Google Pixel 3 XL REVIEW – After 30 Days – Still the BEST Smartphone Camera

The Google Pixel 3 XL revisited review is live! I’ve used this phone as my daily driver for the past 30 days and with the new Night Sight camera mode, it just can’t be beat in the camera department!

Curious to hear your thoughts!

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Karl Conrad says:

The Pixel 3 XL won’t win any beauty awards but the notch does have some functionality with having a larger front facing cam sensor. More importantly – Night Scape blows away every other competitor in low light shots and it is still hands down the BEST smartphone camera in 2018. If you have the Pixel 2 already, I don’t think it’s worth the upgrade but if you own a device 2 years or older, def grab this guy if you want the best Android device 🙂

Moises M. says:

Hey Karl great video and I absolutely love this phone. Now Night Scape is a OnePlus 6T mode it’s Night Sight on the Pixel.

Elliot Marcucci says:

Are you saying nightscape? It’s called Night Sight. Just looking out lol

david ducovny says:

This phone looks like an abomination

smartAL912 says:

You’d rather have that big deep notch then a bezel? They could have made the screen bigger but just with bezels, also would have made the phone look a lot better. This also would have allowed them to put in a better top speaker to match the bottom.

ReGGie siZzla™ says:

Only for still photos.. Thats it..

Sanjay Sanju says:

fr every bad part, google has used it fr something else

Cito says:

You don’t need to swipe up twice,just swipe up all the way like you would on an iPhone

黎惟信Vincent Pratama says:

love the white one with mint button <3

Jeffrey Redmond says:

Thanks for the update

p j says:

Yeah best bug, best device fail LOL

Blake Williams says:

The Note 9 is the best phone.

Krishnanshu verma says:

Honestly i love iphone and its camera but pixel’s camera is just a masterpiece
(better than iphone though I’m an iphone user)

W B says:

Nope. I’m afraid the over engineered look created with the pixel just doesn’t do a photo any justice. The P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro kicked it off its perch and even the iPhone xs beats it. There’s no coming back for Google at this point.

Raf Medina says:

*extremely youtube voice* HEY WHAT’S UP GUYS

Lamur Cribb says:

I disagree

Rex Luminus says:

How good is the front speaker?
Great review. Thanks.

Lanmo Chang says:

I think the current best low light camera phone is mate 20 pro. And you should mention that the front facing speakers on the smaller pixel 3 is actually better. Not to mention there are several problems (like camera app doesn’t work for some people) haven’t been solved by Google on these devices yet.

meganoob 682 says:

if it was cheaper I would get it right away

Eduardo Hostert says:

My friend, iPhone XS has the best camera for sure
Pixel 3 shots look more beautiful but it’s not real, If you want to make a photo look professional, edit it
Pixel 3 over sharpens the photos, the contrast is too high, and video quality sucks, especially when it comes to audio.
iPhone kills it since the beginning of smartphones

Omar González says:

Thanks for the video!

Lud Foe says:

Give iPhone some fire about there notch

Xavier A says:

Just switched from the Note 9 to Pixel 3 XL and I wont look back. No bloatware and Android pure experience has been flawless. No need to talk about the front facing camera AND both of the selfies cameras.. Google is just awesome.

Ambis Magee says:

Audio is garbage in videos. Fix it google

david ducovny says:

Too ugly to use this phone even if they give me one for free , IT IS NOT JUST UGLY IS SUPER UGLY

Andres Aguilar says:


LWC says:

I disagree. Avoid the XL. The 3 is where it is.

Matthew Cooley says:

If you swipe the app drawer up over half the screen, it’ll show up with one swipe and not require 2.

Shabir Mir says:

Only for camera . Don’t buy only for camera

Amr Jaber says:

Hello everyone, I Have a New Camera App Recording 3D Videos (SBS) like Movies! Yes, without any lens or adapter and output video can show it on any 3D monitors or VR Glasses too!

Viktor Kolomiiets says:

You can open menu via long slow swipe

Hich P says:


To Ni says:

The camera of the google pixel3 is so much better than the latest iphone. Rocking the Night photography.

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