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In this video is discuss why the both the Google #Pixel3 and #Pixel3XL both #MadebyGoogle are the King of Smartphones as of 2018, as well as discussing my dislike for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Pixel camera goes above and beyond with it’s Pixel Visual core image processing to produce photos that look like they were taken on a High end DSLR. With features like Night Sight allowing you to see in the dark, this camera has set new standards for Smartphones. With water resistance, Qi wireless charging, and  buttery smooth Android 9.0 Pie UI, this is as close to a perfect smartphone we will get as of 2018. Watch my Pixel 3 review to learn more!

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Steven Robbins says:

So cool that you can hide the notch, I have a Google pixel 2 xl and love it mostly besides the screen burn. I’ve only ever had Samsung’s but have always had screen burn in all of my devices so I decided to try the Google pixel 2 xl to give another brand a shot. Sadly after about a month I noticed the screen burn in the pixel 2 xl so I’ll most likely go back to Samsung or maybe try the LG v40

Raymond Obedoza says:

78k sub why? this channel was humble awesome

Ian Pender says:

Great review man

Romeo Perez says:

How much is the pixel 3 so I can start saving my money and save money when I do work

Shreyas Joshi says:

Overrated phone of the year
Less phone for more money

Webster Kollie says:

Having good camera doesnt make a smartphone great. It’s also the little things that counts. This year pixel is a disappointment. Quality control is embarrassing on Google’s team. The oneplus 6T is definitely the Pixel killer

Romeo Perez says:

She famous now

King Royalty says:

Hats off to you your video content is extraordinary man keep up the awesome work

Camilo Escobar says:

Do you have always on display activated?

S Saini says:

The Youtube community is one big circle jerk. The Pixel 3 is not the best camera, it tends to underexpose a lot crushing details in the shadows and not a fan of the high contrast. Pixel peep and there in less detail and more noise than the Note 9, P20 pro and iPhone XS. Video recording is also not as good vs the Note 9 and iPhone XS, no 4K 60fps and horrible mic recording. The Sensor on the Pixel is the IMX363 which is inferior to the iPhones. Mad respect to those reviewers that are calling out these clowns in their videos.

Marco Pereira says:

For me the pixel 2 XL provide better battery even until right before I upgraded even with the pixel 3 xl being brand new.

Hazza Diesel says:

The battery life on the Mate 20 Pro is much better

James Steffensen says:

The one comment a lot gloss over is pixel monthly security updates.. the added security chip. My note 8 takes for ever to get updates.. which is not good.

icantwords says:

I still just can’t get past the horrible video on the Pixel devices. At least in comparison to the iPhone Xs

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