Honor 8X Review – The $200 Smartphone Beast???

Could the Honor 8X be the best budget phone for $200. It has half decent specs and a 6.5″ display. Curious what other phones can compete with this guy for this price range.

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OZnek Tv says:

Like the honor 8x, i hope to have it soon

Rochel Davide says:

My favourite about this phone is the quality.Because Honor 8X feels premium thanks to its metal frame and 2.5D glass on the front and back. I also noticed a dual tone color at the back by the cameras that stretches from the top and bottom, similar to what Huawei did to the Mate 10 series. It’s actually a cool design and makes the device look more sophisticated. The only downside here is it’s prone to smudges and fingerprints, so I am hoping that Honor includes a jelly case in the package.Moreover this $200 phone is humongous to the midrange segment of smartphone by 2018.

André Diogo says:

91% screen to body ratio is insane!

suave_gaming says:

what…. up to this point, the only good thing I heard about this phone is it is capable of getting some insane low light images. There is a feature in the phone where it will take different pictures at different exposures to provide best possible output in low light situations.

Abu Zafar says:

The AI camera features with beautiful reproduce at this price is still appealing. Also the look and colors of this Honor 8X is stunning. WIsh to win with you Conard, and I have family in USA, so hope I am eligible for this #Giveaway!

Nick Denson says:

Haha, I still don’t have any gadgets with USB type-c. Favorite feature is definitely that screen! Love these budget phones. Thanks for the video man.

Vijay Rama Durga Prasad Gorli says:

91% screen to body ratio makes it killer in that budget

Diego D. Monti says:

Really nice. The best is its looks, for that price. Waitin for it.

Javier peña says:

My favourite it’s the design!!

Isabelle M says:

I love the actual look of the phone, it kinda looks like an iPhone X and other edge to edge phones!

VE Gaming says:

Give me the Phone, I’ll be waiting. Haha

osepvelasquez says:

value king! good job huawei.

mrtr3atz says:

the processor

thewhitemexixan123 says:

I love how it looks so much more premium than what you pay. It makes me feel very silly spending 700+ for phones when these are THAT good. Keep up the good work fam

i Supervise says:

My favorite. feature its the screen A beautiful one for 200$!

Red-Haired Shanks says:

91% screen to body ratio? Damn I want it just for that

SanJeev says:

waiting for it…..from india

laz bel says:

My favourite spec ar d camera and who am i kidding i soo love d phone i wantt one please

Moh Muj says:

The camera looks smart

Rhianne Aina says:

What I really like about this $200 phone is the build quality, the screen, and also the camera which is fairly alright considering the price. I also forgot about the “forgotten” headphone jack.

SanJeev says:

first time i just love it./…….in first look

Maria Papa says:

a value for money smartphone that has a nice design, well done honor! Micro usb port is not such a big deal since you have that precious headphone jack!!!

Marin Zovko says:

4 gb, great camera and really good screen… for 200$…

Mohammed Junaid says:

Ofcourse the display

Daniel Margosis says:

Tell me where you found it for $200 because I can’t find it anywhere in the states or even online for that price.

Qory Azkia says:


KshitiZ Gurung says:

sexy body

The Beast says:

Lik n subscrbd

Nitin Kulshrestha says:

The great feature is immersive screen.. Wish I could win

lilweenyy says:

The very large screen has got to be the best part of this phone

Jonel Piscador says:

I love what honor do to the body of the phone its so premium just only with that price

No videos, 1000 subs, Need help! says:

You should checkout Realme 2 pro.

jordaen davids says:

I like the AI assisted night mode

Patrick Montales says:

Honor 8x is a beast

Carlos Leyva says:

the screen for sure

Lelouch V Britannia says:

Asshole, there is something called night mode.
Who will mention it ??

Jayson Apostol RN says:

I super like big screen to body ratio

DUNGA says:

Need a comparison video with nova 2i and 3i.

Hafeez Hafeez says:

Fake video

Victor Mendes says:

Best price for the specs. Really want the blue one

Vijay Kumar says:

Manual and night mode bro

rey ryan omabe says:

thumbs up, Honor is getting better and better today. i love the big screen in honor 8x 6.5 display. watching videos or movies is my life and big screen like 8x is better in watching.

MrMore Mr23 says:

the size is so perfect

Michelle Chua says:

i like the phone’s thin and littt designn

Holianna Deaver says:

I love the bezzeless look of the phone it’s so purdy and sleek! And the box is tiffany blue! Lol:) love your video quality Karl!:)

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