I heard a lot of money from the cost of smartphone goes into development team including design but mofos there keep the same shit year after year unless they are from Samsung or LG or Xiaomi with the MIx fone

Vadim Osovski says:

Prepare to hate software updates. Honor 8 owner.

Tushar Bose says:

So which should I buy honor 8 pro or honor 9 ?

Rodrick Explores says:

great video man!

Simion Florin says:

Too bad that SOC ia a power hog.

Zeekeee - xZekePvP says:

first xD

Rena Chan says:

I have a recommendation on the audio quality.

Everybody talk about the speakers, but they all forget headphone output quality.

Kirin based Huawei phones always suffered from signal to noise ratio, skyhigh crosstalk, mediocre amplifier, all that resulting in a mushed, quite and noisy sound.

There’s no need for frequency response test, or other analytics, just plug a nice headphone and compare to something better like the v20 or the industry standard of good enough like the iPhone 7

SupLeon says:

Fuck your phone u homeless shelter

ChrisViral says:

Epic phone review combined with motovloggin? Just perfect <3

Markus Haier says:

beautiful but useless

Thomas M says:

I was on Volt on Saturday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carmen Minichberger says:

Best review I’ve seen about that phone. Loved the camera samples on the festival

Smart Music says:

dope! If you need any free music for your content, come to my page

Kid Dynamite says:

lg g6>honor 9

Melky Lima says:

gostei mais da camera do Honor 8 Pro…
faz um review do Nubia Z17..

Nafis iqbal says:

Love this phone.
Huawei’s designs are really beautiful.

Apple El says:

why is the video is so shaky?!

Fred Man says:

man you have nothing to make video so you back to Honor 9.

make a video critise oneplus company why they copy Oppo R11

Doorgesh Goorah says:


Florence Ilao says:

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raj rajah says:

give the link to buy 400

grrr 。 says:

What comes after 8? Nine.

Anandhu Kollam says:

great review ….
luv honor 9

Umihito says:

Awesome review of an awesome phone 😉

herman stokbrood says:

Now because of the LCD panel and 5.2″ it can’t compete with the OP5.

Lars loves Tech says:

stefan…the audio quality needs tweaking way too much bass in there….great review though…have always been impressed with honor phones ever since i had the honor 7 was just an alround awesome device…same with the huawei P9 i loved the camera on that phone

TechLineHD says:

this is a super awesome phone. Steven is a good guy too.

RUS says:

Seems to be a great phone overall but the portrait mode does not seem the best compared to the Mi6 and Nubia Z17.

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